Fatal fire claims life of East Orange man

1/8/2022 10:26:00 PM

Fatal fire claims life of East Orange man

Fatal fire claims life of East Orange man

One man died overnight in a house fire in East Orange.

Updated: Jan.Pediatric Death ORANGE COUNTY (CBSLA) — The Orange County Health Care Agency has reported their third pediatric death due to COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.Copied! Print Orange County officials confirmed Thursday night that a child under the age of 5 died in December of complications from COVID-19.Baker Mayfield responded to a story on Twitter on Wednesday.

08, 2022, 1:50 p.m.As Coronavirus cases continue to surge following the holiday season, Orange County is breaking record numbers of cases and hospitalizations to begin 2022.| Published: Jan.Clayton Chau, the county’s health officer.08, 2022, 1:50 p.They also broke their hospitalization record set in the early days of the pandemic in 2020, with 724 patients hospitalized.m.

An elderly man died in this blaze at 38 Westcott Street in East Orange early Saturday morning, Jan.“COVID-19 has been spreading very quickly.Advertisement Orange County hospitals filling up, ambulances delayed amid Omicron surge Ambulances are waiting longer to offload patients in Orange County, echoing a similar problem in L.8.By Richard Cowen | NJ Advance Media for NJ.Regina Chinsio-Kwong, Deputy County Health Officer.com Fire tore through an old wood-frame house on a bitter cold night in East Orange, claiming the life of an elderly man and turning the street and sidewalk into a sheet of ice.The county’s seven-day average for new coronavirus cases jumped from 25.Firefighters were called on Friday night to 38 Westcott Street, where flames were shooting out from the first floor of 2 1/2-story structure.Even though breakthrough infections are possible, the most important thing you can do is get vaccinated and boosted to maximize your immunity to COVID-19 and reduce your chance of getting severely infected.

They battled the blaze for three hours and discovered the body of an elderly man, believed to be the occupant, officials said.“Between 12 and 12:10 I heard a lot of fire trucks, and they sounded close,” said Phil Sellers, who lives up the street.In response to the most recently reported pediatric death, HCA Director and County Health Officer Dr.30 and Jan.“All of a sudden, they came up my block, and I said, ‘Whoa! Something must be going on.’ That’s very frightening.This is yet another somber reminder that we must continue to do everything we can to protect our loved ones, especially our little ones under 5 years of age who are not able to be vaccinated.” Sellers looked out the window and saw at least six fire trucks converge on 38 Westcott.5% to 16.

“I thought, they must have every fire truck in East Orange on the block,” he said.CBSLA.Westcott Street is populated by a row of houses on either side, most separated by only a narrow driveway.The fire broke out just before midnight, at a time when many people were sleeping, raising the danger.“Cases are reaching levels that we haven’t seen throughout this pandemic,” said Dr.The blaze quickly went to a second alarm.Firefighters stopped the flames from spreading, but could not save the occupant, who was pronounced dead at the scene.

“They saved the whole block,” said Brian Baird, who lives next door and spent an anxious night watching firefighters battle to save his home.Even though breakthrough infections are possible, the most important thing you can do is get vaccinated and boosted to maximize your immunity to COVID-19 and reduce your chance of getting severely infected.“The fire service did a great job.I give them a big thank you.” The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, which is investigating the fire, did not identify the victim, and described him only as an “elderly man.” Sellers and other residents of Westcott Street said the man, whose name they said they did not know, lived alone at the address.

“He used to go around doing work on other people’s houses,” Sellers said.“He was a handyman, fixing door jams, and things like that.For this to happen is unbelievable, because I would think he would take care of his place, because he always took care of everybody else’s place on the block.” Sellers said the victim was also known for the classic Volkswagen mini-bus that he drove.“You’d see him put-put-putting around the neighborhood,” he said.

Another resident, Alex Fandini, said he’s fairly new to the neighborhood, but recalled waiving to the man as he sat on his porch.Fandini believed the man was originally from Italy.“I wanted to know him more,” said Fandini, who is Italian.“I would see him sitting on his porch and thought that he had come from Italy.He seemed to be an old guy just living alone.

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