Enormous Asteroid Headed Near Earth

Enormous Asteroid Headed Near Earth

7/25/2021 5:04:00 PM

Enormous Asteroid Headed Near Earth

There's a notable, near-ish-collision on Earth -- or at least one that's looming -- and the object that may be about to crash is traveling at 18,000 MPH!!!

The thing's even got a name -- 2008 G020.Well, when we say near-collision, it's all relative. It's supposed to come as close as 2.8 million miles to our planet. In NASA-ese ... it's labeled an Apolo, which is a"near-Earth" designation.

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To give you more context ... the Moon is 238,855 miles from Earth, while Mars is 236.5 million miles away. So, somewhere in the middle.This won't be our closest encounter with G020. In 1901 it got 1 million miles from Earth. Read more: TMZ »

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This one? Too bad its not giving any interviews. I'll bet that TMZ would like to get one. Nope. somebody call Jared. Nice try TMZ Click bait .... 2.8 million miles away Oh my! That’s likely the piece of 💩 that came outta my ass the other day. 😂 petition for going back to where it came from Good ClickBait

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Of course there is. of course, this will be more epic if it has a soundtrack.. This asteroid is about 400 feet tall and passed by Earth sometime today at about 2.8-Million Miles away. There, you don't need to read the article. Cute Bring it well guys we gotta save the world 🧙‍♂️ ⚔️ I beg your pardon… And it will do this because we are that fucked up.

Took it long enough

Earth from Orbit: Satellites and Solar Energy | NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS)Sometimes when looking at satellite imagery, you can see areas of light that gleam or sparkle with an unusual brightness. This effect is known as sunglint, and occurs when sunlight is reflected off the surface of Earth at the same angle that the sensor views it. Sunglint in satellite imagery is often seen over water, but it is also seen reflected from solar panels. While an For more videos of EarthFromOrbit, please visit: NASAEarth NOAA Satellites and solar panels are an issue of 🗣MONEY💰💰‼️ Sorry if pragmatically I have always some SGRUNT against the politicians😡 that never&nothing doing&inveeting use Yours hypersophysticated HITECH🌟🇺🇸🌟 to be prefiche e avvoltoi😡😡😡

Bruce is on the way הלם הלם הלם Delete this Just end it already HankVinny 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ DirtyEpicLA GerardNotGerald ILUVINCOGNITO BLACKASTEROID But out to our bunker much? 🤷🏻‍♂️☄️ InkedViking Nice photoshop lol I hope it hits your office building.

We are scientists leading and working with NASA citizen science projects to study Earth through the use of artificial intelligence. Ask us anything about NASA’s citizen science, how we’re using artificial intelligence in our projects, and how and why you should join our efforts! : FuturologyLIVE: How can you contribute to NASAEarth CitizenScience? Scientists using artificial intelligence with our DoNASAScience projects to study our home planet are taking your questions. Ask them anything on Reddit: Earth DoNASAScience Reddit 😎 ARIO Earth DoNASAScience Reddit My God i can see it the wall, right there it is flat!!! ... oh wait no that not a wall its just some clouds. False alarm all carry on. Earth DoNASAScience Reddit Hey what's up baby!!! Why you let some idiots to kill people from sattelite?

dontforgetchaos 😨 ... Again? Asteroids fly towards us all the time! *Yawn* wake me up when it collides. Any idea where it’s landing? I want to know precisely where to stand. So it’s come to this TMZ. No more Trump news so now we are getting end of the world crap. It figures Source? Do we have any direct quotes or ransom demands from the asteroid?

Hopefully it lands on central bankers heads The WHO has advised everyone to wear 2 helmets in case of impact 😳😳😩😩😬🥴 Please don't miss As long as its near and not hit. Im good.

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Just take me out. I don’t even care anymore. TMZ, wow, really. Read the bible and hopefully you'll created news WE don't know about. Suuuuure there is Again? Such a tease. Nah not if I have anything to say about that LOL, TMZ should not be allowed to talk about science :P ClickBait 💀ur joking RemindMe_OfThis in 2 months

But we don't know the long term effects of the asteroid

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Please hit us ffs! Portland could use it Bitcoin fixes this Let’s hurl JeffBezos at it!!!!! Idiots. Anybody reading this, please don't trust TMZ for astronomy news, or much else for that matter. smod4real So dont waste your time getting vaccinated. ChrisCamillo anything to arbitrage here 🤔 Politicians cause more damage than that asteroid!

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More fear mongering Meh. We have worse issues here. First stop, Mar-a-Lago I’m sure there are at least three Billionaires who are willing to go up and sort this problem I’ll stop paying my bills and go deep in debt. Thanks tmz! Those stray asteroids just hit different 👀 The closest it gets will be 10x further than the moon. Nothing to worry about.

Them: big asteroid coming near earth!! Me: is there a 100 mile bubble, what are we talking here?! Them: higher Me: 1000 miles? Them: way up Me... 100,000? Them: waaayy more Me: is it a fucking million? A million miles?! Them: over 2... Me: get out C'mon asteroid..C'mooon asteroid!🤞 I hope it comes to Chinatown so I can catch it!


Fake news trying to scare people with an over exaggerated headline. What a joke of an account. bout damn time 🥴 Oh nooooo!

Is it vaccined or not ? It’s ok, no sign of Trump running for President yet so you don’t have to make this up. 😂🤣😂 And murder wasps are heading your way. Be afraid I hope it hits! 🤔... Bring it on! We ready! BenAffleck Click Bait, you must be desperate to get traffic Oh no! Not another asteroid headed near Earth!

Dammit trumps fault. Better do a house investigation. ☄️

Awesome!!🥳 So wear our masks or…. There’s a certain place in Bedminster, NJ……….. Please hit lol I know some guys that can help…. Not much is happening anymore so yes, I’m ready. So who really cares because if it hits I doubt you'd be ✍ this or I'd be answering 🤔 My dad has asteroids some day's he can't even sit on the toilet it hurts so much.

oh no hopefully it doesn’t hit my house Headed.....near lol Do over! Oh well… You all make me laugh. You want it to hit knowing it won’t but if it really did you’ll all be crying like infants and some will be praying only saying a day ago that God doesn’t exist. It’s all BS until it really happens. Then the real human kicks in.

It’s 2.8 million miles away. Don’t worry y’all! A nigga like me gon stop that Asteroid before it hit earth If the earth is traveling at 18,000 mph... how did a asteroid also traveling 18,000mph catch us?🙈 if it did catch us, wouldn’t it then barel be an “event” As both object going nearly the same speed, seems they’d just sort of... bond🤓

Better get your shot now before it’s to late Any way we can direct it to Gracie Mansion DeBlasio and crew ? Please God. Please But the Padres just traded for Adam Frazier 🥺 Finally.. let do this … Reset the world Let me know when there’s one that’s really going to hit us so I can stop paying my bills. Finally

It wont hit the earth its gonna fuck up mad satellites orbiting Pack up and leave the planet.. Or become Armageddon Hope it hits before my next child support check is due! outer space not even real Wear a mask stream salamat before the world ends That shit is far away and not gonna collide with earth. amazing

It’s ok Bitcoin will block it.

Look at amptoken on FlexaHQ This is where Americans think it's headed to America to the White House and that the world will come to an end. Off just a little, too bad was hoping it would do what covid didn’t. Their ready to go! 'near-ish' that means its not hitting praying on our downfall fr fr 🙏

First the rona is back and stronger then they say there’s a fungus out there and now this!!!! 😆😆 Biden stocks up on icecream. Finally!!!!! Sure if TMZ is saying it! 🤣🤣🤣 When COVID stops working, plan b. Should it buy toilet paper? … Don’t threaten me with a good time… Mncxm

Only one team can save us. OC_Mermaid Well as long as it's only 'near' Basically not a news How do we pull it closer? Tmz = 💩💩💩 Hmmm... wow cool

Is it not ok to send a nuke and blow it up? Magari Hope will hit XJP head. Period 2.8m miles.. But it's near smh I hope it kills us. We deserve it. Someone call BenAffleck and Bruce Willis to save us! At this point just hit us. Sex does sale but dont beat around the bush. It's gonna hit America

😭😭😭 Finally !