Federal Grand Jury İndicts 4 Former Minneapolis Police Officers İn George Floyd's Death - Cnn

Federal grand jury indicts 4 former Minneapolis police officers in George Floyd's death

BREAKING: Derek Chauvin and three other ex-officers have been indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with the death of George Floyd

5/7/2021 5:08:00 PM
Federal Grand Jury İndicts 4 Former Minneapolis Police Officers İn George Floyd's Death - Cnn

BREAKING: Derek Chauvin and three other ex-officers have been indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with the death of George Floyd

A federal grand jury has indicted four former Minneapolis police officers in connection with the death of George Floyd, alleging the officers violated Floyd's constitutional rights.

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They are all guilty, they wouldn’t even let an off duty firefighter help, they did not use their brains that day, I rather lose my job than to go to prison ALL OFF TO PRISON IS WHAT I PRAY, CHAUVIN IS ALREADY IN JAIL WE NEED A LOT MORE TO GO WITH HIM, LOCK THEM UP ALL OF THEM RAGGEDY OFFICERS. He did not get new trial they requested a new trial

Finally this is a great outcome for all citizens, as the family has said windsofchange r coming, no more police, we must DefundThePolice & ensure we discourage people wanting to join any authority setup to help people saintfloyd must be the next step crimepays GeorgeFloyd Its a FARCE jailing the police officers. Just like the FARCE of the presidential election. USA has become a laughing stock.

not guilty DrCaveatLector Good! Throw the book at them! Here, use this one It’s terrible what happened and it should not have ever occurred. But for the people looking for the maximum sentences for these individuals do you fight for the maximum sentences for those committing crimes or taking the life of a law enforcement officer?

He got his new trial From what I understood George Floyd already had a drug in his system that caused him to have complications, but the officers just made it worse be kneeing him. My daughter looked it up and she read the drug that George Floyd had taken also caused him to have breathing issues.

Federal jury indicts Chauvin, 3 ex-Minneapolis officers in George Floyd deathThe indictment unsealed on Friday accuses Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao of depriving Floyd of his rights under the law during the arrest that left Floyd dead on May 25, 2020 and touched off a wave of protests worldwide.

lookner even if guy was criminal-there's no need to stand on persons neck-maybe use a taser if a detainee is out of hand-guess police officers can't take risks-but whole neck thing should be banned & officers should keep each other accountable if think the other is out of hand. Look at the autopsy report.

ShibaSwap ShibaArmy SHIB Orange is the new cop. SOSColmbia ParoNacionalColombia Colombia ParoNacionalColombia ParoNacionalColombia NosEstanMantando 🇨🇴🆘️🇨🇴🆘️🇨🇴🆘️🇨🇴🆘️🇨🇴🆘️ Officers can’t be neglectful or apathetic when it comes to abuse; especially by other officers. Murderers. All of them.

Let me guess, trumpanzie delusional CULT members here on Twitter are currently having meltdowns because of this. 'can the deep state do this to them?!? Make charges from pure air? Where's the proof?' Some defiant looking faces right there.

George Floyd case: 4 police officers indicted on federal civil rights chargesDerek Chauvin and three other former Minneapolis policer officers involved in George Floyd's death were indicted Friday on federal civil rights charges. You all said 'there is no racism in America'. Right? Why is it only white people defending the unjust execution of unarmed black man? NONE of this would have happened if people would JUST FN COOPERATE. No race issues, just fn cooperate. If you are a cop, look for a new line of work.

🙏 Good news, let's hold the whole police force, the FBI, the CIA, NSA, the military, the government and other innocent people who are not BLM/ANTIFA domestic terrorists responsible Maybe, but I doubt it, cops will stop and think before they do something illegal... Not Guilty 3 times lethal toxicology means overdose. And he sat there for 30 min. Waiting on police if employees come tell me they are calling the law i wouldve left and hid my drugs. No one ask why he waits on cops. Its because its a scripted show to make everyone devided

Good! All 4 Officers must be held accountable for killing Floyd. Given current Appeal of Chauvin verdict and upcoming trials of other 3 Officers no matter what 12 jurors may decide these 4 Officers will serve time in jail! Lmao he asked for a new trial This will teach the law to leave the criminals alone.very good news for the thug criminals who are our real heroes

SAY HIS NAME? GEORGE FLOYD what about the person who called the police Mistrial that, mf Chauvin

George Floyd Case: Federal Civil Rights Charges Filed Against Ex-CopsA federal grand jury in Minnesota has indicted Derek Chauvin and three other ex-officers on civil rights charges.

Hes already been charged and convicted. You cannot charge someone twice. Its double jeopardy. I dont care how guilty he is, the courts are overstepping their bounds A newer, bigger trial. Ask and ye shall receive Wonder who will ever want to be a police officer... I wonder how many times these officers were almost killed by some crazy person. Scary times.... wonder who we will call when there are no police to help us...

I suppose now they want their trial moved to North Korea for fair trial because America saw it over and over... Excellent. Not totally unexpected, but very welcome development in the George Floyd case. It’ll also ensure Chauvin & Co. will spend a very long time in prison. ❤️ the GarlandDOJ This is a rediculous stretch a d part of the dysfunctional enabling behaviours in our legal and political systems which allow thugs to get out on technicalities.

The three other former officers are scheduled for a trial in August . Orange suits them Stonekettle 👏👏👏

Derek Chauvin, Three Other Former Minneapolis Police Officers Face New Federal Charges In Death Of George FloydA federal grand jury has indicted Derek Chauvin and three other former Minneapolis police officers on civil rights charges in the death of George Floyd. Chauvin, 45, and Tou Thao, 35; J. Alexander …

The federal charges come after 11 months of investigation from the Justice Department that has run parallel to state charges . Good. And he should not get an appeal. Is it possible to find a good guy on Twitter? Get them all! The killer and the accomplishers must pay. Protect and serve is bs! Justice is so sweet. It’s slow sometimes but that can make it all the sweeter.

Were they in the video? Biden’s DOJ quick to woke I see. The federal charges come in addition to the state's cases , meaning all four could face new trials in federal court . LETS GO!

Four ex-cops face U.S. rights charges in George Floyd killingFour former Minneapolis police officers face federal civil rights charges for their role in the arrest and murder of George Floyd, according to federal court documents unsealed on Friday, demonstrating the U.S. Justice Department's tougher stance in such cases.

Derek Chauvin deserves capital punishment All the right-wing cope 🥰😚😘 Are these federal charges different than the charges Chauvin was already convicted of?

How has the world changed for you since the death of George Floyd?It will almost be a year since the death of George Floyd and the moment Gianna Floyd said, 'Daddy changed the world.' TODAY wants to know what are the changes you see in your world. I’ve seen the excessive media coverage ..far too excessive Sadly, much more divided, racist, and stupid, but it needs to get really bad before the silent, intelligent majority will be listened to, and we can move forward, so a major task ahead, but we’re almost there. It hasn't changed a bit. He was just a junkie criminal who died of a drug overdose.