Facebook research shows Instagram toxic for teen girls: WSJ

'Facebook reminds me of big tobacco, they know their product is damaging to people,' @joenbc says.

9/19/2021 9:08:00 AM

'Facebook reminds me of big tobacco, they know their product is damaging to people,' joenbc says.

The Morning Joe panel discusses new WSJ reporting on company documents from Facebook showing how its own research concluded that Instagram causes significant teen mental-health issues that Facebook plays down in public.

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JoeNBC How about big oil, don’t they care about their grandchildren and beyond, guess not, they said naively JoeNBC Money over everything. JoeNBC Give me a friggin break, are we going to blame Sports Illustrated for enforcing false body image syndrome on a generation of teenagers or fashion models, or advertising of any kind - and how many obese individuals does your station have on air YOU ARE PROMOTING THE SAME THING

JoeNBC FB ain't gonna do anything about it cause they like being toxic to the kids no matter what age. JoeNBC An on-point comparison. Facebook JoeNBC good luck JoeNBC Yep. This. Thank you. JoeNBC DeleteFacebook JoeNBC ☝️☝️☝️THIS ☝️☝️☝️ JoeNBC Never mind Big Tobacco, Take on Big Meat!

Instagram Is Awful for the Mental Health of Teenage Girls, but Facebook Won't Admit ItInstagram makes body image issues worse for one in three teenage girls, according to leaked internal Facebook documents

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Facebook says WSJ allegations are 'mischaracterizations,' confer 'false motives'Facebook Inc on Saturday slammed a Wall Street Journal series of articles about the social media company's platform as containing 'deliberate mischaracterizations' and said the articles 'conferred egregiously false motives to Facebook's leadership and employees.' Facebook absolutly 'neesary'

Social media usage has been linked to mental health issues — here’s what TikTok, Facebook and Twitter are doing about itTikTok has put out at least half a dozen initiatives this year alone to further safety and privacy, primarily for teen users. Its latest initiative is aimed at promoting new resources to support mental health and community well-being on its app. nice Doesn’t matter. Everyone’s information, privacy data, etc is being siphoned directly to Chinese databases. The amount of info that app sucks out of your phone is incredible. Yet another win for the CCP Data is shipped to China and then used without constraints

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