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Evergrande crisis will hurt China’s economic growth, says former central bank advisor

Evergrande crisis will hurt China’s economic growth, says former central bank advisor

9/22/2021 7:57:00 AM

Evergrande crisis will hurt China ’s economic growth, says former central bank advisor

A default by Evergrande will have minimal effect on the Chinese financial system, said Li Daokui, a former advisor at the People's Bank of China .

."The impact is on the real economy because with the default of Evergrande, there'll be [a] slowdown in developments of many projects," Li Daokui, formerly an advisor to the People's Bank of China, told CNBC "" on Wednesday.

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Loading chart..."So the real property market will have an impact on the GDP growth rate for the coming year because of slower finance for the whole sector," said Li, now a professor at Tsinghua University's School of Economics and Management.

He added that a default by Evergrande will have minimal effect on the Chinese financial system because there aren't derivative instruments built on the company's debt.that derive value from an underlying asset, such as stocks and bonds. Traders use derivatives for various purposes including hedging a position and speculating on the underlying asset.

The Evergrande as we understand may not exist.Li Daokuiformer advisor to the People's Bank of China"I think it's a bit too early to predict what's the net impact [of the crisis]. I would say right now, by my rough calculation, 1 basis point on GDP growth ... if the thing is under control from now," said Li.

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IMF says China has tools to avoid Evergrande's problems becoming systemic crisisThe International Monetary Fund on Tuesday said it is closely following developments surrounding China Evergrande Group , but believes Beijing has the tools to prevent the situation from turning into a systemic crisis. China also had the tools to avoid Corona becoming a pandemic crisis.

China's Evergrande crisis could drag down Tether and other cryptocurrencies: CNBC After HoursOn today's show, CNBC's Kate Rooney explains why Chinese property developer Evergrande's debt crisis could be trouble for Tether. Who green lights this shit content with no fact checking

Central bank group BIS warns of green asset bubble riskThe central bank to the world's central banks, the Bank for International Settlements, has warned of the growing risk of a price bubble in environmentally friendly-focused asset markets. Green energy production is not ready yet. Untill its reliable and can be used as and when it's needed, it's just not practical to roll it out. Give it a few more years Untill then nuclear is the best option for next 50 years.

World shares jolted by Evergrande crisis as debt payment test loomsGlobal stock markets on Tuesday were caught in the grip of contagion fears sparked by troubles at China Evergrande as growing risks the property giant could default on its massive debt prompted investors to flee riskier assets. horrible not because US debt is defaulting next month? how much is it again? time to buy stocks!!

S&P Global says default by China Evergrande could test government's capacity to backstop 'potentially substantial failures'S&P Global Ratings said Monday a default by Chinese property developer China Evergrande Group will neither lead to a tidal wave of defaults nor mere ripples... good luck

China won't let Evergrande fail, which should lead to a market rebound, Ed Yardeni saysThe likelihood that the Chinese government won't let Evergrande fail should help calm investors' nerves, Ed Yardeni of Yardeni Research said. Pro But them propping up Evergrande will lead to failure eventually anyway. This is how we got here. Pro Michael Burry Warns Retail Traders About the 'Mother of All Crashes'