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ERCOT CEO apologizes for power outrages—'could have done a better job'

ERCOT CEO apologizes for power outrages—'could have done a better job'

2/25/2021 11:57:00 PM

ERCOT CEO apologizes for power outrages—'could have done a better job'

The winter storm that hit Texas and other states has killed at least 80 people, but officials have said that an accurate death toll will take time to establish.

The board of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) convened an emergency meeting on Wednesday where the chief executive was forced to apologise, conceding his company"could have done a better job" after severe blackouts hit the southern state during its coldest winter in over 30 years.

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The winter storm that hit Texas and other states on February 13 has killed at least 80 people, according to theWall Street Journal,but officials have said that the full death toll will take time to establish. Millions lost power and experienced water shortages as 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius) temperatures caused widespread disruption.

ERCOT, which manages around 90 percent of the state's electricity, has been under fire in recent days, as residents of the state have brought lawsuits against it for failing to provide power during freezing temperatures. Texas is one of the few U.S. states to have an independent energy grid. headtopics.com

How Ted Cruz Contradicted Sean Hannity's Defense of Cancun TripRead moreHow Ted Cruz Contradicted Sean Hannity's Defense of Cancun TripERCOT's CEO, Bill Magness, faced questions on Wednesday from other board members about why the power outrages were so severe and why his company failed to foresee such a deadly outcome. In the emergency meeting, Magness showed slides revealing that 48.6 percent of the power generators in the state shut down at the peak of the outages.

"I mean, we saw something here that, you know, outstrips any extreme scenario," said Magness."This is the kind of thing that, you know moves the goalposts, number one, so that we have to know that we could see in other February 2021, event when we look at extremes," he added.

A fifth ERCOT board member resigned on Wednesday, after four others said they would step down the previous day. A sixth has withdrawn his application from the board. All of them live outside Texas.Board chair Sally Talberg; vice chair Peter Cramton, finance and audit chair Terry Bulger, and human resources and governance committee chair Raymond Hepper, all stepped down after the Wednesday meeting. Vanessa Anesetti-Parra, the market segment director for the independent retail electric provider market segment, will also resign as a board member and Craig Ivey, who was due to fill a vacant unaffiliated director position, has withdrawn his application.

I certainly could have done a better job emphasizing what was coming and had that communication with the board in more depth as well. So I understand your frustrationERCOT CEO Bill MagnessTalberg criticised the ERCOT chief by saying he did not do enough to warn the board of the possibility of a crisis before the storm hit earlier this month. headtopics.com

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Texas power grid operator ERCOT says outgoing CEO will not seek severance pay Texas ' power grid operator Electric Reliability Council of Texas ( ERCOT ) said on Thursday outgoing Chief Executive Bill Magness informed the ERCOT board he will not seek or accept severance pay. Don’t be fooled. It just won’t be from them. they're gonna give it to him, he's just not going to seek it himself And that means what to those paying thousands in bills and those that died.

Board Of Texas Power Grid ERCOT Votes To Remove CEO Magness After February BlackoutsMagness had previously defended ERCOT ’s actions saying that Texas was just moments away from losing power for weeks or even months. 95% only bad news( Fired for operating as designed. Gee, the designated fall guy... takes the fall. The man did his job exactly has he was requested to do it. He had no authority to mandate winterization nor to even audit if it had actually been done. ERCOT is operating exactly as designed.

ERCOT faces class-action lawsuit, resignations in wake of Texas power outages Texas ’ embattled power grid operator is facing lawsuits and resignations after more than 4 million customers lost electricity last week during a deadly winter storm. deregulation? hedge fund for power? It is bigger than losing power. OPPDStorm so will Nebraska 'share' the cost to settle the lawsuits?

ERCOT faces Texas lawmakers after devastating power outagesAt a hearing on Thursday, the CEO of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas told lawmakers that he would not have done anything differently and the rolling power outages during the severe winter storm kept Texans “from going into a blackout that we'd still be in today.' NBCNightlyNews That’s not true, there were people with no electricity, AT ALL”!! FOR DAYS!!! No blackouts For everyone like they say NBCNightlyNews If they fixed it after 2011 there wouldn't be an issue now NBCNightlyNews Texans needs to sue them now!

ERCOT board members resign amid aftermath of power grid failureFive ERCOT board members who live outside of Texas are resigning, and sixth person withdrew their name from consideration for an open position with the board amid the aftermath of Texas ’s power outage. NBC’s Ellison Barber reports. ellisonbarber Yikes ellisonbarber Ted Cruz is not the only rat who left the sinking ship