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Earthquake, 地震

Earthquake, Magnitude 5.0 - TAIWAN - 2021 September 25, 22:21:19 UTC

Felt #earthquake (#地震) M4.8 strikes 81 km S of #Taipei (Chinese #Taipei) 10 min ago. Please report to:

9/26/2021 1:31:00 AM

Felt earthquake (地震) M4.8 strikes 81 km S of Taipei (Chinese Taipei ) 10 min ago. Please report to:

Magnitude : Mw 5.0, Region: TAIWAN, Date time: 2021-09-25 22:21:19.4 UTC, Location: 24.30 N ; 121.77 E, Depth: 48 km.

:Coffin, M.F., Gahagan, L.M., and Lawver, L.A., 1998, Present-day Plate Boundary Digital Data Compilation. University of Texas Institute for Geophysics Technical Report No. 174, pp. 5.Maps view:Seismicity from the previous 7 days in the area . 

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Regional instrumental seismicityThis seismicity maps have been generated by concatenating the ISC catalogue (since 1964), the EMSC Euro-Med Bulletin catalogue and the EMSC Real Time catalogue. Therefore, they show the seismicity from 1964 until the earthquake occurrence.

 Regional deadly earthquakes from 1500 to 2000

Taiwan blasts 'arch criminal' China for Pacific trade pact threatsChina is an 'arch criminal' intent on bullying Taiwan and has no right to oppose or comment on its bid to join a pan-Pacific trade pact, Taiwan's government said in an escalating war of words over Taipei and Beijing's decision to apply. 北京对台的态度永远取决于台湾的态度,如果台湾态度强硬,北京必然强硬,如果台湾态度温和,北京一定也会温和。

Taiwan says China is a 'bully' after one of the largest PLA warplane incursions yetTaiwan on Thursday accused China of 'bullying' after Beijing sent a total of 24 warplanes into its air defense identification zone (ADIZ), the third-largest incursion in the past two years of heightened tensions between Beijing and Taipei . faite l'amour bientot la fin 🙏 oh do you mean that illegitimate state that the west made to counter and undermine China and failed ? right

China sends warplanes near Taiwan amid dueling trade deal bidsTaiwan said 24 Chinese military aircraft had menaced the self-ruling island after it followed Beijing in applying for membership in the trade agreement. America sends warships near Hawaii. What's the difference? What will Joe do ! This is all wrong. It's supposed to be world war, pandemic, a bit of fun, and then depression. We're doing pandemic, and then depression and the world war before the pandemic even finishes!

China issues dominate election of Taiwan opposition leaderTAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Fraught relations with neighboring China are dominating Saturday's election for the leader of Taiwan’s main opposition Nationalist Party. Four candidates, including incumbent Chairman Johnny Chiang, are competing for the leadership of the party that has advocated closer relations with Beijing. Taiwan is not a neighbor of China. Taiwan is a part of China. The title is misleading reader who don't know the history bewteen Taiwan and mainland China. So called 'main opposition Nationalist Party' is also one of the Chinese party which was defeated in the civil war in 1949. 24/09/2021 | MEGA VIGÍLIA GLOBAL DE SEXTA-FEIRA - OS PROFETAS DO SENHOR | AnnouncementOfRapture so ... are they no longer claiming they are 'Republic of China'?

Earthquake, Magnitude 1.4 - SLOVENIA - 2021 September 25, 08:26:09 UTC Magnitude : ML 1.4, Region: SLOVENIA, Date time: 2021-09-25 08:26:09.0 UTC, Location: 45.54 N ; 14.25 E, Depth: 4 km. This M1.4 earthquake was preceded by a M1.8 2d 14hr 0min before and less than 10 km away

Earthquake, Magnitude 2.9 - CROATIA - 2021 September 25, 20:09:35 UTCM2.9 earthquake (potres) strikes 8 km W of Sisak (Croatia) 37 min ago. Read eyewitnesses' stories & provide yours: