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Elizabeth Warren Is Starting a Fake Beef with Bernie Sanders

Here's what's on the grill.


You really do hate to see it 😬

Here's what's on the grill.

, which included written guidelines for Sanders volunteers calling potential voters who might support other candidates. In the script, Sanders volunteers are reportedly advised to characterize Warren supporters as highly educated and affluent.

. “In fact, she’s my second choice. But here’s my concern about her.” The script then questions Warren’s ability to get elected based on her base’s demographics, reading, “People who support her are highly educated, more affluent people who are going to show up and vote Democratic no matter what” and “She's bringing no new bases into the Democratic Party.”

section on Warren concludes. In a section apparently about “status quo candidates,” the document also mentions the lack of enthusiasm around former vice president Joe Biden’s campaign and the low support among young and African-American voters for Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

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No shock! Everything about her is fake!!! get her ass Preach it ✊🏼✊🏼 JohnathanRoyale Here come the Warren stans JohnathanRoyale Tfw the best American journalism is only in a teen fashion magazine Thank you for reporting this story accurately Delete this. This headline is embarrassingly bad reporting. Stop spreading this shit. You’re playing right into the GOP’s hands.

Of course Bernie said it. Uh, anyone paying attention knows Warren absorbed multiple attacks from Sanders before finally responding, not the other way around. She probably waited too long to be honest

Elizabeth Warren Says Bernie Sanders Sent Volunteers ‘Out to Trash Me’ Elizabeth Warren said on Sunday she was 'disappointed' that the Bernie Sanders campaign used a volunteer call script that suggested she appealed mainly to highly educated voters and would not be able to expand the Democratic Party coalition Who when where? Give up. Its anyways KAG2020 I have high cheekbones, just like my grand Pappy

CNN 's terrible journalism helped push the narrative. FakeNews CentristNewsNetwork Yo when the fuck did teen Vogue turn into a woke magazine Teen Vogue - the greatest source for news I guess Never thought I would have to block “Teen Vogue”, but here goes. Just stop it. teen vogue reporting facts on facts and making neoliberals mad once again. we love to see it

This is spam. Teen Vogue, you have raised the bar for conversations that can and should be had with teens but this headline is unfair to Warren and your readers. And it’s the second political headline I’ve read from Teen V in the past month that really disappointed me. shaunking . You are doing what the enemy wants but i can see through you. You will be responsible for this foolishness and but you want to blame sitting republicans for discord. Bite your tongue. What is wrong with the world?

extremely disappointed in Teen Vogue for dismissing how disempowering it is for a man to tell a woman she can’t win. Disappointed in this misogynistic “headline” unfollowing.

Warren 'disappointed' that Sanders reportedly 'sending his volunteers out to trash me'Sen. Warren calls on Sen. Sanders to turn his campaign 'in a different direction' after it reportedly provided talking points to its volunteers instructing them to paint Warren as the candidate of elites in conversations with voters. I call on Warren to drop out. She's falling in the pols and is now a divisive spoiler. I call on everyone in MA to make clear that they'll vote her out of the Senate if she doesn't do the right thing now. joshtpm She's right. Wanting to tax the rich and end corruption is hardly elite. I make 30k in CA. I went to food banks growing up. I am all in for ewarren . She took money from billionaires....

This headline is trash 🗑 Pretty equal on who started it And where is your evidence that this is ewarren’s fault? WTH Trash headline. Do better. HOW IS THIS WARREN’S FAULT!!? Bernie Sanders started this...like he normally does. Ask where the rest of his tax returns are. Americans want full transparency from all the candidates. BS deflects as usual.

theProgSoapbox The periodical of the people! This is outrageous that you’d accuse Warren of being a liar after the 2016 election and the attacks on women’s groups, Hillary Clinton as being “unqualified”, claims that because he did not win it was “rigged”, and you accuse Warren of being a liar!? Are frigging serious!?

good and correct opinion Y'all, I love you, and this story is good and balanced, but the headline is inflammatory and click baity and not at all what I'd expect from you. Also irresponsible in the current political climate, tbh. I thought fake beef was good and was gonna help save the planet

Warren slams Bloomberg over refusal to release women from nondisclosure agreements Elizabeth Warren responding to Mike Bloomberg's refusal to release women from their nondisclosure agreements with his company This woman is so God dam irritating it's ridiculous. Get his ass MeToo is unstoppable

Are you fucking kidding? 🧡 I like you Teen Vogue, but are you really sure about that? Wow! Y’all are usually on point, but you have messed up this time. It’s real. Bernie is a misogynist. He’s still better than trump. Repubs are the enemy. Stop shooting yourself in the foot I’m old enough to remember the fake post to Bernie’s campaign that started this whole thing.

No. He’s racist and sexist. Make no mistake. This isn’t fake and she isn’t beefing. He, his supporters and his advocates are losing their shit. But I’m here for it. I love the young people Talk about you hate to see it. Calling women liars to stan for white male privilege is truly embarrassing. This is jejune at best, flat out disinformation at worst.

This seems irresponsible.

Bernie campaign slams Warren as candidate of the eliteSanders volunteers are being told to zero in on the perceived weaknesses of Warren, but also Biden and Buttigieg. This story is bullshit... First this is not the style of Sanders and no one in his campaign would order these stupid strategies... hell no one would tell campaign workers to say that to possible voters.. damn Politico is Gaslighting Wow, what a stretch! Basically you read a campaign dialer and called the answer tree attacking and made an article out of it. Have you read anyone else’s dialer? Have you read previous version’s of the Bernie dialer? Bernie’s a joke. A millionaire who has been a part of the swamp for DECADES and has accomplished NOTHING legislatively‼️ FAIL 👎🏼 Bernlennials Bernie 🙄 IrateBernie 👎🏼 Sanders People4Bernie BernForBernie20

theProgSoapbox refundwarren The kids are all right Warren’s fake complaint of Bernie is as bad as her FAKE MEDICARE for none .....probably, plan ! Can't wait to have to not vote if Bernie doesn't get the nom. Nope this is great....🍿🍿 shaunking Trash headline. Crap tweet. Solid article. All in, not good.

Feels like Warren’s attempted outreach to younger women voters isn’t going well. For a second I thought babe dot net was back. This is shameful, embarrassing 'reporting.' Do better. Its totally fake. These corporate media heads seriously unironically think Bernie hates women now. -.- shaunking She sure did

Warren 'disappointed' that Bernie 'sending his volunteers out to trash me'“We all saw the impact of the factionalism in 2016, and we can’t have a repeat of that,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren said in a jab at Sanders' campaign Translation: stop criticising me. BernieBeatsTrump Bernie2020 WarrenStayInTheSenate Bernie is clearly the second most selfish person running for President. And his most fanatical supporters rival those of the most selfish.

What happens when pfpicardi leaves cringe Delete your account Thank you, teen vogue 💜 Just the kinda person she is....🤔 Thank you for calling this out! He fought hard for Warren, then for for Hillary. Lies and more lies. Showing your tacky side, Teen Vogue. Not a good look. Oh, come ON! She cannot be trusted.

Sanders Campaign Goes Negative on Warren, Claims She Is Candidate of the WealthySanders, who leads polls in NH and IA, instructed volunteers to tell Warren supporters that she is “bringing no new bases into the Democratic Party.” The make a Nice Socialist Couple I guess it makes sense that Warren is confused about how elections actually work, after she & every other viable D candidate very politely declined to run against Clinton in 2016. “Liberal Outrage Peddlers Publish Unverified PDF, Tell Readers How to Respond”

Excuse me, who wrote this headline? Uh no...do better. wth is this? Why is a woman telling the truth fake? a fake beef, or... an Impossible Burger? i’ll see myself out Best stick to zit creams and lip gloss, Teen Vogue. This headline doesn’t match the article. shaunking This is pathetic for you to retweet shaunking even if, which she isn’t, ewarren was “starting a fake beef”. BernieSanders really you supporting this?!!

This fuckin headline 🙄🙄 Teen Vogue doing more accurate reporting and calling it like it is than CNN MSNBC or politico You really do hate to see it...

Why would ewarren do something like this? Teen vogue is on FIRE. Keep it up My understanding is that other people who were present confirmed Warren’s account, which is entirely in keeping with Bernie’s publicly manifest behavior. I’m not pro-Warren, but this is utter nonsense. Its hardly fake if you know SenSanders and understand the creation of the BernieBros by GunnelsWarren and JeffWeaver Its not that hard to believe.

COMRADE TEEN VOGUE ❤ Love to see it 💕 I hate to say it (I really do) but it's part of a pattern of deceit. RefundWarren — Get your donations back and put your hard-earned money to good use elsewhere. How many stories has she made up now? Seems like a liar. Teen Vogue? Fuck it, I will take it. Wait until warren calls bernie out on instagram live then it'll be a real blood bath

Wtf is this?

zellieimani Wait a minute...wth does this headline say? Sorry. Not this time. Full of sound and fury? Yes. Fake & caused by Warren? No. Either teen Vogue knows where their bread is buttered and the teens really prefer sanders to Warren these days, or it's just that obvious and everyone else is out here making a fool of themselves to sell the Bernie is sexist narrative again. Either way Im a fan of a teen mag now

No she's not. The press is making a tempest in a teapot. How about Russian bots are starting the fake beef? 🙄 zellieimani Unless it’s true. Says the magazine that once talked about how girls should shave their vaginas to avoid irritating a penis. Goodbye . All done here. Surprised this isn’t ratio’d Nice 👍🏽 article it’s really amazing how petty and racist she is. And her supporters are no better can you imagine supporting a cut rate sanders with all her knock off plans just because she’s a woman? Talk about white privilege

Teen Vogue is trash His Junior running your social media? I love Teen Vogue I’m old enough to remember when y’all could journalism. Sad day. “She’s faking it” - the oldest sexist trope in the book Yall lie so much. Warren didn't start this shit but she will damn sure finish it. The leftists got control of teen vogue

i agree with this sentiment but the headline is sooo biased and unprofessional, i honestly can’t believe teen vogue would run this as a news story Fuq all the way off TV. The Bernie cult is misogynistic af. Way to empower young women, trash talking role models!

eponawest wtf is going on with teen vogue How is your headline “Elizabeth Warren is starting” when your article is about something the Sanders campaign did, and that Warren was asked to respond to? Seriously, wtf? She’s right This headline is misleading. You even say in this piece that Politico is who brought up the script... and because Warren’s campaign disagreed with it, she is somehow making up beef? Not a fan of this at all.

WTF is this headline? grigiogoogs You know how every week there's another story about a print publication folding or laying off their entire staff? I look forward to reading the story about Teen Vogue. I SERIOUSLY need to get a subscription to Teen Vogue. Seriously. 👍 JordanChariton 😒😒 I don’t know whether to cry or laugh... teen vogue doing a better journalistic job than CNN!! Mainstream media is pathetic 😞 ITrustBernie NeverWarren

Sanders did deny that it was from his campaign. i believe it was a random post on Slack which was taken down. official instructions are to never talk about the other candidates, basically much less say anything bad. anyone can slap a logo on the bottom.

Whose Editor in chief here? Good work whoever you are ...What's this? You're much better than than this clickbaity nonsense. You've been doing much better than most news sources. Don't start lowering yourself to this. shaunking Thank you, ❤️ Probably cause it didn't happen. michaelsayman KyleKulinski Teen Vogue has more integrity than CNN

It's not fake. She is being clear who she is. She is more Biden than Bernie. Always was. Let this guide your vote. What in the world are you doing with this headline? An anonymous source airdropped this onto my phone today Warren is NOT trustworthy! She abandoned Bernie in 2016 for Shitlery! And for her to claim lineage with Indigenous peeps, she was a NO show to stand up against the Dakota Access/Keystone XL pipelines! Warren is just a user!!

Stop this.

JordanChariton Fvk that lying Republican Cherokee lying the night before the final debate (winner of Iowa, wins primary)!!! Fucking really, ?! 🙄 I don’t. I think it’s funny as fuck. Et tu, Teen Vogue? What bullshit misogyny. Oook teen vogue take it down a notch Teen vogue, bringing it 😘 kuku27 2. Do you?

Wtf ? This is shit reporting and the anti-ewarren framing and headline are problematic. Wow. Teen Vogue. Way to support young women. Might need to revisit what you want to represent. Supporting misogyny is never a good look for a magazine aimed at girls. Oh yes, all reports of gender discrimination are 'fake beefs'... good job Teen Vogue. What a wonderful message for the women of tomorrow.🙄

What I hate to see is POTUS claiming that the Saudis paid 1 Bil $$ for US troops. I hate to see POTUS posting a pic of a human corpse on his Twitter account. I hate to see kids separated forever from their family. VoteBlueNoMatterWho2020 Disappointed with your framing and headline here. Do better. Teen Vogue has gotten a little out there lately. Not that I read it, but recently a lot of articles have been popping up.

Spoiler alert ***it isn’t fake*** RuthH_Hopkins PresidentSanders Fake? He is misogynistic, shame on you. I hope Anna Wintour cancels y’all 😘 If Warren says Sanders told her this and we comparatively have Sanders history of taking the low road in campaigns - especially against women - adding in his campaign has been sniping at Warren for months, why do you automatically presume Warren is dishonest?

What I hate to see is anyone amplifying this. It should be ignored. It benefits no one on the Dem side. This headline is shit. I will make sure my teen daughter knows to stay away from this publication. Do better.

This is as true as her being a Cherokee. shaunking Yikes. JordanChariton Has anyone heard from David Brock or Sally Albright recently? The paper or record, ladies, gentleman, and all those within and without 🤔 swallowit_ You are to be commended for this! Thank you. teenvogue Lol Teen Vogue writer simply describes events accurately and succ dems melt - y’all are pathetic

Teen Vogue is one of the better political reporting outlets in the US. Great work and let that sink in. Get her ass! Chinchillazllla YASSS TEEN VOGUE YOU GOO TEEN VOGUUUEEE

based MatthewMacVane Who would have thought Teen Vogue out of everyone would accurately report on the Warren non issue turned issue debacle. Not even político or cnn reported this accurately. Why are y’all better than everyone at this? Haven’t you heard? She’s a Fauxgressive. niceysimms This is truly irresponsible

niceysimms Wow. I agree this whole story is a distraction, but this headline is pretty bad. Thank you for doing better journalism than CNN and the rest of those Liars. Yeah. This reeks like another political calculation from Warren, a known mythomaniac and a traitor to the progressive movement. NeverWarren

Great job, Teen Vogue. Better reporting than CNN Thank you Teen Vogue! 💙

shaunking Are you getting your talking points straight from Russia or do they come from some intermediary? It is a strange time we live in. “Fake beef” yea right. Both sides are fake as they come. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 “In this op-ed” — everyone in this thread treating this like fact-based journalism is a 🤡🤡🤡

TheKidsAreAlright You're a magazine with a young female audience. Try pointing out how problematic Bernie's past is. Rape essays are a good place to start. It shows he has no respect for women. good write up, but i take umbrage at your throwing of Beyond Burger under the grill... it's pretty damn good and you should try some. we need to eat less meat if we are going to make it.

You’re not helping, Teen Vogue. Thank you for calling it what it is. Fake.

😜😜😜😜 wow Teen Vogue has more journalistic integrity then CNN & other outlets pushing the lie, ITrustBernie NotMeUs Bernie2020 Wait - Teen Vogue is calling the women a liar. Wow Warren’s in the right here, Sanders is in the wrong. You’ve got a young, impressionable audience. Millions of girls read you: do better than this sexism

The headline is wrong. That's not what's happening. I know you are better than this. I didn’t realize it was teen vogue until I saw the size of the font and had to get my reading glasses. I see straight through you Elizabeth Warren. It's in your voice, body language, and your slow talking. One who thinks of words to make a sentence. Stopping several times within that sentence, isn't telling full truths. Truth normally flows from ones thoughts.

This is some straight up bullshit. Once the documents came out that proved nearly every member of her family going back generations only ever IDed as white on official paperwork, it was clear Warren is a pathalogical liar. This is desperate. And it’s doing nothing but making progressives turn against her.

How nice....you're going to defend Bernie, who has had a record of being misogynistic. And you're supposed to be a magazine for teen girls. Shameful OwlLove34 This is total BS. Bernie doesn't think a woman can win and is trying to entice E's voters away....screw Bernie. SatansJacuzzi What I hate to see is a writer who is obviously a faux progressive bend over backwards to defend misogyny in a magazine for teenage girls. Really pathetic.

It’s hilarious to see the left going after each other. Teen Vogue 🙌 Wow. You used to be good. when you're messaging to young girls and women, y'all should know to be anti-sexist instead of actively sexist. jeez. Hey laurenduca & ElaineWelteroth , come get your mag. It’s drunk.

No Why is it not plausible to have happened? Generations Stop. Just stop. Click bait OP Ed fanning the flames of nonproductive discourse. It's 2016 all over again. 😒Ahem. Your benefactor would be ashamed at your silly PoliticalMachinations attempting to brainwash our teens. Do better, TeenVogue. Think for yourselves, folks. SMH CriticalThinking

democrats are boring america to tears with this nonsense. can we please just nominate yang and win this? Damn you know it's bad when even Teen Vouge is calling Warren on her B.s. Yep, I do hate garbage like this actually being published by people who should know better. shaunking WWE at its finest. How long before she tells him to bow out so she can win like Hillary did?

kathrynacullen YangGang is where you need to be supporting AndrewYang ! YouTubeAndrewYang

Bernie Sanders and his team have spent every day of the last 3 years saying that the only way a woman could’ve beat him was if she cheated. This is who he is. Calling out his misogyny is a 'fake beef'? He said it and it's disgusting. Delete your tweet. DwayneDavidPaul Credulous shaunking How disappointing of failed attempt to try and be relevant

That moment when is better at journalism than every other mainstream outlet Wait y’all what? What is fake beef? She has repeatedly refused to speak about him. HIS campaign has used decisive language about her Teen Vogue, what? No she isn’t. Stop pushing that narrative. When TeenVogue has more integrity than CNN. Thank you. Having covered the climate movement (“Fight the rich, not their wars”), Marx and now this - x3 streak. I’m done. , you’re killing it.

You should delete this tweet.

No thanks. Esta revista es pura basura!!! Nadie la compra, y especialmente de hoy en adelante. nicholasastjohn If it aint beef there must be Chiken ! ! ! ewarren BernieSanders It’s what politicians do. Not surprising. Look at what trump has done. This os a really bad take for a magazine who caters to teen girls.

This is like finding out your boy ratted as soon as they knocked on his door. They didn't have a warrant, they didn't even have to take him to the station, he just folded like a cheap suit under the *slightest* pressure. My respect for Warren is gone. And who’s supposed to set the tone for Bernie’s campaign?

NicholasCaleb2 You say you hate to see it, but the MEDIA (including , with this column) is 'turning up the heat on the grill.' Don't stoke the fire. The media manufactured the 'beef'. I honestly thought you were better than this- but I suppose where there's clicks to be had you're no better than The Enquirer. Too bad.

Hahaha Democrats are wrapped up in their own intersectional issues. Pc culture is a disease. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder Uh. Wtf is this? This headline is trash. Maybe you guys can simply change the name of your magazine, so we adults can not feel silly subscribing. This piece is well researched. Other journalists haven’t even spoken to the Warren camp. She embellished.

It is so empowering for a magazine for young women to just assume without evidence that the woman is lying. Not fake. Are you a GOP outreach to children? Why is teen vogue doing better journalism than the entirety of mainstream journalists and blue check idiots out there? 9/11

She didn't start shit. What the hell is this? Damn...Teen Vogue more creditable than all of MSM. Let me get that subscription. “Given the accuracy and mild tone of the script’s comments about Warren — and the fact that presidential candidates have always had to find ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors — might the MA senator be better served by taking this beef off the grill?” 🔥

has been on the forefront of politics for years now. Catch up people! Or .... maybe you should have waited Are you kidding me? williamlegate liked this shit? Really? Rethinking who I follow on this website Sexist garbage headline. Do better. Is this another Facebook sponsored ad? teen vogue is out here doing more research than major news network CNN. you do, in fact, really hate to see it.

Oooh nice- I’m subscribing to you now and I’m not even a teen anymore I hate to see this shit take from a magazine that I used to admire. spatial_anomaly TeenVogue tops The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall St. Journal for important primary coverage! Interesting piece. Oh, wait. Now I see what’s wrong. Rabid Sanders fanatics like satansjacuzzi don’t make for reliable, unbiased political coverage. This is a tragic embarrassment for a once lauded source of reputable insight for young women.

I’m in my 30s and about to subscribe to Teen Vogue. we stan teen vogue now Warren is throwing a temper tantrum because she won’t be the nominee. She should be going down swinging... ...at BIDEN, not the only good presidential candidate since FDR. Ok, adamcbest . Lets hear you contort this into another Warren for president ad

A magazine dedicated to uplifting young women is now calling a woman a liar. Good look, Teen Vogue.

Oh for gods sake! You may be teens but grow up. I'm not supporting either one at this point but we know whose campaign whines and lies and we know whose doesn't. Is this a joke? Lol keep em honest ❤️ piss off, Teen Vogue Let's go I have no doubt that BarackObama is behind this nonsense, but everyone who has participated – including ewarren – should be very worried about karma. People are dying because of greed; enough is enough. MedicareForAll🏥 BernNotice🔥

Garbage headline JordanUhl Teen Vogue sees through it all We need Sanders and Warren to stay strong, on message, and support each other as much as possible. This kind of petty fighting only helps to serve Trump and Biden. Alright, I'm sold, you've earned a follow.

haaniyah_ Elizabeth rn: Teen Vogue is trash now. Did Teen Vogue hire Sarah Huckabee Sanders or which idiot wrote this fake news article? michaelsayman Teen Vogue goddamn it you won yourself a follower This is irresponsible and trashy JordanUhl They hate on BernieSanders like he’s an ex living large. Bernie2020 BernieBeatsTrump

Bad headline, people. This is the weirdest timeline in that Teen Vogue is a more honest news source than CNN Did you ever explain that bullshit Facebook election lie article yall posted the other day Teen Vogue has more journalistic integrity than the New York Times.

JordanUhl Thank you ! Shitty headline. Bye. RobertaAAvery Thank you! 💕 What the hell? Here I've applauded how far you guys have come, but this is trash. It's like no one learned a damn thing in 2016. Delete this. Is this another advertorial like your Facebook “article”? DoryDoesTweets shaunking First the Facebook paid opinion piece fiasco and now this? Big mistake , big mistake.

Wow! Shame on you, Teen Vogue. Thank you,

Fantastic story I read the article and I didn't see it. Where's the 'Fake Beef' that you're referring to? Nothing in it states that Warren is starting anything fake. It's like the media plays on readers being snowflakes & just falling for whatever clickbait headline they can think of. Holy shit Based Teen Vogue

This headline doesn't help Warren, and it doesn't help Sanders. It helps Trump. Stop doing Trump's job for him. How did SHE start this beef? HE is the one whose campaign directly pits the two against each other. DO BETTER, Teen Vogue. WTF? Take a knee on this one, teen vogue. But didn't CNN report it first and then ask her about it? How is that her starting beef?

Oh I’m so annoyed that so many news outlets that I previously respected are blowing air into this idiotic balloon. Grievance amplification 101. Vote blue. Teen Vogue, we know what you're up to, and I'm blocking you.

Look at the Twitter timelines of any of sanders' campaign staff to see what a dirty, trump-like campaign he runs. Oh, and his sexist temper tantrum when he lost by millions of votes makes him forever f*cking responsible for trump. So, great 'journalism.' SatansJacuzzi ewarren Taking a page out of the old-school Rapper playbook: Low record sales = pick a beef with a fellow Rapper w/higher record sales. Kinda lame move 😶

Thank you! Joshua4Congress Bernie please cut these toxic fake friends out of your life, you're too nice to them Disappointing BERNIE SANDERS IS A KREMLIN TOOL. Stop it. Just stop it. You guys are great! We need all the help we can get to counter the fake outrage and propaganda. It’s not an understatement to say the progressive movement as a whole is currently under attack. Warren has sided with the establishment, disappointing, but saw it coming.😒

Proud of you for doing this. Warren is a fraud. Point blank period.

leftists visiting Wow what happened to you Teen Vogue continues to have more journalistic integrity than just about anybody else I'm following Teen Vogue now because CNN MSNBC FoxNews NBCNews are complete shit Ope. A women's magazine taking the side of a male chauvinist shit head. Doesn't really matter. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Neither would win against MF trump. We need a moderate. Moving on.

What in the frick is this ridiculous, false headline Good read. According to the article, this 'beef' sounds orchestrated to me to force a rift between the 2 camps. And Liz camp is trying to capitalize on it by not commenting on false claims made about Bernie. Stop

I would never vote for her. If ya love Bernie's policies she's not the one to vote for. If ya like corporate owned politicians who will not do the policies Bernie represents, then vote for Warren No they aren't. Stop kicking up dust. Teen Vogue once again demonstrates integrity in journalism. Correction: Mainstream press is creating a fake beef between ewarren and BernieSanders camps

I believe it's a third entity trying to pit the two campaigns against each other. Don't fall for it. Stay focused. Call out lies. Stick to issues, policies. Let's not get mired in this. Bernie2020 NotMeUs BigUs We have receipts 🧾 Vogue and teen vogue are having a lot of fake Facebook type issues right now, what is going on?

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 The article sounds like 'women should play nice, ignore provocations, and keep smiling'. I really do hate to see a female writer so heavily under the influence of internalized sexism. Or, hear me out, Sanders’s campaign is the problem.

CNN is startint a fake beef between them and you're helping them. Yes Teen Vogue, please teach impressionable young women that gaslighting and reporting sexism is something to be met with disbelief and scorn. Teen Vogue is the Resistance ✊🏽 Her campaign is floundering. I know she has to stay relevant but didn't think she would stoop to this level of dishonesty. Her credibility is destroyed even further. Disappointing.

Bernie2020 Thank you. Endorse Bernie 3 So I'm totally not your demographic, but I am now your demographic and follower because of this article. shaunking Elizabeth Warren: somehow has more journalistic integrity than the entirety of mainstream media on this topic Kudos

Manufactured beef? Someone call piersmorgan anastasiakeeley teen vogue go on chapo The kids are alright Teen vogue with the ACTUAL JOURNALISM WIN! Wow y'all are better journalist then CNN and HuffPost .Thank you for speaking the truth are we surprised? Really? Do better The headline us not in line with the article in any way

kallllisti when did teen vogue become better than 90% of US media

This is pretty refreshing. Like, how an actual news source might report on something like this. You're among the only good ones left. Don't ever change ♥️ Why does Teen Vogue have higher journalistic standards than CNN shaunking Wow, thank you NeverBernie Quit gaslighting your readers. Misogyny isn't a fake beef. bernie showed us in 2016, he's a misogynist. Teen Vogue should be standing up to misogyny, not supporting it.

The beef is fake and corporate media started. Yeah, i really do hate to see a magazine for young women/girls publish misogynistic drivel like this That moment when Teen Vogue gives more accurate reporting than CNN Y'all are better at journalism than the entire mainstream media.

Wow, Teen Vogue? Hell yeah reddit4bernie Corinne4Hillary They are frauds and liars..... edburmila I mean, I doubt it was her specifically, but yeah this sux. shaunking Yea like Hillary did...sic. It’s obvious that Teen Vogue’s quality has gone down since Phillip Picardi left shaunking NO I DONT, SHES A LYING FAKE, BERNIE SHOULD FIGHT BACK!

shaunking Here’s where it gets dangerous for Warren. Let's hope grievance driven partisans don't back her into a corner. Warren should step away quickly from Bernie sexism BS. No point in puzzling & annoying youthful voters and alienating a bunch of high-energy, cool, tuned-in young women. shaunking KINDA LIKE BEING A FAKE BLACK DUDE RIGHT?

what the actual fuck is this healine shaunking This is not what the article says. The article calls this a 'fake beef' but doesn't lay it on Warren. So why change it to turn it into a Warren attack? shaunking 🙄not from you, Teen Vogue!? shaunking How does Teen Vogue have more journalistic integrity than the entire MSM? Not a jab at the writers there, but an indictment on other so-called 'journalists'

How is it progressive or feminist to lie about the volunteers and supporters, majority female, of another progressive candidate? Bernie lobbied for Warren to run in 16 he has stated he will have a Female VP. 100's of volunteers confirmed the other story was fake. Hate to see it QuotedReplies Bernie and Warren both deserve each other!

brotherbeat Thank you for being honest. CNN, MSNBC, Politico could learn from you. Teen Vogue is the only good news source

Thank you for being one of the few media outlets standing up for truth. How come teen vogue has a better grasp of politics than so many strictly political publications (ahem, Mother Jones)? Thank god for for ironically being the adults in the room willing to call out bullshit for what it is. CNN and politico, you’re disgraceful. ITrustBernie

Good thing I unfollowed last week after all that Facebook nonsense. Grandma and grandpa are fighting!!!😥😢😭 what a thing to present to teen girls....WOW Teen Vague stanning for the old man who literally wrote an article blaming women for causing their own cancer because they didn’t have sex enough when they were 13 yrs old. You hate to see it 😬

oohpujie Teen Vogue was my last bastion of hope. What are you doing?!! I truly do... donating to Bernie right now. I really do hate to see an otherwise smart publication fall for this 'let's you and him fight' bullshit. Why don't you knock it off? StandDown

Shameful and misogynistic. When Warren chooses to attack over this rather than give the benefit of the doubt to a supposed friend of hers, you know she’s not on the side of progressives and is desperate. This is hot garbage. And beneath Teen Vogue. Img thnak god for aome actual journalism my beloved teen vogue

ermergerd, you guys! MuteTeenVogue That’s a very disingenuous headline even given the questionable take of the piece. Teen Vogue: being a better news source that CNN or MSNBC once again. You guys have been on fire lately! Uhm, so Sanders doesn't deny the script and refuses to accept responsibility... And it's Warren's fault?

Tomorrow is the debates. This was a LIE. ITrustBernie would NEVER say that. This is going to blow up in Warren's face. She might say something on Twitter but the media is trying to smear. It better be brought up tomorrow. The media has pushed it ApologiesOnTwitterDontCount This is despicable spin Teen Vogue is ON IT!

stop this yang 2020 I don't even think this is true. Warren doesn't have awesome political instincts but I highly doubt this was her idea. Hell I doubt she even knew it happened, but claiming a rogue operative in her campaign exists is actually worse, as losing control over your staff is bad. Not fake. He’s a misogynist.

TwinklingTania Do we really 'know' that Elizabeth started it? I was under the impression it was someone else.

Spitfire_2600 Nice work breaking it down. Interesting that our youth are better reporters / journalists than some being paid millions! New politico and CNN. Stay on message Berners Don't risk costing Bernie his surge.... Hate to see what, irresponsible clickbait headlines? Yep. When you have to rely on Teen Vogue because CNN is complete shit.

Sources at CNN have confirmed that Bernie is in fact an antisemitic misogynistic andriod sent from the future to stop women from being president. When contacted for comment Warren admitted she was shocked but not surprised. Damn is doing better journalism than CNN? I love this reality. 😬 vvorkingclass I am now a follower somehow.

This is an accusation based on speculation based on what is presently hearsay. has been doing great work recently, and this falls well below the established standard.

Someone end this awful primary already. WTF is this headline. Great. Now Teen Vogue is fake news This headline is trash. thank you teen vogue this all sounds very important but how can i tell if my crush likes me back? Neither of them started it - fake reports and sources started it. this is how you get followed. gotta go follow Lucy too

Do better. This is sexist Teen Vogue.

As in 2016: 'I at last found the document that described it all: the Joint Fund-Raising Agreement between the DNC, the Hillary Victory Fund, and Hillary for America.” It was 'signed in August 2015...nearly a year before she officially had the nomination.” you are way off the mark here. Siding with the guy who is trying to destroy the Democratic party from the inside ain't it.

'might the Massachusetts senator be better served by taking this beef off the grill? Is this beef at all or really more of a Beyond Burger?' 😂😂😂 Bravo yup Whatapityonyou Gd teen vogue is killing it. Lol get them clicks anyway you can get them! 😅🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😭😂😂🤣🤣😭😭 REALLY !! She RESPONDED to HIS negative script!! HE started the “fake beef”!!! This misogynistic clickbait is maddening from a publication that professes to be in the business of EMPOWERING women. DO BETTER!! This headline is inflammatory, biased, FALSE, and SEXIST!

Bernie telling a classroom of little girls that he hopes they'll run for office, because, 'while things are changing, they aren't changing fast enough'. Bernie is a feminist, not a sexist. People(Warren's team) who are fabricating this narrative are liars. So when Bernie Sanders says we have been good friends you are ok then but when Elizabeth Warrens says the same you are doubting and disparaging of her. Read your article again. You are the ones throwing this negativity around like cow patties.

Warren started it? Wow! After the Facebook sponsored content debacle I really thought your headlines would be more carefully worded. Literally, idk what is up with you guys. This wouldn’t happen if maxwelllosgar was still editor. Sad af This Teen Vogue take is very disappointing. 😂 BernieIsWarrenIsButtigiegIsTulsi disputes don’t bother me bcz they are the same candidate. They are all really Independents who have burned bridges in the Democratic Party and attract angry conservatives

That's right. This is so gross that you are pushing this. marx_knopfler teen vogue continues to be better quality news than any other outlet From your publication, yes, I do. These kinds of headlines are why it's getting ugly so fast. And it's all manufactured by the press. And then the press says it's Warren's fault. Elizabeth Warren is getting Hillary'd, how do y'all not see that?

Um. Last I checked, the script was from a Bernie volunteer. Same with the nasty responses from text bankers to Warren volunteers. Warren’s campaign is failing and she’s getting desperate. Media only too happy to help her with her phoney attacks. Wait huh wha This headline is 💩 Fake Beef? Impossible. I can’t believe teen vogue has the only honest journalists out there anymore.

what is this shit? Even Teen Vogue went all 'WHERE THE BOYS ARE THAT'S WHERE YOU'LL FIND MEEEEE' Jesus get some self-respect gals. Teen Vogue want all the smoke 🙌🙌 What? Did a 5 year old child of a Bernie supporter write this headline? What kind of a horrible take is this?

The story is correct...the analysis is completely backwards. For those who need context: The Warren campaign used a fake script to claim Bernie is directly instructing his volunteers to trash Warren. Then sent a fundraising email based on the lie. Today, she's letting the media spread a lie that Bernie told her that a woman can't win.

SatansJacuzzi, how exactly did Warren 'start' this 'fake beef' if the scripts are real? I'm hoping you didn't write this title. WhatsBeef zachjcarter With all the shots I’ve personally seen his supporters take at her on this here app, the beef ain’t fake and she didn’t start it. Ew, Teen Vogue. Ew. Wow, that is an awful headline. What are y'all doing?

This is a waste of time and serves to damage one of the candidates most for the people DON'T BITE It’s been confirmed by 3 new sources. Just stop, Jesus. Ok, as a woman this gives me hope for future generations of women. What I am seeing in real time is very disappointing. Thank you

I’d LIKE to follow Teen Vogue, but as a 30-something man I’m worried I’ll wind up on a list. 😂 Teen Vogue of all pubs? Your demo is young women. Come. ON. franifio Why are you blaming Warren? The Sanders' campaign script was not given to the press by her or anyone on her campaign. If Sanders did say a woman can't win then shame on him.

THE FUCK ?!!? disco_socialist Fantastic piece! But if you update it could you please reach out to phonebanking volunteers, who have unanimously stated that they never saw the script? No she’s not. Pay attention. akaTNKate When the kids can see truth, it give me so much hope! They’re gonna drive the BigUs bus! Bernie2020

Can we stop pretending Warren is a progressive now Teen Vogue CNN, Politico ✌️

Teen vogue just gonna hang CNN’s scalp on the wall then Teen voguecnn Teen Vogue one of the few publications with integrity I see Let's go 👏👏 quickly picking up on false narrative and smear. Quality journalism, CNN should take lessons. Get their ass NeolibsRReaganD Drag her. laurenduca nowwerevolt Wow, thank you for not buying the manufactured controversy.

disco_socialist Drop out, Warren Leave it to you all to get what's really going on.

sjkcampbell1 No, it is the neoliberals trying to start something. Let it die! disco_socialist Teen Vogue with that REAL journalism. Cc: CNN MSNBC KindAndUnblind When puts CNN in their place SatansJacuzzi damn thank u Teen Vogue, still the best politics magazine in the business The bad take reflected in this headline is not up to the standards that Teen Vogue has set since the 2016 election cycle.

as someone who has been eager to defend your political reporting against sexist dismissal ('it's just a teen girl magazine'), this is disappointing and inaccurate. do better. Bye What I hate to see is Teen Vogue adding fuel to the fire. Just stop. Whoa, sounds like the other way around kids.

No Stop this; that's not true. The reporters stand by their stories. She doesn't have anything to do with it. This is literally fake news wow everyone is after my guy Bernard. They be scared.

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