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Elon Musk Says Tesla Suspends Accepting Bitcoin for Vehicle Purchases

Tesla chief says bitcoin will be used for transactions “as soon as mining transitions to more sustainable energy”.

5/13/2021 1:45:00 AM

Elon Musk said Tesla has suspended taking bitcoin payments for its vehicles, saying the company would resume using the cryptocurrency for transactions “as soon as mining transitions to more sustainable energy”

Tesla chief says bitcoin will be used for transactions “as soon as mining transitions to more sustainable energy”.

Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk says the company has suspended taking bitcoin payments for its vehicles.“We are concerned about rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining and transactions, especially coal,” Mr. Musk said Wednesday on Twitter.

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Tesla earlier this year began to accept the cryptocurrency as payment for products sold in the U.S.Mr. Musk said the company would resume using bitcoin for transactions “as soon as mining transitions to more sustainable energy.” Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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Report1) that he reiterated bitcoin support in investor call, 2) he researched, went to board, owns personally, 3) has a history of tweeting for impact, 4) within 24 hours $BTC started to nosedive for no reason. You give him a lot of credit that he isn't manipulating markets. Hahahaha is this a joke? No, elonmusk is a joke

He stopped trading in bitcoin and started accepting Dogecoin after he called that a scam to turn profit as he knows his choice of crypto and remarks of them affect the prices in market. Its a profit shuffle. A stock hustle. Thats all. ¿? What should we do today Elon? Oh I know let's crash BTC, like a genius like this doesn't know where BTC comes from!

Brendaenright09 you are just too legit keeping to your words $7,800 profit received in my coinbase wallet Thank you Будушее в XRP and XLM and IOTA Hmm Charging your Tesla car is no different than running your BTC mining rig. It all comes from the outlet that is powered by your local electric provider, which in turn is generated by a variety of sources (Fossil fuels, nuclear energy and renewable energy).

dogecoin has a small carbon footprint Yeah he’s credible this guy, what’s his kid called again... something hash? ...really good hash-ish

Elon Musk's 'SNL' monologue is, if nothing else, an accurate portrait of Elon MuskFrom Dogecoin to jokes in poor taste to unexpectedly humanizing moments, Musk's 'Saturday Night Live' debut was (mostly) honest about who he is.​ SAFERmoon is the next DogeCoin yall

Tesla needs to look into HBAR HederaHashgraph Real Answer: China Looks like he closed his trade. Doge to the moon😤 buy the dip? Two great crypto’s fulfilling this requirement xrp and dfi Probably he prefer wait until some government provide some subsidies. Now watch bitcoin go lower

Elon Musk asks if Tesla should accept Dogecoin, crypto's fans celebrateDogecoin's price surged after Musk hinted that the cryptocurrency could be used to purchase Teslas in the future. Is he trying to increase the value then sell like just recently 🙄

Tesla Will Stop Accepting Bitcoin As Payment Due To Environmental Worries, Musk SaysElon Musk says he’s concerned about “rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and transactions, especially coal.” Um, hello McFly! it will create shame in the face,What's the use of having so much money if you are shameless? You like to lie and betray people! 😉 Actual Reason: China

It’s Not Just Elon Musk — These Billionaires Are Also NeurodivergentSome billionaires say their conditions helped them succeed in business. For DozzyTalksCars now, for all car contents. I’ve been called many thing (mainly a moron) but never “neurodivergent”…. ('Neurodivergent' = Excuse for rich guys to say or do batshit crazy stuff) I just get called a crazy bitch!

Dogecoin plunges as Elon Musk calls it 'a hustle'CNBC's MacKenzie Sigalos reports on Elon Musk's appearance on 'Saturday Night Live' and why the cryptocurrency dogecoin plummeted during the show. KenzieSigalos stfu already KenzieSigalos Chinese token $SHIB is killing it. Move over $DOGE. They don’t call it the dogecoin killer for nothing

Hosting SNL Was a Huge Win for Elon MuskElon Musk managed to soften his image on SNL, and seemed to have a good time doing it. karaswisher and profgalloway discuss karaswisher profgalloway don't do this karaswisher profgalloway Did he pay you to tweet this? He came off like a rich tycoon doing a lousy job impersonating a human. karaswisher profgalloway it's a win in no small part because you cover it as though it was a win.