Emily Ratajkowski Denied Getting Lip Fillers While Pregnant Via An Informative IG Story

'I've never had lip injections.'

1/24/2021 12:28:00 AM

'I've never had lip injections.'

'I've never had lip injections.'

because the effects on pregnant people aren't known."It's [pretty] weird to have your body change so much in a matter of months but I've found I have a whole new appreciation for what my body can do and what is beautiful — and I'm gonna celebrate it here when I feel like it."

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C'mon folks! She's pregnant. They swelled overnight. 😂🤣sheslyingandvain Swelling from pregnancy can make someone’s face puffy but idk this is a bit ... Some people have big lips with no injections, just fyi. Also, make up helps A LOT with that. Rubbish.....liar.....