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Every Twist and Turn of This Week’s DaBaby Saga

A live experiment in whether it's possible to dig a hole deep enough to come out the other side.

8/1/2021 8:01:00 PM

The organizers of Lollapalooza have now dropped DaBaby from the festival lineup—just hours before he was set to perform.

A live experiment in whether it's possible to dig a hole deep enough to come out the other side.

That’s not all he said. During his set at Rolling Loud,DaBaby referred to HIV and AIDSas “them deadly sexually transmitted diseases that’ll make you die in two to three weeks”—which is not only false, but feeds into dangerous and outdated myths about the virus and disease. Spreading that misinformation during a concert, even as attention-baiting trollery, can be fairly described as homophobic.

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AdvertisementAdvertisementBut we should note that those statements weren’t the first questionable thing DaBaby did that night: Earlier in the set, DaBaby broughton stage. Considering that rap superstar Megan Thee Stallion, who performed at the event earlier in the night, has a restraining order against Lanez for shooting her last summer, the fact that Lanez was there at all was … not great.

AdvertisementThe guy who shot Megan Thee Stallion? Remind me about this again?If you somehow missed that news cycle last summer (quarantining from the internet sure sounds nice), here’s the gist: Last July, following a party at Kylie Jenner’s house, Lanez was headtopics.com

charged with concealing a weaponin his car. One month later, Megan Thee Stallion called out Lanez on Instagram Live, accusing Lanez of having shot at her with said weapon, hitting her in the foot. Megan now has a restraining order against Lanez, and he is facing possible prison time for both assault and gun charges. But while Lanez awaits a trial and sentencing, he’s still making music; he released an entire album about the shooting, denying Megan’s allegations not long after it all went down. And he and DaBaby are clearly still pals. It’s a mess!

AdvertisementAdvertisementOK, whew. But back to the homophobia. Is this something we already knew about DaBaby, or was it new?The explicit homophobia is shocking, but not the fact that DaBaby would be brazenly offensive. During a concert in March of 2020, he

who was trying to film the show with her phone. The rapper said later that he would have slapped the person for encroaching on his personal space, no matter if it were a man or a woman.This past February, he also drummed up some controversy for releasing a freestyle in which he

He later claimed he had no beef with the uber-positive, ponytailed teen—”All love on my end”—and that critics couldn’t properly comprehend his “wordplay.”AdvertisementOof. So it seems safe to assume that people did not take his Rolling Loud remarks about HIV/AIDS kindly. headtopics.com

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DaBaby Pretends Not to Know Questlove After Drummer Slams His Homophobic CommentsDaBaby pretends not to know Questlove after drummer slams his homophobic comments Weak sauce Who? Cancel the cancel culture 😂

Madonna Slams DaBaby For Hateful Remarks: I 'Pray For Your Ignorance'The music icon condemned DaBaby for spreading false information and encouraged the rapper to “know your facts.” 오직 당신의 순종만이 당신을 천국으로 인도할 것입니다 OurEternalHome dababy said “I ain’t trippin on y’all”. So all be good now. `You must have THE WORD in your life, Your Heart in order to BLOCK the Enemy's attacks.` 주님의_길을_예비하라 OurEternalHome

DaBaby Makes Homophobic Comments at Rolling LoudHe seemed to purposefully spread misinformation about HIV during his set.

Da F–k Is Up With DaBaby?When Chris Brown is a voice of reason, we know DaBaby has gone too far.

DaBaby Cut from Lollapalooza's Sunday Night LineupDaBaby just got the hook -- Lollapalooza organizers are yanking him out of their Sunday night lineup, which he was supposed to headline ... due to his ignorant and homophobic comments. Got the hook and some pub. DaBaby kicked off Lollapalooza for hating gay people. Billie Eilish will replace him and pretend to be gay. Wtf happened to freedom of speech!?! It is what it is. Let that man Rock the fucking crowd!!! Haters and cancel culture can suck a dick!

Lollapalooza Removes DaBaby From Lineup After Homophobic Remarks“Lollapalooza was founded on diversity, inclusivity, respect, and love,” festival writes of rapper’s removal following Rolling Loud controversy Actions have consequences It’s probably the best thing for him because it’s a super spreader event vaxxed people are still spreading covid along with unvaxxed..Regardless of its different levels of sickness,nobody wants to be sick at all.. It always gets real when money is lost… 💰