Facebook Denies Biden Campaign's Request To Remove False Ukraine Ad By Trump Campaign - Cnnpolitics

Facebook Denies Biden Campaign's Request To Remove False Ukraine Ad By Trump Campaign - Cnnpolitics

Facebook denies Biden campaign's request to remove false Ukraine ad by Trump campaign

Facebook denied a request from Joe Biden's campaign to take down a video ad by President Donald Trump's reelection campaign that falsely accuses the former vice president of corruption for his role in Ukraine policy during the Obama administration.


Facebook denied a request from Joe Biden's campaign to take down a video ad by President Donald Trump's reelection campaign that falsely accuses the former vice president of corruption for his role in Ukraine policy during the Obama administration.

Facebook denied a request from Joe Biden's campaign to take down a video ad by President Donald Trump's reelection campaign that falsely accuses the former vice president of corruption for his role in Ukraine policy during the Obama administration.

(CNN) In the letter obtained by CNN, Facebook responds to the campaign's request by saying the decision is"grounded in Facebook's fundamental belief in free expression, respect for the democratic process, and belief that in mature democracies with a free press, political speech is already arguably the most scrutinized speech there is." Facebook adds that they do not send ads to third party fact-checkers. The New York Times first reported the letter from Facebook.The video, which has been also posted by the campaign to Twitter and YouTube, accuses Biden of using his power as vice president to influence Ukraine in order to benefit his son, Hunter. There is no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe or Hunter Biden. CNN has refused to air the ad.The Biden campaign responded to the Facebook letter by calling the decision"unacceptable." Campaign spokesman TJ Ducklo said in a statement that the spread of"objectively false information to influence public opinion poisons the public discourse and chips away at our democracy."Read MoreDemocratic National Committee slams Facebook for letting Trump 'mislead' Americans 'unimpeded'"Whether it originates from the Kremlin or Trump Tower, these lies and conspiracy theories threaten to undermine the integrity of our elections in America," Ducklo said."It is unacceptable for any social media company to knowingly allow deliberately misleading material to corrupt its platform."When asked about the ad being placed on other social media platforms, the campaign would not rule out sending similar letters.The Biden campaign's original letter to Facebook -- addressed to founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, COO Sheryl Sandberg and Facebook Public Policy Director, Global Elections Katie Harbath -- told the social media company it is"on notice" for the"absolute falsity" of the claims in the campaign ad. The Biden campaign wrote that it expected Facebook to exercise its"legal right" to reject or demote attempts to buy advertisements from Trump, the Republican National Committee or anyone allied with the Trump campaign that"spread these lies."Over the past three months, the Trump campaign has spent approximately $5 million on Facebook ads, while the Biden campaign has spent just over $700,000, according to data from Facebook.The letter from the Biden campaign came just days after Nick Clegg, the former deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom and now a Facebook vice president, confirmed in a speech in Washington that Facebook would not fact-check ads or posts from political candidates."It is not our role to intervene when politicians speak," he said.The Democratic National Committee slammed Facebook last week for the policy. Democratic National Committee CEO Seema Nanda told CNN that Facebook was allowing Trump"to mislead the American people on their platform unimpeded."CNN's Donie O'Sullivan contributed to this report. Read more: CNN

Protestants USArmy Baptists USAirForce Evangelists USNavy Mormons USMC FaceBook: refused to remove PAID trump Ad. NoProof, realdonaldtrump Ad accuses Biden of corruption meanwhile,.. UkraineGate QuidProQuo Maddow Lawrence. Facebook sees only dollar signs. They don’t give a Rats Ass about the TRUTH!! More Assclown Members!

Anyone else have a sudden surge of facebook ads that are pro gun, pro militia and super conservative today. All the sudden my fb is full of them!! And I'm not conservative or militant or super gotta have a gun. They're trying so hard to prove they AREN'T allowing people to use their platform to influence elections....that they're allowing people to use their platform to influence elections. I'm no fan of Biden, but wtf Facebook.

Northeast Syria today Who investigated the allegation and proved it false? There is alot of eveidence against Joe why call it false. Let's investigate. Fake news CNN Wow! A Democrat didn’t get his way on social media! That like unheard of! Imagine a Republican being allowed his freedom of speech without a Democrat being allowed to silence it! LOL. Deal with it like we have for the last 3 years !

Now that’s just ridiculous! Speaking of fake & false statements is not okay. Facebook is shitting bricks should Warren/Biden/Sanders get elected, so it’s not surprising, at the same time time. Good job Facebook

Republican Sen. Rob Portman criticizes Trump for asking Ukraine and China to investigate BidenSen. Rob Portman, a Republican from Ohio, on Monday criticized President Donald Trump for requesting that Ukraine and China investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, a notable break from the majority of congressional Republicans, who have defended the President or remained silent. Glad to see another in the GOP grow a pair of balls It will probably be discovered that Senator Portman’s son is on the board of some Ukraine oligarchs oil company or his daughter runs some bogus billion dollar Chinese hedge fund. This can of worms could open up all Republicans for investigation too.

How is it possible to deny a request to stop publishing false information about someone? Great headline from Has it been determined by any authority that Biden did not act in a corrupt manner? I think that is still under investigation no? You guys are a joke, puppets of the insane left. shame FakeNewsMedia

Fuck fb. Nothing false about it. Do you have PROOF it’s a false accusation? Time to get out of facebook... He admitted he did it facebook are a big reason why our country is in the midst of a constitutional crisis, and it looks like you are continuing to do the work of our enemies by spreading blatant lies! You need to be put out of business.

GMNorseSports It is hard to believe that Facebook users wouldn’t be smart enough to think for themselves when presented with a political ad. Laundromat Joe Biden, admitted getting a prosecutor fired who was investigating his son, ON NATIONAL TV !! 😂😂😂😂That’s not Facebooks fault 😂😂😂😂😂

Joe Biden grapples with attacks from Trump and the rising Warren threatJoe Biden has long wanted nothing more than this: a head-to-head matchup with President Donald Trump to show Democrats that he is the party's best chance of winning the White House. why is it tricky if it's just a conspiracy theory? 🤔 His upfront and center corruption is why there is no backing from Obama. I’m a fan of Biden, but I think that Trump will make any camping against him about everything except policy. It plays to his base. Is Biden ready for that? Are Democrats ready for that? Are Americans ready for that? Biden Trump PoliticsLive

Good for Facebook facebook time for people to sign off Facebook due to their contribution of FAKE NEWS & obvious support of the EVIL ONE in the west wing What did he promise you I've seen the video. Doesn't look false to me. It’s not a “false accusation” when the accused not only admits his guilt, but brags about it in front of everyone.

“Falsely accusing” Lofl. Funny how cnn NEVER EVER said that about the phony Russia collusion hoax. NEVER. Falsely. LOL Nobody trust with him anymore. A lier, big mouth, corruption. Falsely?

Fox News poll: Trump losing to Biden by nine points in WisconsinTrump earned it lol Actually DO SOMETHING to save the planet and save $2000 a year on gas with this e-bike!

boycottFacebook “Falsely Accuses”? LOL Good for Facebook. Democracy is not about sensorship or favoritism. Let Joe go cry in the corner I'm using facebook less, but maybe now, not at all. TICK TOCK JOE........TICK TOCK.... you’re bragging about getting a prosecutor fired... say goodbye!! facebook we thought you were trying to combat disinformation on your platform?!? The false ad should be taken down

Dump Facebook, everyone. You can live without it. Hate Facebook, they need to be fined big time, he needs to sue them and make them pay. Then let's boycott Facebook.

White House won't say if Trump was joking about China investigating BidenThe White House has not yet said whether President Trump was joking when he publicly encouraged China to launch a corruption investigation into former VP Joe Biden. Narcissist AbuseOfPower TraitorInChief ExposeTheTruth If this is thriving, I would hate to see him struggle. ImpeachTrump Brokahontas DerangedDonald LyingTraitor Strangely, it doesn't feel lucky, unless you include bad luck.

cnnisfakenews Nancy Pelosi please don't take a vote on Impeach that the White House is demanding keep doing what you doing Impeach. Hahahaha 😂👏🏼👏🏼GOOD! “Falsely” accuses? Has Biden refuted and proven the ad false or did they just click the “I don’t like this” button? Seems like a legit company like FB would be a fair arbitrator. Let’s ask the liberal left site snopes ;)

facebook so you are supporting fake news? CNN falsely calls accusations against Biden false. FakeNews Байден обворовал Украину со своим сыном вором

White House won't say if Trump was joking about China investigating BidenWith an impeachment inquiry growing on Capitol Hill, the White House on Monday still had not said whether President Donald Trump was joking, as several Republican members of Congress suggested, when he publicly encouraged China to launch a corruption investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden That's ludicrous. We heard what he said loud and clear. Don’t worry , He weren’t . Now move along .

Is Facebook turning Republican or are they enjoying their huge fees for the ad. DeleteFacebook 'Bullyling Mob mentality must prevail for Democracy to survive' - A Democrat Free speach n oh w c as n be protected even when known slandering, got to love free soeach!!! JOE just op ed n up li my e YRUMP GOP and listen them complain. Its funny!!! Such hypocrits especially loud mouth bully TRUMP he whines like a cry baby!!!

Why not take down all the corrupt so called journalists on your channel, they spread propaganda like a communist state channel. FakeNewsCNN Another democrat calling for censorship. Falsely accused? There is actually video of him admitting it. Fuck Facebook! The next Dem in power will take them to the cleaners over taxes. They need republicans in power hence the refusal 👊🏽💦

“Falsely accuses” Trump loves the uneducated. DeleteFacebook

Is Biden Making a Mistake by Holding His Fire Against Trump?Intelligencer staffers discuss the Democratic contender’s understated response to President Trump’s attacks against him. ed_kilgore theshrillest realaxelfoley Only ones that care about this are news media/pundits. Voters don't believe anything coming out of WH. The man is a prodigious liar. 12K+LIES in 32 months per WAPO Daily Tracker. Yes, well Biden is behind Warren in many polls. So, maybe he doesn't really want the job, and who would blame him?

In order for Facebook to remove all false information, the would have to suspend your Facebook account. Y should they? FaceBook has blatantly asserted their opinion & bias in the 2016 election with no penalty. Y should they do any different now. Cambridge Analitica not with standing. Got 2 get those Rubles, dracmars, yen, or what ever foreign currency available. It all spends!

This is what happens when you let ai & algorithms run your platform. They think all the fake news, slander, and bigotry are what people want since it’s so saturated with it. It’s like when it wouldn’t ban people posted child porn or videos of hate crimes. It thinks it’s okay. Biden got the prosecutor fired. His son 50k a month for nothing. Fake news CNN

'Falsely'....How heavy is that water, CNN? Falsely, huh. 🤔 I’m legitimately surprised ...the lowest of the low. jacquep I've left Facebook because I'm fed up of reading the false rubbish it spreads. Awe don’t you hate it when the corrupt media won’t go your way? Hmmmmm!

Guess Zuckerberg got a big payday when he met with Trump recently. Fake news for all! You are reporting news here, so take out the word falsely out of your report. Stop being fake. “Falsely” hahaha. The video was of himself bragging about it! Maybe time to eliminate facebook if not truthful regarding Bidens

Falsely 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Boost your Twitter audience now ❤ Retweet and comment ' HEY ' Follow whoever likes your comment Good because Biden and his Son are corrupt and need to be investigated. Because it could possibly be true Randolphgibbs JoeBiden Just Make one for him too and you have a lot material to pick and choose consistencyTrump

I would think about the word false

It's not false Boycott Facebook. Its anyway a garbage social media where only lies and hate are spread🤬🤬 Facebook will never change its ways. Trump and his administration are corrupt bottom line and needs to be IMPEACHED. Pompeo demanded that all documents concerning Benghazi be turned over and now that he is in hot water he is refusing to turn documents over CORRUPTION

You can not weaponize the FBI and the CIA to spy on candidate Donald Trump! Young people should study Watergate where President Nixon sent bumbling staff members into the DNC headquarters to spy and covered the activity! He avoided impeachment only because he resigned!... Thanks, trump ally Mark Facebook.

FALSE My Ass it was False Creepy verses the US Code All that business in China is rubbing off on Biden, he's as censor happy as the authoritarians over there. NBA Blizzard HK “Falsely” I have no respect for Facebook anymore.

Perhaps the request was denied because it contains the truth. Oh wait. I forgot, CNN doesn’t deal in truth. By the way, who keeps pissing in Don Lemons Cheerios? Can’t wait until Trump gets re-elected. I will stay up all night, again, just to watch all the snowflakes collapse. How did that feel,he gets done like that all the time

Where is Hunter hiding? At CNN headquarters? Falsely!! how dare you. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 2 million people will share fake warnings about Facebook wanting to steal their shitty personal photos, but here Facebook is allowing corruption of our elections, and barely a peep. All site owners do not take responsibility for fact checking 3rd party ads and direct you to ad owner. I have gone after site owners before. Try getting in touch with said 3rd parties. Good luck. Maybe a class action lawsuit? Biden has 'pull'. Let his people chase them.

FB is pro Trump Falsely? Spreading more lies nonstop

“...that falsely accuses...” Biased much? This is why you are fakenews. It’s not false, unlike 99% of the things your on air propagandists say everyday. CNN OperationMockingbird Sue them, both, Facebook and Trump Excuse me it's only false in your mind n opinion. Bully tactic again JoeBiden ? Are you going to withhold 1 billion dollars from realDonaldTrump 😂

Lol!!!! Crooked Joe at it again! 😮😯😣😮😬 Boom. These liberals want to control.the media !!! Recently they pressured tje NYTimes into changing a headline they didn't like , and the NYT did !! Then Kamala Harris pressures Twitter to drop Trump's account !! Biden pressures media to stop inviting Giuliani on their sets !! .

Falsely? Its a FACT! Everyone should just get off of Facebook. The kids only use Instagram now. FB is a joke!

Exactly why I dropped Facebook awhile ago Can Biden use the current TRUTHFUL situation imploding the WH in his ads, if he so chooses? The real story here—Rudy Giuliani’s former employee (and former RNC official) Katie Harbath wrote this letter to the Biden campaign...and now she runs Global Elections for Facebook. Who needs fake conspiracy theories when the truth is much more compelling?

I guess you can say 'falsely' when you frame everything Biden does as good and everything that Trump does as bad. I’m not voting for Biden, however isn’t it obvious Zuckerberg is a full blown traitor & Trump supporter. Why do you claim it to be false if the allegation hasn’t been investigated yet? How can you say it's falsely claiming shouldn't you say alleged corruption

Hope America will juge Biden fakenewscnn is judge and jury ....they already proved it to be falsely... LOL

Ohh wow really facebook “That’s falsely accuses...”? Are you serious? The dude is corrupt and CNN is pro ignoring their own candidate issues. How do you know the accusation is false? Facebook is all about $$$. NOT facts, nor morals nor principals. They new their biggest ad buyer was RUSSIA. AND IT STILL IS. Facebook goin down down down.

Falsely according to who? 1. Free speech is imperative. 2. The claim isn’t false. Falsley? This matter is yet to be decided Fake news cnn SnarkyL This is why i dont fuck with facebook. There's no evidence because there's been no investigation. CNN had no issues running with the Trump/Russia story with no evidence, why not the Biden/Ukraine story?

They should take down the inflammatory ad from baby hands.

That’s weird that you don’t use “falsely accused” when RepAdamSchiff is spreading his lies. Y’all take his word as fact. It’s almost like cnn us trying to become the next TheBabylonBee CNN, why do you say “falsely accuses” Trump is not lying, lying Biden....😜 It’s not a false accusation. facebook markzucky unbelievable....talk about fake news! Shame on you ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW

Facebooks new policy: “Anything goes at a price” facebook Good. How can CNN know it’s a false accusation? CNN has one-dimensional broadcasting and makes zero effort to do investigative journalism. Except it’s not a false accusation Why are you saying “Falsely”? It’s not false.

Uhhh Falsely yeah right JoeBiden As one of your supporter, “stop 🛑✋🏽complaining and asking people to do stuff.” Where’s your 🔥? Fight back! Thank you ,next! facebook is rubbish. They are peddling propaganda. The liberal media is covering it up. Obama, Joe and Hunter Biden are in BIG serious trouble.

Facebook will do anything for a buck. Spreading Trump’s lies should be illegal. Zuckerberg needs to share a prison cell with Trump. Bravo FB. He bragged that he blackmailed the Ukrainian President to stop a lawful criminal investigation into corruption at a company his son was getting $50,000.00 a month pay.....and he knew nothing about the gas business.....

Samoday25 Here we go again. Paid for by Russia? Please answer, Mark Zuckerberg. I'm moving away from Facebook except to keep in touch with older family members. Crazy!!

It cannot be proven false or true until it is allowed to be investigated. Wow.😑So much for protecting user rights and Facebook being used to harass and lie about another user. facebook JoeBiden FakeNews MarkZuckerberg failing disappointing BOYCOTT FACEBOOK!!! Not false no matter how many times fake news CNN repeats

Hahahaaha Falsely? Falsely? Give me a break. Joe Biden is guilty as sin and he knows it. Down with Facebook? When the truth hurts you try to take the truth away Biden is a lying piece of trash he was bad for America when he was vice president he would be bad for America if he became president America wake up vote Republican Trump 20/20

facebook - this is one of the many reasons I refuse to use Facebook. And you know what? My life is full of good friends & family that I stay in close touch with absent Facebook. facebookads 🤔 Good lord. They kick me off for posting too many links to articles? WTF Joe Biden is on video claiming he he did it. It's all over the internet. Maybe someone at cnn should check it out Just a suggestion...maybe people won't call ya fake news for a change

Is it really false? Face book is full of shit wonder why people they don’t use much anymore This is the kind of stuff that will bring the giants down. They make themselves targets. Good for Facebook. is nothing but a propaganda machine for the left. False per the DNC’s network. CNN you should play the video of Biden saying they fired the son of a bitch. That is corruption. Then there is your cover up

And the trumpistas shout that social media is biased, it is but they are too dumb to realize it’s in their favor

Time to get off Facebook Because it’s not false! Why do you have the word “falsely” in there? This is why always gets ripped to shreds. Remove that one word and you’re simply reporting the news like it should be. Here’s CNN saying that it’s not true! But, it is Come on facebook! Take down blatant fact checked lies by realDonaldTrump

'falsely accused' - how does media know? They accuse Trump of all kind of things without prove. Z only cares about money sadly. Falsely? Good Lord cnn, clearly being the mouthpiece of TheDemocrats is more important than being an objective journalism organization. Sad days for the press! Falsely accused? You say that as if it’s a known fact.

Falsely accused? So you’ve actually looked into it? Let’s hear it! It doesn't appear to be false, so.... And with good reason! Threatening to cut off government aid if a prosecutor is not fired sounds pretty corrupt to me. Facebook was a huge reason Trump was elected, and they will help with his re-election.

That's why people should not believe anything coming from Facebook. Regardless we all already associate realDonaldTrump with lies. Trump can’t tell the truth even if his life depended on it Falsely accused? The ad was made with Joe Bidens own words. Fake news! Falsely? Guess that hasn’t been proven so well done facebook

The dems hate when the media turns against them. Do you think Biden could handle the 24/7 onslaught that trump deals with daily and trump attacks are false. The tr it h hurts joe. You can handle the job Hahahahahaha Falsely accused .... Hahahahaha

JoeBiden maybe a lawsuit for slander will quiet him is FakeNews propaganda. Facebook is allowing lies, misinformation, and propaganda to knowingly be created & spread. Facebook obviously benefits from this administration. The corruption is out of control. Good! Falsely Prove it. You mean the ad showed a legitimate video of biden bragging about his quid pro quo to fire the prosecutor investigating his son?

Why is it false? Has it been investigated? Trump asked for it to be investigated so it could be false but we don't know because Dems want him impeached for even asking about it. Because it not false Why do the Dems want to shut down Trump on social media? Are they afraid? Is Biden afraid that continued talking about his involvement with the Ukraine will show the real corrupt Biden?

Sue Facebook for libel. Facebook and Russia are teaming up?

Why won’t The Biden’s family sue Donald Trump for defamation if it is nottrue . They got lots of money now 1.5 billion from China Hunter Biden got , he should be fine to get a good lawyer We need to start deleting these facebook accounts! boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook boycottFacebook

Trump 2020 how do you know its false? it probably should be investigated before you just dismiss the claim. russian collusion was false. ut you pushed it for 2 years... Who would have believed this? Taken down by a loser son. The only ones ‘falsely’ accuse others are radical leftists, including . Falsely accused Howthe heck do you know ? Biden said it himself it’s all on video when he was atthe council on foreign relations. CNN is a total fraud .

nono joe is toast. It's funny tjat Facebook has been censoring conservatives and anyone saying anything bad about the left for the past 3 years. And shutting down accounts for posting the truth about them but as soo as they say no to joe the left is calling for them to be shut down

See...this why I don’t fck with facebook they are a corrupt, biased and inappropriate form of media! FckFacebook FacebookIsALie Facebook is complicit in trump's wrongdoings. They should be held accountable. I deleted that crap a while ago. It's in his own words...... he bragged about it. probably because it wasnt false

I don't care what QuidProJoe calls what he did, it's still corruption! That’s good. Nobody gives a 🦆 Falsely on what planet? JoeBiden is a corrupt careerpolitician. There is a video of Biden literally saying he pressured the Ukraine government by threatening to with hold funding. Because it is not false

I guess it's time to close my Facebook account. They cant seem to do the right thing at any time unless there is extreme scrutiny. Sad Facebook sad. Kosovo je Srbija Bajden da znaš date nepitsečam koje bio Nikola Tesla Srbin koje bio Pupin Srbin a Edilson je bio guzičar nije bio Vaš naučnik Adilson. Awww, I’m sorry this is happening to him.

Looks like Facebook understands Freedom of Speech better than CNN does. 'Falsely' ? Editorializing there arent you? Fakebook Biden is corrupt as F*** People still use FB? Facebook must be scared of Trump, or are supporting him

Falsely....was that a joke, even Stevie wonder can see prima facie case against Biden. How can you say with certainty “falsely accuses”? Seriously, HOW? So, if this was reversed, wouldn't use the word 'allegedly' false video ad? Yet you jumped right in and specifically said it's false. Yep has no agenda...

Mean while the hypocrite We know who Zuckerberg wants to win We must get rid of the evil globalist traitor democrats in 2020! KAG 2020!!! Nothing false about it. The CNN cover up of Democrat wrong doings continues. Didn't you idiots learn from 2016? It’s not a false accusation. He admitted on tape to extorting the Ukraine with the loss of a $Billion in aid Obama gave him authority over if the Ukrainians refused to fire the prosecutor investigating his son Hunter Biden.

Prove Biden was not guilty.. because there is more then enough evidence..

Falsely accuses? For once Facebook recognized then truth Facebook has to go I have not seen the ad on Facebook. I have seen it on TV. It’s like a bad Apprentice reboot ad. I can agree with if people are going to believe ads then there’s nothing you can do as those people as they have made up their minds. So let them waste money

VOTE WARREN, BIDEN anyone who can Stops Social Media Propaganda for Hate and DIVISIVENESS Yes, it was viral/ truthful/ in plain site that Biden is corrupt, and well isn that what the current chair n vice chair also? Time to delete our facebook accounts... “Falsely?” Is it fair to say that it is a false claim that Donald Trump committed a crime and all articles about that should also be taken down? Double standard much, or we should just bow down to the all knowing cnn?

Falsely? no_1islikeme So basically if it's a political ad on Facebook, you can accuse anybody of anything? That's insane. That's not media, that's fantasy. DeleteFacebook

Who cares about these corrupt low life who has been bleeding America dry! you guys are on the wrong side of history my friends!. when it all goes down not one of you guys will be safe!. So keep playing this we hate trump agenda!. Civil war should be your worse nightmare!. Because it's provably accurate. Biden said, on camera, that he blackmailed Ukraine.

cnn is the Democratic Party's minionsTrump has been reported to be biased When did we expect Facebook to do the right thing? This seems simple. Politicians from opposing viewpoints should stay posting about how impeachment is a 'done deal', maybe pics of the orange one in cuffs... Because the video is true.

👍 if Biden had retired and fished, he would have no problem. But he put his head into this oven! What he hoped is incomprehensible! What the Democrats hoped for is also not clear. I think they have impotent agony. Good luck to them! Then they should sue them. How do you know it’s false without A investigation?

Falsely, hey? Falsely accused? And you call yourself news network... Trump is correct that you are a fake news network with own agenda!!! boycottfacebook What is Biden afraid of Oh no they didn't! Tough being accused at every turn! Can JoeBiden take it? Sorry, Looks like I'm outta time! 'falsely' is false here

Falsely? Really? Continuing to live up to fakenews Dont think its false otherwise the Trump campaign wouldnt have posted it. WTF Facebook 💩 It’s NOT false! Ur a propaganda network YellowJournalism

Falsely accused Maybe “allegedly accused” would be a more accurate statement. FB can’t be trusted Because it’s not false! Creepy Joe is creepy AND crooked. He's a full spectrum liberal Democrat. BidenCrimeFamily President Trump before you accuse and judge Biden Son, make sure your own did not profit from other Country’s while working for you in office.

Goodbye Joe. Facebook Sucks !!! All they have to do is play the video with HIS own words. He says exactly what he did!! You can’t change history. He is on tape saying he held the money up to get the prosecutor fired. Period. Case closed.

Interesting to see what legal cases develop against Facebook - they take all the money and none of the responsibility. Quite a model. Was Facebook a victim or enabler?🤔 Full detailed report on Russian operative associated with IRA(Internet Research Agency) based in St.Petersburg Florida to influence the election by spreading disinformation against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Falsely? Only an idiot believes what Biden and his son did isn’t corruption and criminal. Corrupt Joe gotta go We all know who FB is in the bed with. Regulate Facebook like a utility. Facebook has NO vested interest in trying to protect us from election interference. Yet again. Why can’t Biden go after Trump for defamation in the courts? If it’s not Facebook Trump is advertising on, it’ll be Twitter, Reddit, Instagram or via Email. Various cyber methods. Sure we can blame the conduit but why not go after the guy who’s lying & deceiving all Americans?


Well Zuckerberg did accept money from Russia so he is their puppet Fakebook 'for his role in Ukraine policy' 😂😂😂😂 nice wording CNN!!! So telling Ukraine to fire prosecutor investigating his son otherwise US will withhold $1B needed by Ukraine for their military is Ukraine policy? 🤦🤦🤦🤦 Nice Facebook, it's about time you become fair!!!

It's not a FLASE accusation, it has merit. That's why it's being investigated! Fake News CNN is horrible but Facebook is good. But he literally did it. And he said he did it. , have you investigated the 'false' claim? Where is your research? I would assume that you would have a treasure trove of qualified journalists at your disposal to look into this. Or, more probable, you're just taking Biden at his word.

Biden ADMITTED ON VIDEO his guilt. Get real, fascist CNN. SICKENING. impeachable offense !

Falsely? Hahahahaha Interns only at amateur hour Because it’s True & Joe is corrupt. If it was fake news...FB would have taken it down. Unlike your Network only reports Fake News. Yet if you say anything negative about Trump they put you in FB jail. Time for another social media outlet to give them a fun for their money.

It's not falsely it's just an allegation right now, waiting for evidence is kind of what we have to do. cnn you don't get to dictate who is falsely accused or not, you are not a Judge. your bias is showing. Zuck this is not looking good for you. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂falsely🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 Why do people use FB anyway? I don’t have it and I am fine.

'Falsely' yeah sure ok It falsely accused ? It accurately accused...

Joe—it’s over. Propaganda brainwashing with help from Facebook. Fake news = Facebook and fox news JoeBiden is a crook One more time for the people in the back... 👏🏼 ZUCKERBERG 👏🏼 IS 👏🏼 PART 👏🏼 OF 👏🏼 THE 👏🏼 MACHINE. collusion corruption DeepState Close your Facebook account. They will get the message soon enough.

The problem is not realDonaldTrump; it’s JoeBiden. His campaign asked Facebook to take down a Trump video that allegedly “falsely” accuses Biden of corruption in Ukraine policy during the BarackObama administration. Problem is, it’s true; not false. Biden is corrupt! It was not a false accusation. CNN be lying on the daily. BIDEN was on video bragging about his corruption. Where is Obama? Where is Hunter Biden? CNN knows but following a 'don't ask don't tell policy 'with Obama

Facebook seems not to realise the damage that false information is going to cause! It fuels extremists, and especially if politicians are allowed to carry on telling lies, will cause an increase in social unrest in countries around the world. Shame on Facebook Falsely accused? MrGoalie35 If it’s a lie, then FB is guilty of complicity with the ad makers to spread political misinformation. Hope they succeed in breaking FB up into pieces, and do the same to that 💩stain Fuckerberg!!

The private meeting with trump resulted in trump and his trash machine being the exception to FB rules. Deleting FB now. I dont like Trump at all but when does absence of evidence equal innocence or proof of innocence? Also its very odd Hunter was on the board of a Ukranian company called Burisma. Which he has no qualifications for, aside of being Bidens son. Also being paid $6 mill a year for it.

I wonder how dumb Trump supporters are to believe all fairtales that are spread by him. Joe Biden did nothing wrong. He did what was asked by Europe and others since Ukrain was filled with corruption. DUMP FACEBOOK. I DID. WASTE OF TIME. AFTER A WHILE = BORING This is why I believe Warren is right: Facebook needs to be broken up.

Time to sue the Trump Organization. Boooooo!

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Tanned, Exquisitely Coiffed Bernie Sanders Tells Supporters Corporations Actually Have A Lot To Offer

Bloomberg Housekeepers Brace For Another Day Of Dressing Up Like DNC Candidates And Letting Boss Beat Them In Debate

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09 October 2019, Wednesday News

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Hillary Clinton to Trump: 'Don't tempt me' into entering the 2020 presidential race

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