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Egypt calls for major Palestine-Israel talks but can it swing a Cairo meet?

Egypt planning Cairo talks between Israel and Palestine leadership, including Hamas, to discuss rebuilding bombed-out Gaza and the ceasefire

5/27/2021 1:30:00 PM

Egypt planning Cairo talks between Israel and Palestine leadership, including Hamas , to discuss rebuilding bombed-out Gaza and the ceasefire

The talks would include Israel , the Palestinian Authority and Hamas and will aim to reach a long-term ceasefire in the region after Israel i bombardment of besieged Gaza killed more than 250 people.

Egypt has invited representatives of Israel and the Palestinian leadership to Cairo to discuss improving conditions in Gaza and strengthening the existing ceasefire.According to a report on Wednesday by the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, the talks would focus on reaching a long-term ceasefire agreement in the region, the reconstruction of Gaza and the return of captives.

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The meeting would include Palestinian Authority that governs all Palestine territories but with a less prominent role in Gaza and Hamas that runs the besieged enclave. If Cairo convinces all parties to attend the talks, the meeting would be considered a major breakthrough in bringing Israel face-to-face with Hamas, the Palestinian group that runs Gaza which Israeli forces attacked on May 10 for 11 days before Egypt helped broker a ceasefire.  

No information was given on the date when the talks would begin, but according to the Yediot Aharonotnewspaper, an Egyptian delegation recently held meetings in Israel, Ramallah and Gaza to discuss the proposal.US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived on Wednesday in Cairo on the third stop of his Middle East tour to solidify a ceasefire deal between Gaza-based Palestinian factions and Israel.

The US diplomat met also Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday and in both meetings approached peace in the region without including Hamas. At the press conference, Abbas affirmed his government was "ready to establish a national unity government" after postponing polls this year in a move that drove more differences among the Palestinian leadership that is split between Hamas, Fatah and other political parties.

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First you stay silent during destruction and murder, then u play human-human and speak about rebuilding the mess and mayhem. Deja Vu....😏🤭🤔😡🐕‍🦺 savesheikhjarrah SaveSilwan SavePalestine why should Israel even be part of any gaza rebuilding activity. You don't expect Al Qaeda in any negotiations to rebuild WTC. I think the world needs to take a stand and stop Israeli interference in Palestinian land.

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