'Family Guy''s Stewie Griffin Explaining Why Everyone Should Get The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Not What I Had On My 2021 Bingo Card But I Love It

These are just facts.

9/22/2021 5:17:00 PM

These are just facts.

These are just facts.

Family Guy / Viayoutube.com"The vaccine stimulates your immune system to make antibodies against the virus, mimicking what happens when you get COVID, except that you don't get sick with the vaccine," he continues, before segueing into a review of how the shots make this happen.

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Family Guy / Via"Some of the COVID vaccines work by exposing your immune system to proteins, which resemble the spike protein of the virus but cannot infect you," the character explains.Family Guy / Viayoutube.comMeanwhile:"mRNA vaccines [like Pfizer and Moderna] actually use the genetic code of the virus to create a pretend version of the spike protein...when the real virus tries to attack your body, these pre-made circulating immune proteins are already available coded to recognize the virus and at the ready to fight back."

Family Guy / ViaThe PSA also addresses common concerns about the vaccine, including how the side effects typically manifest and whether getting one is really necessary if most other people do. (Spoiler: Yes, it's absolutely necessary.)Family Guy / Via headtopics.com

youtube.comAfter noting that side effects are usually mild and short-lived, Stewie pointed out that everyone should be vaccinated to protect themselves and their communities."If the virus is allowed to spread through an unvaccinated population, it could mutate into a variant that the vaccines might not protect against," he warns."And then we're right back where we started."

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Yesterday 'Family Guy' released their own educational take on why you and everyone you know should get vaxxed and it didn't take long for the clip to go viral.

Stewie Griffin Explains COVID Vaccine in Educational ‘Family Guy’ PSA VideoIn the three-minute video, Peter Griffin debates whether or not to get vaccinated at the doctor’s office, so Stewie and Brian Griffin explain the science behind the COVID vaccine, combining typical FamilyGuy humor and real educational facts They also refer to Peter as “the fat man”, point out the plaque in his arteries, & try to avoid his fatty &/or cirrhos-ing liver crying out for help. This brings up at least 3 comorbidities & opens up a bigger discussion on the body’s ability to defend itself against any virus. 'debates'

Listen to Stewie: New ‘Family Guy’ video promotes COVID-19 vaccinationsThe video is intended to deliver 'critical vaccine information to audiences in a fresh and hilarious way,' Ad Council says. No absolutely not. Why? 👇🏽👇🏽 All the data coming out now is going to be the dems worst nightmare. Masked counties vs not coming out with the same numbers. Existing covid antibodies accounting for better immunity, ect. The exaggerated blowup of covid will go down as an American failure Medical advice from a cartoon delivered by a company that sells adds? Sign me up!

‘Family Guy’ PSA Encourages COVID-19 VaccinationThe three-minute FamilyGuy short is a nod to 'Schoolhouse Rock!' and revolves around Brian and Stewie discussing how the vaccine works in the body and why it is safe. And naturally, Meg plays the role of the virus are you sure Poor Meg, can't catch a break. Between 'Imagine,' that letter from the stars, and this, the pandemic should be wrapped up any minute.

Seth MacFarlane Fires Back At Fox News’ Vaccine Disinfo With New ‘Family Guy’ PSAThe animated short ends with a lighthearted dig at Gal Gadot's early-pandemic 'Imagine' video.

'Family Guy' COVID-19 Video Explains Vaccines In A Way We Can All Understand“Think of the vaccine as a large ethnic bouncer, and COVID as the drunk, entitled white kid yelling ‘Do you know who my father is?’” Peter Griffin's doct... Family Guy still exists? Are they accepting liability for side effects?

'Family Guy' characters star in Covid vaccine PSAThe producers of “Family Guy” teamed up with the Ad Council to create a public service announcement advocating for more people to get Covid-19 vaccines. Tell me more about how our leaders are making the wrong choices to convince people to agree with them. There is no greater joy than having financial stability and a life free of debts, that’s why I keep tweeting about KayleighGlover0 it has been a pleasure collaborating with you...there is no other way I can show my appreciation other than tweeting the good deed you have done. Cool of them to do, but they continued the lie that the vaccinated don’t spread the virus. The vaccinated spread it just like the unvaccinated and can cause variants just as easily if not more.