Early Facebook investor: “What we need are criminal investigations”

Roger McNamee: 'Facebook's research said two thirds of the time that people join an extremist group on Facebook is because of a Facebook recommendation, which means Facebook radicalized about 2 million people into QAnon.'

9/19/2021 7:05:00 AM

Roger McNamee: 'Facebook's research said two thirds of the time that people join an extremist group on Facebook is because of a Facebook recommendation, which means Facebook radicalized about 2 million people into QAnon.'

Roger McNamee, Early Facebook investor and author of ‘Zucked’, says criminal investigations need to be launched into Facebook's role in not only radicalizing extremist groups on Jan 6th, but also its role in human trafficking and drug cartels, as well as antitrust violations. McNamee describes how the tech giant “aided and abetted an insurrection” and actively radicalized millions into QAnon -- all benefiting the company’s business model. “The problem with Facebook is Facebook.”

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Report on Hunters laptop that you lied about!!! Joe setup hunter with Ukraine ZUCKERBERG and sherylsandberg belong in jail. Awful people. Most disappointing is Sandberg. She put forth a completely farcical persona. We knew Zuck was the devil. At least he didn’t pretend to be anything else as Sheryl did. Her children should be so ashamed of her.

The best thing people can do with Facebook is to leave it. That part… Shut FB down or regulate FB otherwise the lies and misinformation will continue. Zuckerberg is partisan with a full pocket. Encouraging outrage is at the core of Facebook's business model. Not to mention millions adopting Palestinian terrorist narrative online.

I don't press for punishing facebook, I just wish they would make note about the garbage as it is put on their site. Maybe a note to say, information not from a Doctor or scientific, Story from a weirdo from we know not where. Or whatever. Facebook is evil! Just as Putin would have it.

Behind Alex Murdaugh's 'fall from grace': Drug addiction fueled by opioid epidemicThe uncoiling saga of the Murdaugh family throws a spotlight on South Carolina's rampant black market for prescription opioids and how officials have struggled to contain the booming drug crisis during the pandemic. So one word: greed Seems super duper smart to grant bond to a guy who staged his own death to try and steal $10 million and is most likely complicit in more than one death including potentially his own family. But you do you justice system. So he spent millions of dollars in the 3 months after his wife/son died?

FirstWorldof1 Wow Facebook the worst if you like some dumbass shit on fb, then fb suggests more dumbass shit you might like, and you like that shit too, then you're just a dumbass and fb is taking you where you belong🤷. Q is horrid, but it's not a fb plot it's who we were man, fb just found out before you did.

mehdirhasan We can either do criminal investigations now or a truth and reconciliation commission later. I’m guessing it ends up being the latter. Wait a minute?! You told us it was Parler that did this! It’s almost as if you were lying?🧐 amy_kach Facebook is radicalizing terrorists. Ask all of your friends and family to delete their Facebook accounts

We must address this! Maybe it's time to bring down the hammer on Facebook. It's a service that had been manipulate not for the good but rather for money and power. Shane on Facebook. SUE Facebook. Corrupt Facebook

Facebook’s Investors Are the Biggest AddictsInvestors aren’t blind to Facebook users’ dependence: It is likely a key reason they continue to buy in, even as allegations against the company have piled up.

I have that Hendrix Fillmore poster, signed by the artist - Rick Griffin. Control fb. I'm still on FB to keep in touch with family. I have never liked anything pro-right or pro-Trump but every single day I get multiple FB 'suggestions' from far-right groups, some not well-versed at speaking English. I block them all, but more keep coming. It's intentional.

Facebook needs to be broken up and regulated. Listen, we R mad when they censor us & mad when they don't sensor them. Free speech. Everyone gets to speak. You may not like what they. No censorship means we know who said what. Let all words be heard, be accountable for your words, allow people room to change their views.

Due to the late,slow,disastrous approach to pandemia by Trump, USA is a huge graveyard with more than 691000 coronavirus patient’s deaths.Trump destroyed the economy, cannot respond to racial crisis properly & incited violence against Capitol on January 6! Enough is enough! DeleteFacebook UnZuckYourself

I wish I could sue Facebook for pain and suffering for all of the friends and family members I've lost to these brainwashing operations. WarnockWarrior This is true, my grandson believes those lies about the vaccine.

Kin of Philippines 'drug war victims' hope for justice as ICC approves probeFamilies of people killed in the Philippines' war on drugs are hopeful that a formal investigation into possible crimes against humanity approved by judges from the International Criminal Court earlier this week will result in justice for the victims.

nhannahjones It amazes me that so many people continue to support such an evil platform, by simply thinking that since they're not participating in those kinds of things, it's not so bad. Delete your account now. Fb has a lot to answer for. Maybe the algorithms can recommend intelligent models now to try to reverse their machinations. If I was fb if be trying everything to fix this.

GouieLohmert FBOwnerMark Curious, his do you sleep at night? NicolleDWallace I like Facebook for the animal videos. It serves no other purpose for me. But, I admit, I would miss those videos if they were taken away Facebook recommends joining an extremist group? Am I reading that right? FB needs to be highly regulated because of the lies and hate coming from FB.

NicolleDWallace Facebook introduces them but only a weak minded moron listens. nhannahjones If you still have a Facebook account, you are part of the problem. rolandsmartin That's actually believable. The same could be said for Twitter since they make recommendations all the time. Maybe the practice of making recommendations by all social media platforms should stop.

deray Now imagine how Zuck uses his platform to support his business agenda. Programming millions. And the MAGA crowd were worried about chips in vaccines.

Rapper T.I. and wife Tiny won't face criminal charges over 2005 sex assault allegation, authorities sayThe couple won't face criminal charges over allegations because of statute of limitations.

The owners of Mainstream media hate social media so much because it exposes their agenda and it takes away the control of the narrative that these wicked men had a monopoly on! docrocktex26 Yes, I would say that the liquor store converted people into alcoholism. rolandsmartin Liar, people did not learn about Q from Facebook. False analogy

MarioGuzman Social media is culpable. They suggest more of the same misinformation they see you like. They must be held accountable for recommending known falsehoods rather than recommending truth to obvious lies. Their smart algorithms must temper misinformation, or face liability. Makes perfect sense to me. They want to “serve” ads… do they care how and to who?

jennycohn1 I hate the fact they even give recommendations! jennycohn1 They didn't just provide disinformation...they radicalized them. jennycohn1

New York Restaurant Hostess Attacked After Asking Guests to Show Proof of VaccinationSoon after New York City's vaccination mandate went into effect, a hostess at an NYC restaurant was attacked by three Texas tourists after asking them to show proof of their Covid-19 vaccine NYCMayor and nycgov NYPD need to enforce this mandate. Restaurant employees shouldn’t have to be subjected to violence and harm for enforcing a NYC issued mandate. I remember reading about this kind of violence happening in Nazi Germany. When I was in grade school. 'Are there not many fascists in your country?' 'There are many who do not know they are, but will find out when the time comes'~ Hemingway. Maybe it’s time we let Texas secede.

Finally! MONEY. Tears grips my heart knowing how hard I’ve struggled to find a legit trader.I never wanted to do this but I’ll be guilty if I don’t share this good news to people KayleighGlover0 she the best trader so far.Thanks for helping me and guiding Me through my trade KayleighGlover0 People don’t really use Facebook. Even Facebook does press releases on Twitter.

You know who has radicalized the most citizens? MSM by far.. it’s not even close If you've read the thread below and, more importantly, watched the NoOneUnscripted episodes, you aren’t at all surprised by the ongoing GOP treason plot. But if you haven't, here it is. Just saying. I hate defending Mark Zuckerberg but did these groups just take advantage of him and Facebook's content 'moderators' (they're really only searching for low-coverage bikini photos) being that dumb?

nice He seems a little hysterical for an investor

Protesters in China besiege an indebted property developerEarlier this week Evergrande's headquarters were besieged by investors demanding that their money be returned nice Omg - each day gets worse than the previous… XeuleBot

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