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Facebook and Its Advertisers Feel Pinch of Apple’s Privacy Drive

Recent changes in Apple’s IOS operating system have diminished Facebook’s ad targeting abilities.

6/13/2021 8:30:00 AM

Heard on the Street: Amid departures of high-profile executives, Facebook's advertising business is facing fundamental challenges from Apple's privacy drive

Recent changes in Apple’s IOS operating system have diminished Facebook’s ad targeting abilities.

June 12, 2021 9:03 am ETAdvertising relationships are often about the people who foster them. But when you are as big as Facebook , relationships are about money.On Wednesday, Facebook’s head of global advertising sales Carolyn Eversonsaid she was leaving the company

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after more than a decade. Just a few months ago, Facebook’s revenue chief David Fischer said in a Facebook post that he would be leaving the company later this year.These exits have led some to worry about the impact on Facebook’s advertiser relationships. Last year, for example, Ms. Everson played a big role keeping major advertisers on Facebook’s platform,

despite civil rights-related boycottsof the social network, The Wall Street Journal reported.Such relationships may be irreplaceable at a smaller company, but are perhaps less important to a platform as large as Facebook. Its legacy Blue app alone is used by roughly 36% of the world’s population monthly, while its broader family of apps are used by nearly 44%. That number of eyes has no equal.

The departures come at a particularly delicate time, though. Apple’s recent iOS operating system changesrequire developers to request users’ permissionto track their online activity, a key way Facebook and other ad-based platforms were able to collect information about users in order to target them with ads. Facebook has been outspoken about its concern that tracking changes will disproportionately affect small businesses. That makes sense: As of the third quarter of last year, Facebook said it had over 10 million active advertisers on its platform, most of which were small businesses. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has also said that as a business, he believes Facebook can manage through the changes and that it may emerge even stronger if it becomes harder for small businesses to navigate data targeting without Facebook’s help.

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Both are parasites feeding off of users in one way or the other. The onlt high profile exec at Facebook is Zuckerberg. Everyone else is his peon. nice

House Democrats unveil bills to rein in Silicon Valley giants — opening rift among RepublicansThe antitrust bills target the empires of companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and potentially Microsoft. Wait ....the same Republicans that were livid at twitter and Facebook for banning their Daddy are now upset . Classic Cult45 .

Lawmakers unveil bipartisan antitrust reforms that could reshape Big TechAmazon, Apple, Facebook and Google could be forced to overhaul their business practices under a new expansive set of antitrust reforms introduced by a bipartisan group of House lawmakers on Friday. I don’t like the word “forced”. These are some of America’s greatest companies! Sometimes the cliche if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it has validity! Yeah! You guys tell em! Those disgusting business practices are for Republicans only! All you big tech guys need to butt out! The Republicans were here first! , CNN and the rest should be picked apart by anti-trust laws. 5 companies own all the news in this country.

Apple is encroaching on Facebook's territory like never before with new social featuresApple announced several new social features coming to iOS 15 that will compete with Facebook products like WhatsApp and Instagram. stevekovach Good. I’m ready to leave fb. stevekovach Can we nakedshort Facebook without committing FinancialTreason MelissaLeeCNBC ? stevekovach The new FaceTime and iMessage features don’t tread on Facebook’s territory. They are aimed at a much smaller circle of friends/contacts that may not care to be on a dedicated social platform.

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Apple reaffirms privacy stance amid Trump probe revelationsSeeking to protect its image as a guardian of personal privacy, Apple maintains it was blindsided and handcuffed by a Trump administration probe that resulted in the company handing over phone data from two Democratic congressmen. Apple delivered its version of events Friday in response to news reports detailing the U.S. Justice Department's aggressive attempts to use its legal power to identify leaks tied to an investigation into former President Donald Trump's ties to Russia. The Justice Department was able to persuade a federal grand jury to issue a subpoena that culminated in Apple turning over the metadata — information that can include general records of calls and texts — about House Intelligence Committee members Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, both California Democrats, during 2018. DOJ convened a grand jury? Who was on this jury and what was presented. apple caved to the fascist government to protect themselves and thought this would remain a secret. This privacy crap is a marketing ploy by Apple. Just another dishonest company trying to sell more phones!

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