Failures by Mexican law enforcement aggravate rise in killings of women

11/30/2022 8:05:00 AM

Women and girls marched in the streets of Mexico City protesting recent botched investigations of violent crimes against women in the country

Women and girls marched in the streets of Mexico City protesting recent botched investigations of violent crimes against women in the country

When 27-year-old Ariadna Lopez was found dead beside a highway in the central Mexican state of Morelos in October, local investigators were fast to declare there were 'no signs of violence.'

MEXICO CITY, Nov 29 (Reuters) - When 27-year-old Ariadna Lopez was found dead beside a highway in the central Mexican state of Morelos in October, local investigators were fast to declare there were "no signs of violence.November 28, 2022 at 8:00 a.Dr Michael Watt worked at the Royal Victoria Hospital as a neurologist By Marie-Louise Connolly BBC News NI Health Correspondent A review of the clinical records of 44 patients who died under the care of former neurologist Michael Watt has found "significant failures in their treatment" and "poor communication with families".By November 29, 2022 at 7:05 pm EST Expand Teri Moren Indiana head coach Teri Moren yells to her players during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game against Tennessee, Monday, Nov.

" Their version - that Lopez died of asphyxiation as a result of alcohol intoxication - quickly unraveled.First, Lopez's family publicly decried the idea there was no crime committed, pointing to bruises on Ariadna's body.| UPDATED: November 28, 2022 at 8:01 a.Then a second autopsy conducted at the behest of officials in Mexico City, where she had visited a restaurant the evening she died, said her body showed various blunt force injuries and concluded multiple trauma was the cause of death.He worked there until 2017.The case has shone a fresh spotlight on repeated shortcomings in investigations of violent crimes against women in Mexico, where recorded numbers of murders of women are rising.Note: This is the first of a three-part series examining the causes of the decline of the Angels’ farm system, and what measures they have taken to improve it.In the days after Lopez's death, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum accused Morelos prosecutors of "wanting to cover up the femicide" due to alleged corrupt links with the suspected killer, without giving detailed evidence."MGM Resorts and the Mirage did not organize, operate or sponsor the Las Vegas Invitational.

Morelos chief prosecutor Uriel Carmona denies wrongdoing and said he had no links with the suspect.While the knee-jerk explanation for the Angels’ failures is that they’ve made the wrong moves over the winter, the core issue is that they have had one of the worst farm systems in baseball for more than a decade.It highlighted concerns over clinical decision-making, prescribing and diagnostics.He has said that although Lopez' body did have bruises, his office's original autopsy was correct.But for Teresa Rodriguez, a sociologist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the attempt to blame Lopez for her own death - by drinking too much - falls into a pattern of victim-blaming common in Mexico and that often discourages women from reporting crimes.“In today’s game, it’s very difficult to consistently put a contending product on the field without having internal talent come through the ranks,” Angels general manager Perry Minasian said."The most tragic part is that this tendency to re-victimize and victim-blame doesn't even require corruption," said Rodriguez.In a litany of complaints, the panel said Michael Watt was often a poor record keeper, that he did not refer to patient notes which were often kept on scraps of paper and that cases were not taken seriously."It's a question of culture and bias: Experts, doctors, forensic specialists… Any woman who has reported a crime knows this.” Minasian’s most recent predecessors, Jerry Dipoto and Billy Eppler, were unable to sufficiently improve the farm system, leaving too many holes to try to fill from the pool of available players each winter.Polk to provide the ballroom, hotel rooms for participants and attendees, and certain food and beverage catering, all of which were provided as required.

" RISING FEMICIDES Lopez's case fits a grim pattern of botched investigations into killings of women.Last April, 18-year-old Debanhi Escobar was found dead near a motel in the state of Nuevo Leon.Case in point: the Angels tried nine different third basemen to replace injured Anthony Rendon last year, and five of them were released.Image source, GETTY/tonefotografia Image caption, This latest review into deaths also identified concerns or omissions and their potential to lead to harm in almost half of the cases examined Its terms of reference was also limited which meant the panel was confined to how much they could investigate.A first autopsy ruled accidental death; a second found sexual assault and battery; and a third concluded she had died of asphyxiation.In 2017, the family of Lesvy Berlin, who was found strangled in a phone box in Mexico City, was first told by investigators she committed suicide.“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist,” said Marcel Lachemann, who spent 55 years in professional baseball before resigning his role as an Angels special assistant this year.Authorities, who eventually ruled the death a femicide, took two years to apologize.Potentially that could mean the re-opening of some cases by the coroner if he is approached by families to do so.There were no bleachers for fans, only folding chairs.

Over 5,600 women were killed in Mexico in the first nine months of this year, according to government data - an average of 20 every day.There’s no doubt.Half were presumed manslaughter, just over a third, murder, and 12% femicide - the killing of a woman or girl on basis of gender - a more serious charge that calls for up to 70 years in jail.Last year, even as murders of men fell slightly, according to government data.Many of them spoke on condition of anonymity.An independent inquiry and a separate review of those people who had died while in Michael Watt's care was launched in 2018.Mexico remains engulfed in gang violence that kills mostly men.Reuters Graphics [1/3] A girl places a flower on the site where the dead body of Ariadna Fernanda Lopez was found on the highway Mexico-Cuernavaca, in Tepoztlan, Morelos state, Mexico November 8, 2022.It all began, many suggest, before Dipoto even arrived in 2011, with spending choices made by owner Arte Moreno.

REUTERS/Raquel Cunha/ 1 2 3 Hefty prison sentences for femicide do not help when murders often go unreported and are not investigated adequately, Melissa Fernandez, a researcher at University of the Cloister of Sor Juana in Mexico City, specializing in gender violence, told Reuters.Also in several cases, the review team believed patients had been "denied holistic supportive care that may have made their condition and ultimately end of life care, easier to manage".Government data from 2019 showed that for every 100 women killed in Mexico only four result in sentences.“As Arte starts to get more and more excited by the ideas of flashy free agent signings, from (Bartolo) Colon to (Vladimir) Guerrero and leading to everybody since, there was just a shift in spending behavior or how the money was allocated.Fighting femicide, Fernandez said, requires tackling slow police responses and ensuring law enforcement follow protocols for possible gender-based killings."Hell, it needs to be said: In this country, men murder women because they can," said Fernandez, who also singled out a media culture that often trivializes the murder of women and girls.Moreno might be at the root of the problem, but many others along the way have taken the wrong steps – well-meaning as they might have been – to dig out of this hole.Both the independent inquiry and the review of deceased patients found communication between Michael Watt was poor, as was communication with other consultants.More than a decade ago, the Inter-American Court on Human Rights found that investigations into the killing of three women in Ciudad Juarez were prejudiced by gender-based stereotyping, with public officials blaming the victims for their fate.

While Mexico has since made some progress creating legal frameworks aimed at curbing gender violence, the OAS this year recommended the government take to eradicate discrimination against women in public institutions.“I think they’re on the uptick,” said one rival scout who saw the entire Angels system in 2022.MARCHING FOR JUSTICE Rights lawyer Patricia Olamendi said it appeared cases were being investigated selectively, for political or other benefits." A number of recommendations were made including: That the RQIA will need to consider the implication of the finding that 14 of the 29 cases were found to be unsatisfactory for its wider consideration of the cases included in the recall of patients who died."If (Ariadna's) family had not insisted, it would have looked like an accident," Olamendi said.” They have nowhere to go but up."We are dealing with negligent authorities, who do not want to comply with the law, who cover up and deny the generalized violence against women," she said.Mexico City prosecutor Ernestina Godoy said authorities were doing their part.From 2013-17, they were dead last four out of five years."We will continue to liaise with the RQIA, Department of Health and Public Prosecution Service and will consider all relevant material before determining whether or not it will be necessary to conduct a formal investigation," a spokesperson said.

"To all women: have faith in us, speak out.We are ready to investigate," she said.That’s six out of 502 players who accumulated 5 WAR in that span.As Mexico City contested the Morelos autopsy, women marched in the capital donning purple, an international symbol for gender equality, and laid sunflowers along the dusty Morelos highway where Lopez was found.On Friday, women across Latin America marched in an.By contrast, the World Series champion Houston Astros have had 12.

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I hope they will allow willing countries protest these crimes during the 2026 World Cup? 💔

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