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Fauci says US headed in 'wrong direction' on coronavirus

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — The United States is in an ``unnecessary predicament” of soaring COVID-19 cases fueled by unvaccinated Americans and the virulent delta variant, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert said Sunday.

7/25/2021 6:51:00 PM

Dr. Anthony Fauci says the U.S. is headed in the 'wrong direction' on the pandemic and the CDC is considering recommending that vaccinated people wear masks in public. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, says he's 'very frustrated.'

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — The United States is in an ``unnecessary predicament” of soaring COVID-19 cases fueled by unvaccinated Americans and the virulent delta variant, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert said Sunday.

He said recommending that the vaccinated wear masks is ``under active consideration” by the government’s leading public health officials. Also, booster shots may be suggested for people with suppressed immune systems who have been vaccinated, Fauci said.

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Fauci, who also serves President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, told CNN’s “State of the Union” that he has taken part in conversations about altering the mask guidelines.He noted that some local jurisdictions where infection rates are surging, such as Los Angeles County, are already calling on individuals to wear masks in public regardless of vaccination status. Fauci said those local rules are compatible with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation that the vaccinated do not need to wear masks in public.

ADVERTISEMENTNearly 163 million people, or 49% of the eligible U.S. population, are vaccinated, according to CDC data. Read more: The Associated Press »

Gavin Newsom holds onto his job as California governor, CNN projects

California's Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has defeated the effort to remove him from office, according to a projection from the CNN Decision Desk, capping off a recall effort that was born in partisan anger over his pandemic response but ended with a vote of confidence in his strategy to combat it.

GO AWAY FAUCI! You CANNOT change directions one more time! Youve cried “the Sky is falling!!” One too many times ….stop the covid sick illegals streaming iver the southern border!!! Here we go. Stooge after stooge report. We aren’t wearing the da-n mask anymore. But I do agree. Get the vaccine. I've never heard this guy say anything scientific to be honest

Why you always lyinn 🤡🤡Love it. Those wearing masks who have been vaccinated are heroes. Tell Fauci to say that. The United States has been going backwards i full agree with you Mask don't really do much. Fauci flip flops so much I would never listen to him again. I am vaccinated and nit about to start wearing a mask again.

Let Darwin sort it. thintheherd I stand behind Fauci all the way! I said that before he said that. I said that before anyone even thought that. I don’t like being right. Please people, wear your masks and take your shots!!!! Don’t be like a child.

Fauci blasts North Carolina congressman calling for criminal 'consequences': 'Where does he come off?'Dr. Anthony Fauci responded Friday to Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., who criticized him earlier this week and floated a potential criminal investigation if the GOP retakes the House of Representatives in 2024. RepCawthorn 😘 .foxnews is killing people by spreading false vaccine info What an Amazing MAN he gives you the facts weather you like it or not. He stands to the liars in the GOP who should have lost their Jobs January 7th This Man has saved millions of LIVES why would you doubt him. The vaccine so works but not if you don't participate.Just the facts.

You gave unvaccinated people an out when you thought anti-mask anti-vaxx people would wear masks on The Honor System ™️ and now you fucked around and found out America is extremely selfish and will never do what is best for the collective because “muh freedom” If vaccinated people need to wear mask again trust me the vaccine doesn't WORK!!!

hilarysontag So am I. The sheep will always follow 🐑🐑🐑😂⏰ That's what you get for rushing too early with no mask mandate. Vaccinated or not masks should be worn until end of the year. dustinphillips Nobody gives a damn what he says anymore i truly dont understand - weve all put on masks before, the cases still stayed up... its not like we all put masks on and the cases went away... when will anyone realize that these hack masks don't do a damn thing!

HE'S very frustrated? What about all the scientists who've recommended wearing masks from the beginning and on an ongoing basis for EVERYONE? Do you think the rise in covid cases might be because Biden has let almost 2 million illegal immigrants into our country in the last 6 months? Screw your mask recommendations and mandates.

I kept saying that it was too soon to take 😷 masks off. But no one listened. I sent texts, tweets and email to all and everyone but no one listened. Now we are back to the beginning. And not everyone has gotten their shots. Thank you very much! I don’t know how much more.

On Fox Fauci Said Correcting Trump's Lies Is What Did Him in With the Right Wing“There’s no doubt that because I had to speak the truth during the Trump administration, which at times was contrary to president Trump, that annoyed a lot of people who got very upset with m… . Fauci funded the deaths of millions . Or maybe funding the release of a deadly vaccine then covering it up.

Thankfully, the pandemic is over Up yours Fuck this contradicting fraud. Good job mixing mask mandate to early. You should know this nation is to stupid and selfish to have not took that as an all clear to pretend it's over Did it mention he’s a “FRAUD”? Does anyone pay attention to this guy anymore? If he should be frustrated with anyone, should be himself.

Piss off it’s time we the people had our say. This is fear porn designed to keep the masses oppressed and to give the government power. We need to punch back. Alyssa_Milano Hey CDCgov, do you see this? The American people have lost faith in you due to your inabiltity to make the correct decision. Your inaction speaks volumes. Do something now before we are unable to turn this around. I want to be alive and I want my kids to have a future.

Rapid increase in cases in the Southern States due to vaccine politics or ignorance is Darwinism in action.

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I bought a mask and it told me it was useless Yeah Fauci bought and paid for like every other government official .people chose to vaccine or not forcing people to mask up that are vaccinated serves no purpose. Mask is to protect others not yourself make it make sense !!! David E. Martin testifies at the German Corona Inquiry Committee July 9th, Y2021. Brace for SURPRISES & even Cognitive Dissonance as the official narrative given you is being shattered into pieces ... Please comment after at least 33-minutes into it. ~

Alyssa_Milano CDC lost credibility years ago. Listen to the medical experts. Alyssa_Milano They should never have recommended that they not be worn. JoeBiden' covid19 pandemic publichealth efforts: blaming & shaming others. Same Chaos. UnitedStates Headless chicken Not only on domestic vaccination tunnelvision Covid19 PANDEMIC publichealth but also Afghanistan & Somalia. NIH: Again: Covid19 is a ppe4 PANdemic

wear madks till this new variant is handled Alyssa_Milano The GQP are doing great job culling their voters, wait for the panic when they realize!!! As an ER I am beyond frustrated. Alyssa_Milano If he's the leading expert I'd hate have a non expert in his place

U.S. Paralympian Says Strangers Shame Her For Using Handicapped Parking Spots“I get it. I’m young, I’m athletic, but I’m also missing legs!” swimmer Jessica Long said in her viral TikTok. Same thing happens to me. If a person has a disabled parking permit you have no right to question or judge why they are parking in a disabled parking space.

The CDCgov, at this point, is USELESS, so don't bother. Many never listened & those that did, don't now b/c you've lost ALL credibility. Alyssa_Milano Its a😔shame. I got on my fam the last time I was over there askin why they haven't got vaccinated yet. &I got the same stupid excuses as I did months ago. & my mum wonders why tf I don't wanna hang out with them! I've given em the links& my experience with the vax& still nothin

Alyssa_Milano There is no drawback in wearing masks, save financial. I would err on the side of caution. Alyssa_Milano Us vaccinated folk are frustrated, too. People who are refusing the vaccine out of spite are ruining things for everyone postcards4USA He’s not the only one Hey CDCDirector how about masks for kids, you know, the ones who are helpless, no available vaccine yet? This in addition to everyone 12+ masking up all public places.

NinjaEconomics Vaccinated people can still give it a warm home to be carried around in and spread around in their upper respiratory tract which is where the antibodies aren't likely to get it. What is rocket science about that? Alyssa_Milano Hahahahah this guy is the Best troll ever I’m on board and understand his frustration. I wonder if letting the Covid media landscape lay fallow for a bit: say less and see what happens. Maybe less is more in the current, hyper-politicized public health response. I don’t know...

The CDC rushed far too quickly in saying that vaccinated people could go maskless. I knew it was a mistake.

In Old, and in Real Life, Time Is Against Us as Much as Each OtherOld sees M. Night Shyamalan back to his earnest, chilling ways. It might not be his best film, but it's a refreshing and empathetic return to form. justbrizigs' review:

Alyssa_Milano not everyone not wanting the vaccine is a POS or a trump supporter some of us have legitimate medical concerns with taking an experimental booster (vaccine suggest your immune and your not) I still wear my mask in public,limit my exposure risk because I'm not sure about the shot The CDC has proved itself to be a Political Machine. First under Trump. Now under Biden. I no longer believe anything they say because it's tailored by the 'man at the top' (POTUS). Folks SHOULD be worried, though. The way it's now 'those peoples fault' smells of Nazi Germany.

jodotcom Ignorance is so frustrating because it's only curable through education. Something that's so desperately lacking in this country, and so desperately avoided by the Trump coalition. jodotcom It’s the apathetic that chose for whatever reason not to be vaccinated (and their loved ones) that will ultimately be the ones who suffer.

Freedom safety. Why the fuck would I get vaccinated if I have to wear a mask anyways We are all frustrated by those who refuse to get vaccinated and continue to kill other people. I don't need the CDC to tell me to wear a mask in public, I do it because I worry about my community. The wrong direction? Does that mean that the vaccinated are becoming unvaccinated? Does it mean the vaccine actually isn’t working, so the progress we have made is now in a reversal? What does he mean? Or is this political-hype to scare and guilt the unvaccinated population?

people who are vaccinated are getting reinfected and spreading. that's frustrating..he wants ppl to get 3rd boost soon Put this guy behind bars now and get a person who knows how to deal with this pandemic. This guy changes his mind every other day . Murderer

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I wonder when Fauci will say masks must be worn permanently in all public situations with an additional recommendation that we need to establish rules for how businesses can operate, also permanently. i made a vaccine appointment the day i became eligible and have not stopped wearing a mask everywhere i go.

Brought to you by the very guy who could have possibly brought us this whole entire FARCE. Rand Paul just exposed this FRAUD to the normies who still think the MSM is a truthful independent. FauciLiedPeopleDied There is zero evidence that masks do shot The only people that will wear masks are vaccinated because we can comprehend the outcome. Freaking Anti-vaxxers

I'm vaccinated and I'm not wearing masks for people who refuse to get vaccinated! At this point we need to move on. And quarantining for someone that is asymptomatic is stupid. Getting the shot and having covid you could still test positive up to months after. Knock it off Turns out when you get caught lying through your teeth multiple times no one believes a word you say. Gee, who knew.

...I know, it's against all that we know and pride ourselves in. Being FREE to choose. However, this, as was the fight to get the Polio Vaccine taken, it IS a matter of public health. In THIS case, a matter of LIFE OR DEATH. LITERALLY. PLZ GET VACCINATED !! Aaaaaaah the suggestions i keep making are bad, this is all wrong, oh no. God imagine having Fauci serving you dinner, he'd burn it all tae fuck then tell you where you went wrong on eating his burnt food lol

I'm still in awe that the defiant ones are dictating our lives.(vaccinated people) It's just not fair that WE, who have done the right thing, getting vaccinated, to stop the virus, must go backwards in time to protect ourselves from the DEADLY DELTA Variant. We need to mandate.

We need to bring in some patriotism. Supporting the health of your country by getting vaccinated is proof that you deserve to be an American. 'Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert' i feel like you wouldn't have to say that by now, but i guess you just felt the need to And again the people who stepped up & did the right thing have to be extra responsible because some people choose to be selfish.

Abolish the cdc and lock fauci up ABC NBCNews CBS CNN FoxNews Gutfeldfox TuckerCarlson It’s time for all true patriotic Americans, both Democrat & Republican, to stand up to Dr. Fauci and his fascism regarding masks and tell him hell no! Vaccinated people do not need to wear masks! Fire Fauci! morgfair Why? I’m vaccinated. I will not wear a mask.

fauci has been exposed as a partisan fraud. why should the vaccinated have to wear masks? morgfair Maybe we should follow The advice of the President of France? Basically, if you are NOT vaccinated - this time you stay home! Look it up ! Great plan ! Dr Fauci holds the patents involving glycoprotein. This Mo Fo can’t be trusted.

It’s over bitch. Go home.

abigail_adams76 Believe him, why is this so difficult? 🤔 Why is Fauci still the spokesman for a this. He lost credibility long ago Fauci sends out mixed confusing messages. I would continue masking especially if you are not vaccinated I wear a mask when outside my family circle. What is the problem for so many about wearing a mask? 1. You don't like having your make up or hairstyle do messed up? Go without the paint. Buy a comb. 2. You don't feel you will be recognized? I'm sure friends and family know you.

Only people who are media compromised care. Most outside going to ballgames, bars, casinos, crowds of all kind could care less about masks and all the media blah blah. faucimasks Fauci COVID19 VaccinePassports VaccinesWork media FranceProtests Lol who gives a shit what this fraud says. Hey everyone in the replies ... find yourself in this picture. 👇👇👇

Well, let’s get a move on, CDCgov ! School starts here NEXT WEEK! Fauci is a fraud! Masks are political theater!

I’m vaccinated & I still wear my mask. Until COVID is eliminated, I will wear my mask….as will the rest of my family. Wake me up when the US goes the right direction on anything ever He helped the Wuhan lab make the virus, it wouldn't exist if he hadn't created it But every job, business, sporting event, state fair, etc is prematurely forcing us back to a normalcy that will be devastating and only help increase Covid numbers. America is run by spoiled and selfish children.

He has to earn his overpaid salary FauciisAfraud People who got vaccinated do not need to wear a mask because those 52 Democrats who got vaccinated Flew on an airplane to DC didn’t wear masks. The Democrats do as I say not as I do The sane citizens of this once proud nation don’t care what he thinks anymore. I speak for anyone that’s tired of fear mongering. We always have a choice to do what we want. 🤟🇺🇸

Talking about 'resistance' and 'certain elements' one should note, that these are the statistics. Judge for yourselves whether or not those terms properly apply in this simplicity to the current situation. Source: KKF I've continued to wear a mask, wash hands frequently, grocery curbside pickup, and avoiding crowds, because you have no way of knowing who is vaccinated or who has Covid. Hoping next year is better!


So is the rest of the sane Americans. Don’t Fauci my Tennessee! Fauci for PRISON! Why do vaxxed people need to wear masks? Unless the vax doesn't actually work. Fack fraud and left wing hacks, oh yea guilty of murder for funding a non human china virus crossover. IMO we need to update how to wear a mask and clean it!

We must act, and soon. This is killing our people, every day. 40AcresBuilt Time for Fauci to resign He knows nothing about what to actually do. No one does. Had covid, still have the antibodies, not getting the vaccine until its fully approved. Were it not for corruption, Dr. Anthony Fauci should ve' been Arrested and prosecuted for this criminally masterminded man made coronavirus Covid_19 and it's lethal Vaccines..The numerous lies surrounding the 'pandemic' proves it to be a Hoax of the Centuries.

We will continue hobble along with a sputtered economy because the no vax crowd who selfishly refused to wear mask claiming to be waiting for the vaccine, are now claiming to be no vax & keep spreading Covid. These un-Patriotic twits need never complain about the economy, again.

Fauci misses the spotlight, if you dont want the vax and die, who cares I ain’t goimg to wear a mask or get vaccinated and you can’t make us 😂😂 Americans take things to the extreme. Unless there is dense crowding, there’s no need for masks in public (open air). In Europe we only wear them in closed spaces—i.e public transport, shops, buildings etc. Also, either the vaccines work or they don’t. Can’t have it both ways.

NIAIDNews Of course, we should continue wearing masks. We should do it until we achieve herd immunity. That was always the plan. I don't understand why the CDC has been wishy-washy about this. The January 6th attack on the US Capitol, was America's first, lynch mob' of the 21st century. We pray that it will be the last. The primary instigator Donald Trump, continues to praise these traitors to the US Constitution; as patriots.

We don't buy bitcoin We earn bitcoin From Mining I'm ready to show 10 lucky people on how to earn 1BTC ($34,011) and more daily! No referral No withdrawal fees If interested, kindly send a DM Hmm - wonder what changed. Is Fauci worried he's becoming socially insignificant? Fauci is a fraud.

Did anyone see cases dropping because there state mandated masks? Anywhere? No one respects this guy anymore. Gigs15263750 I’m not surprised & I’ve already gone back to mask wearing in public & so has my family. We all saw this coming.... Thank God. But the UK's government's approach to the pandemic not only is going to rot away Boris Johnson's political career and bury his party along w/ him,but also posts a major THREAT alongside countries like Brazil, to the ENTIRE WORLD as they ease incoming deadlier strains.

What a clusterfuck. Good thing many of us never took them off. Trust is in short supply when it comes to 'experts' , changing stories, and an experimental vaccine... Go figure... It was a good interview with Jake. I'm not going to engage with the Covidiots today. It always happens on these national posts.

MIT: Fauci needs to wear this for personally profiting from 79 patents over a 20-year period to purposely infect humans w/ lethal Coronavirus bioweapon spike proteins. Put him in prison already to finally protect humans.

Doctor Fauci also told us last year we shouldn’t go to sporting events but he was at baseball games while the rest of us couldn’t go and was seen not wearing a mask. He’s a hypocrite and making money off this fear tactic I've done my civic duty. I've worn masks when mandated. I've social distanced. I've been vaccinated. I will not follow mandates to protect those who choose NOT to get vaccinated.

Australia is on their 3rd lockdown because of some travellers spread the variant. The CDC seems to think we’re smart and honest. Not sure how they jumped to that conclusion. DrCSWilliam YoDoctorYo BirgitC Dr2NisreenAlwan EdoajoEric DrTomFrieden VirusesImmunity MonicaGandhi9 WesElyMD I no longer have faith in what the CDCgov is telling us and also not sure about Dr. Faucci. They have become to political.

We need a vaccination against stupidity. It’s time to move on! People that want the vaccine will get it. Different needs for different people. Mandatory will bring on more problems as you’ve already witnessed so don’t go there. Fix what is fixable then go forward. Esteemed Cardiologist’s New Warnings about Covid Vaccines:

Fuck this country. Here we go again we’re going to blame the vaccinated people we’re going to focus on the folks who are vaccinated wore mask distanced gave up their lives. This is fucking ridiculous they are going to kill what’s left of the vaccine campaign Biden said the if you get vaccinated you are safe + the 4th of July was “independence from Covid!” They have been watching Europe dissolve into chaos yet have been trying to persuade Americans its over all SO they don’t have to send out checks and to keep the corporations happy!

Who owns Big Pharma & Media:

Ivermectin Dr Fauci, it's time to focus on a treatment to cure COVID19 . We need to have an option B for our citizens who doesn't want the vaccine. However, i suggested if you have a medical condition to GetVaccinated . God bless America. We’re vaccinated seniors in Florida. Just returned from a great, SAFE, mountain vacation and a week with our granddaughter. Now we’re masked up and laying low for the foreseeable future, or until more in our area get vaccinated. Could be a long wait.😳

America just can't work together period. The country divided like the civil war. This has been decades in the making. Half of Americans are poorly educated and studies conspiracy. 🖕🏻NO MORE MASKS!!! But Fauci told me it was over. 🤷🏼‍♂️ This guy should be in a clown suit. Hoping it’s not true 🙏🏻 People need to wear mask indoors but Fauci needs to step down , he is a political lightning rod!

Easiest thing to end frustration would be to retire. Things would get better here too. 🖕🖕🖕 🖕🖕🖕🖕 Is Fauci still a thing? Can he go away already? He’s been wrong for the last 18 months on every single thing he has made a decision on. He’s not wrong. We’re getting fucked over as a country Restrict indoor activities to vaccinated only! I’m tired of being held hostage by selfish ignorant fools. They don’t believe in the vaccine because they don’t know what’s in it, but have no problem being pumped full of drugs in the ICU when fighting for their lives. ENOUGH.

Just in time for midterm elections! Weird how that works. Over my dead body! Joe Biden is NOT my President and so I will not be complying! My Gran is 73 next year and we want to enjoy and live life to the full! We have the best life right now! She didn’t fight two world wars for this! Maybe if Fauci was honest from the start we wouldn’t be having frustrations.

Actually we, the US people are tired of this a** hole. He just need microphone and confuses people.

No Yeah I’m frustrated too Fauci On the plus side, eventually a great many of the voluntarily unvaccinated morons will get sick and die from COVID. Survival of the smartest. Also gene pool enhancement. So many bots and dumbasses. Seen one that said masks and vaccines are weapons to eradicate covid. It’s a virus, like the flu, it mutates and will continue to. Paper masks or that cute decorated cloth one does nothing. No fda approval for “vaccines”? Why not if it’s the cure

'He noted that some jurisdictions where infection rates are surging, such as LA, are calling on individuals to wear masks in public regardless of vacc. Fauci said those local rules are compatible with the CDC's recommend. that the vaccinated do not need to wear masks in public'. 1. Jab 2. N95 or KF94 3. Open windows 4. Prop shop doors 5. HEPA purifiers 6. Merv13 in HVAC (if possible)

I wish Fauci was a stock picker sharing his opinions...I'd make a fortune doing the exact opposite. I am fully vaccinated and I continue to wear my mask and social distance. I think we were to quick to lift mask mandate and we do not have enough Americans fully vaccinated so the virus will continue to spread.

Ah.. Dr Fauci needs some little rest. Why the vaccination in the first place if one still needs to wear mask in public places after taking the vaccines? VaccinateYouFuckingPlagueRats

If CDC is “considering” recommending that vaccinated people wear masks in public then I’m going to take that as I need to continue wearing a mask in public. Sounds like the POTUS is failing us I have no problem with that. If that is what it takes. My State has done a spectacular job and we have very low rates. Many mask still because of children under 12. Not hard!

How about the states that did absolutely nothing to slow the spread for the entirety of 2020 wear masks and the rest of us who social distanced, work masks in public, and are now vaccinated can either chose to or not? That seems fair What is the CDCgov waiting for?! Please, let’s do as much as we can so the school year can start as safely as possible!

Leggendo il quotidiano apprendo di schiere di No-vax contro i vaccini ritenuti di origine nazista anche qua in Italia: non è frustrazione è delirio il problema. Il COVID infatti è reale e tutti i morti di COVID sono reali: senza vaccino si può muorire davvero e spesso si muore. Well he should retire if he cannot deal with frustration....

Something much worse is going to happen. It will come down to natural selection for the virus (dummies, non-believers, unvaccinated, misinformed). The worlds population will drastically decrease. I don’t know if it’s good news for all the protective and vaccinated people. Sad. I don't If more people get vaccinated does that mean the virus is gone?

I still do when I’m outside my bubble Fox & Facebook peddled disinformation for over a year & half, along with Trump. They’ve brainwashed people to believe covid is not real & the vaccine is dangerous. All of those involved in pushing disinformation are responsible for countless deaths. Was it worth the ad money?

lisakirbie Right. But let’s reopen the border to NON ESSENTIAL travel now. 🤦‍♀️ I trusted this doctor with my life, and did as he recommended. Am pleased to report that I am doing fine, along with my husband of fifty-four years. Knowing who to listen to is as important as following their advice. The government overreach has to stop. We have a vaccine, we know what to do to keep ourselves safe, we have tons of new services to keep person to person interaction limited....So choices have consequences, but no more government mandates.

I guess vaccines don't work then if you need a a mask Dear CDC, vaccinated people ARE wearing their masks. In fact my husband and I wear two. It’s the unvaccinated POS that aren’t. So stop dictating to the vaccinated and tell the President to require vaccine passports and mask ASAP. How many kids need to die before you GET IT?