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Elon Musk suggests Tesla may have dumped bitcoin holdings

Elon Musk suggests Tesla is dumping bitcoin

5/16/2021 11:19:00 PM

Elon Musk suggests Tesla is dumping bitcoin

Once a proponent of bitcoin, Musk seems to have reversed course in recent weeks in favor of dogecoin.

, the meme-inspired cryptocurrency. Tesla last week also "suspended vehicle purchases using bitcoin," out of concern over "rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining." The price of bitcoin dropped about 5% in the first minutes after Musk's announcement.

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Musk has since been hitting back on Twitter against users who are critical of his cryptocurrency stance. Influential venture investor Fred Wilson, a founding partner of Union Square Ventures, tweeted Friday: "He's playing games. It is hard to take anyone who does that seriously. I've lost enormous respect for him over the last year because of it."

Wilson added, "Deep respect for what he does with his talents. Less for what he does with his tweets."He's also pushing further into dogecoin. His aerospace venture, SpaceX, announced last week it wouldas payment to launch 'DOGE-1 mission to the Moon.' His endorsements have helped boost the price of the coin, pushing acceptance among some traders. headtopics.com

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Can you decide whether to invest or not on the basis of a tweet? If this isn't market manipulation I don't know what is. Elon Musk is profiteering by blatantly manipulating his Bitcoin holdings, in publicly broadcasting his trading intention. The enormous size of his holding naturally will have the result that he wants.

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I've finally reached the 'Who cares?' stage with this guy. Good!

U can sell all in your fuckin wallet and u buy doge don’t shitpost about btc lol We're sick of him trying to influence the respective crypto markets to save face. The regulator needs to step in and stop all this mess he is causing an fine him for market manipulation. He had the knowledge Doge was going to get crushed on SNL after promoting it.

Tardigrade$$$$$ Omaha_88 -Elon Musk suggests Telsa is dumping bitcoin. -Elon Musk clarifies Telsa has not sold any Bitcoin. I'm confused! My theory is this. A person of influence cannot directly try and influence a stock price, since stocks are SEC regulated. So, tie the stock price to an unregulated asset like Bitcoin and dogecoin and you can manipulate the stock price by proxy. 🤔

Asperger's pump and dump is not reliable He did confirm that he wasn’t, but you won’t show that part will you! Because 1) I have been begging elonmusk to do so and 2) Elon realized how sophisticated of an open Ponzi scheme bitcoin is chamath and jack are still living in illusion Long $ipof $psth $ipod $cciv $tsla

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Awkward moment with The Tesla rollercoaster ride continues for its shareholders. Hold on tight lads and ladettes. 🎢governance Brutal reporting. He’s since stated that is not the case. Thank you so much UNI__GIVEAWAY 🤑 Just received 875 UNI tokens in my Exodus wallet Anything to do with e-RMB and TESLA investments there?

Fake news. Gfys CNBC🖕 This Article headline is misleading. WTF are you doing. You’re manipulating things not elonmusk Great news ⚠ UNISWAP Announces 10 000 000 UNI Airdrop UNI__GIVEAWAY Sumptuously 🟩✔ Uniswap UNI Announces 10 million UNISWAP Airdrop UNI__GIVEAWAY sell tesla stock like now

SAFEMOON buysafemoon 🌝 BINANCE and other exchange supports MONERO Giveaway! Participate AirdropXMR To me elonmusk response was just like any regular guy would to the whole context..Surprise many made it out more than that Fud they are holding report relevant news digitalassetbuy That’s a great idea, That will save planet.

ElonWeDon’tNeedBitcoin “You Need Bitcoin Updates” Elon didn't know before hand that bitcoin consume a lot of energy when he bought billions of them on the previous month. And he suddenly realised it now. Who would believe that. He spend most of his career in clean energy sector and he's genius Good , bring bitcoin down , so much better coins out there

Dumping or dumped

Welcome to primetime CryptoWhale Just received 42 Monero coins in my Huobu account =)) Thank you so much AirdropXMR He already sold all his holding at the top price. Poor immature investors are trapped by him. It is also happened in TESLA Cool. Now dump Tesla. Trash cars Thank you so much UNI__GIVEAWAY 💥🥂 1650 UNISWAP coins sent to my Exchange account )

Mau numpang aja kak, siapa tau ada rejeki disini.. Makasih kakkk :) :D Good morning Already dumped I guess. Elon is trash “A potential sale comes just days after Musk said the company planned to hold rather than sell the bitcoin it already has.” Elon just gained millions of people that hate him. Good luck Tesla. Crypto would correct soon anyway, why did he attach that to his name, what an idiot

Pure market manipulation 😬 Everyone suggests that Everyone is dumping Tesla and fElon. Everyone will eventually dump bitcoin and other such ilk How else is Tesla going to make a profit. SECEnfDirector Elon musk is a market manipulator since he tweeted he would bring tesla private. StockShaman Bitcoin SV is the solution to massive scaling.

Hi CNBC, consider looking into $ASS. ❤️ cryptogem cryptocurrency cryptotwitter assfinance Bitcoin doesn't care if Elon or Tesla own it. Iv already considered my btc ($4400 fiat) lost, we’ll talk again in 5 yrs

he’s not the world Elon is smart , why in the world would we keep supporting bitcoin when it harms the earth, when it's lots of other cryptos that do a better job and don't cause the harm that bitcoin does , if we put or support behind something else we can have a better future. 😍 Ledger supports UNISWAP Airdrop! Go to airdrop UNI__GIVEAWAY

Meh, this week it’s down next week it’s up to $70,000 because everyone bought in. Musk isn’t the only billionaire in $BTC Whatcha gonna do? His shareholders should dump him, is he accountable to them for short term trading in BTC ? What's the objective of Tesla company ? StandWithElon This guy Elon should be arrested, period

VW will destroy TESLA anyway! I’m thinking Bitcoin is dumping him He’s confused

That can’t surprise anyone, let’s be honest. This makes me to think 'many follow like Sheeps'. Bitcoin depending on one person? Bitcoin is nothing, only people who made money talk bla bla bla. 45k one coin where you cannot do anything with it even if you get it physically. Think smart invest somewhere else the same money

Just received 460 Uniswap coins in my MyEtherWallet 🌠 Thank you so much UNI__GIVEAWAY Yeeahh ⭐🦄 UNI bonus tokens UNI__GIVEAWAY Just received 40.8 Monero coins in my MyMonero wallet =)) Thank you so much AirdropXMR Who’s ready for musk on primtime with congress Good. BTC is idiotic as currency for actual mercantile exchange. It's only a trading product. Nothing more.

Thank you so much UNI__GIVEAWAY 🙏💰 Just received 921.2 UNI tokens in my Binance acc He is probably doing the same with doge... i am not an idiot...i sold 2 Weeks ago EVERYTHING and now invested in súper discounted bios that last month went -80% Lol buy the dip Lmfaoooooo

elonmusk calado é um poeta, deveria responder por manipular o mercado com declarações tendenciosas. Don’t be a fool, he will do the same with doge ! And you will deserved to be dumped on WTFelon BTC bydogeandgetrekt i didnt know the word 'indeed' was a suggestion digitalassetbuy Dumping Bitcoin and reinvesting in dogecoin

digitalassetbuy Here is the word sustainability again like you said. run it back, turbo Dump and buy dogecoin “Elon Musk suggests Tesla is dumping the only thing that ever made them money.” It’s better to think of $TSLA as a hedge fund and Elon as a hedge fund manager. He makes money from tax credits, crypto …not selling cars!

Just received 32 Monero coins in my Exodus 🥰 Thank you so much AirdropXMR TeslaForThe_Win elonmusk has not done anything different than MM's, inaccurate reporting based on BS reporting and Consumer Reports does on a regular basis. Cuss me... I'm a grown ass woman, I don't do high school drama. $TSLA Tesla

And he will buy more silently by creating a dip 🤣🤣🤣 BUY $SHIB if you want revenge on Felon Musk! Kill off his doge coin! SHIB SHIBARMY $btc BTC Bitcoin p.s VitalikButerin just burnt 45% of his Shibtoken 🔥🔥🙌🏼 Don’t worry, they’re just testing liquidity Hedge Funds are doing that shit forever in collaboration with the big TV stations, and the SEC looks to the other side!!! Elon is against the big guys that are squeezing us for a long time. Ex. Good companies are showing record earnings, and the stock decrease double digits!

Get some $ASS elonmusk Start selling ya’ll

let‘s see the price of Tesla down to zero,kick the fucking Elon Musk out of market,shame of he Dump $TSLA Fine I hope they sell it and I hope Tesla goes out of business anybody who can mess with Average working peoples retirement money by tweeting doesn’t deserve my business and doesn’t deserve the wealth that will come from bitcoin.

Good job 👏 motisxrp CNBC The headline is exaggerated This is pure media spectacle. That is all. Shocker selltsla That's actually good to get rid such whales , he lacks due diligence I hope tesla doesn't crash too BUY THE DIP

Lol.. I thought that they were the best store of value and that good was a boomer commodity ? 😂😂😂😂 Just so that Tesla can buy back at 25K 🙄 Good then, no weak hands allowed ! Please dump it You’ll destroy their maxi hearts with an XRP elonmusk Well, his reply is a bit ambiguous really & if it does suggest it, won't he be locked up soon for market manipulation by his previous tweet saying tesla haven't sold any of their bitcoin I dunno, this is all screaming the McAfee days so who knows 🤷🏼‍♂️

One man show is not good for the community. Market manipulator should be controlled by the authority. Maybe Tesla can't survive off something that's not tangible. _B_I_O_T_E_C_H_ 😂😂😂Sorry $BTC a lot better crypto out there than an overpriced dumpster fire! Why Sec did nothing regarding Elon Musk's manipulation?

People making financial investments based on the whims of a spoiled brat billionaire probably deserves what they get. I think Elon thinks that He is undervalued biffdogecoin It's amazing how people still don't get elonmusk, he ONLY cares about doing the RIGHT thing.. not what makes him or ANYONE else $. Just look at the open-source patents w/Tesla And did he sell all of Tesla's BTC before making the announcement Nooo, bc he's not like the rest.

and it will be the only profit they make this quarter Hello CryptoWhale. This publication is centered on your tweet and elonmusk's response. Yes, there have been steps on Elon's toes but this is getting too far. If we stand for the people, then be sure many of these people are going down with the crash. Cc DogeCoin

biffdogecoin The BTC maxis talking about 'market manipulation'. Explain this? haha johnscharts $BTC is down approx 9% since yesterday. If $BTC can be so easily manipulated it is not worth investing in. But was this statement from elonmusk CEO approved by the Board of Directors in compliance with the SEC settlement dated 9/29/2018. Maybe they should be selling $TSLA

People needs to stop listening to elonmusk! It makes all the sense now. He got Tesla into Bitcoin to just make his earning look good! Maybe SEC does need to investigate Elon. The man is genius, but his ethics and antics are poor!

Crypto goes to zero . doge xrp ada Another manipulation of market by this crook. Where is SEC_Enforcement ? Succeeded in creating name for self, but 'cryptoed' many into hardship with unguided tweets. Let's hope all ends well for the empire &world economy at large CEO of publicly traded company already fined for 20M by SEC for fraud ...manipulating BTC DOGE n who knows what else to hide the fact that $Tesla is on way to bankruptcy like Wirecard due to fraud & criminal activity WhereRuSEC

elonmusk is annoying and needs to stfu about crypto. Stay focused on reducing the price point of your cars and not manipulating crypto markets. johnscharts Officers of publicly traded companies openly manipulating prices in public forums like it’s a dick measuring contest. Great days we are living in boys.

Ya right he probably already dumped everything, now just waiting for the correction he inflicted Your headline should add “and switching to dogecoin” DogecoinRise 😅😅😅😅😅

Great time to buy then Hey tesla. Your human man baby Elon is ruining your brand reputation. Get control of your boy. Even billionaires like 'real' money more😂. Or maybe he just had a coke free day, first one in a longtime and he had a clear moment, makes sense though😜 oof I feel really really bad for the middle class people that bought in at the all time highs. Absolutely wrecked if it doesn’t bounce back and it may not. I still have my btc, can’t get rid of it until I’ve hit losses to avoid short term gains taxes and effects on my annual income

Dump bitcoin and go all in on dogecoin, make me a millionaire. 😀 Gotta find some news.. 😂 Tesla should never have “mingled” with Bitcoin, imo - Tesla is not an investment firm and should stick to cars, batteries/energy storage, and solar power. BTC doesn’t need Elon