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Elon Musk Unveils New XL Flamethrower

Elon Musk Unveils New XL Flamethrower

3/5/2021 12:03:00 AM

Elon Musk Unveils New XL Flamethrower

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elonmusk So...we’re just gonna mock this man right into supervillainy, huh? elonmusk Only Musk can edit out the explosion and call the test a huge success. Send more money! d08890 elonmusk This isn’t funny. I got all excited that I could buy an improved Boring Company flamethrower. elonmusk Meanwhile

elonmusk Isn’t ghat one of his launches to Mars? elonmusk elonmusk Fart Button Ludicrous Mode elonmusk tokenizedtweets 0xbC7B03bE761743D7173513EceCBd09Afd0D9a6d4 elonmusk You mean XL Not A Flamethrower? elonmusk Don't give him any ideas YourAnonNews elonmusk Geçmiş olsun reyis elonmusk 10/10 post TheBush84 elonmusk DanTelvock

elonmusk Nah just them testing Starship's rapid reusability elonmusk Lol elonmusk Don't worry. It will just be another shitty weed torch elonmusk As long as this was not a rocket carrying Starlink satellites. I can’t take .xfinity much longer. elonmusk Tremendous! Congratulations Elon. elonmusk Not like it’s rocket science or anything.

elonmusk elonmusk It's NOT a flamethrower!! elonmusk I wish him much success with all his future explosions! elonmusk Ah I thought it was his Bitcoins. SteveHamel16 elonmusk Elon Musk Unveils New XL Not-A-Flamethrower* elonmusk Because that's what Grimes needs. elonmusk Wow. Bravo but wow elonmusk Boring Co.?

elonmusk corykrause314 elonmusk elonmusk Nailed it! 😂 elonmusk Capitalist innovation, yo! elonmusk It’s a flame TOSSER 🙄🤣 elonmusk DerVinci elonmusk Too soon! elonmusk The latest model; ) elonmusk Elon Musk has invented the Ford Pinto of space travel. elonmusk Rockets are cool lol elonmusk always brings tears to my eyes. 😂🤣😢😥😪🧦

elonmusk IwriteOK elonmusk Didn’t realize this was the Onion at first, because this doesn’t seem far-fetched for Elon. elonmusk elonmusk Finally, something practical. elonmusk elonmusk Future SpaceX landing announcement: “Passengers should remain seated with their seatbelt fastened until the vehicle has come to a complete explosion.”

elonmusk hahaha Brutal 😁😁 elonmusk thatt3slaguy elonmusk elonmusk New energy source. This is how Mars colony will sustain itself. elonmusk Where do I get the deposit back on my space flight? elonmusk 😂😂😂 no see the rocket bursting into flames on impact is just as planned! elonmusk elonmusk i can see that happen

elonmusk Watch out, Alien Queen. elonmusk please stop he's gonna throw a fit and RT the babylon bee again elonmusk There goes my low carbon footprint. elonmusk elonmusk Cancel Elon Musk elonmusk nice