Duchess Camilla's son Tom shares exciting news for royalty fans

Camilla's son Tom shares exciting news for royalty fans

5/13/2021 10:58:00 PM

Camilla's son Tom shares exciting news for royalty fans

The Duchess of Cornwall's son Tom Parker Bowles has some exciting news for royal fans concerning a new book dedicated to tea

We know that Camilla herself has a passion for food, growing her own fruit and vegetables with her husband Prince Charles at Highgrove, and her son has inherited her love of cuisine.Tom, 46, appears in a new video on Fortnum & Mason's Twitter page, to announce a very exciting new book launch. The author has collaborated with the famous store on a new book Time For Tea, which celebrates the brand's love of the popular drink.

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For those not familiar with Fortnum & Mason, the London store is the crème de la crème of food halls and even received a visit from the Queen, Duchess Camilla and Duchess Kate back in 2012.MORE: The Queen launches new gin – here's how to serve it headtopics.com

The Queen, Camilla and Kate on a ladies' outing to Fortnum & MasonIn the clip, Tom says:"Tea unites this country and divides it too. Bag or loose leaf? A chipped mug or china cup? Tea first or the milk? Oh, the agony of choice."Speaking from the store's Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, the royal says of the book:"You'll find the history, geography and seasonality of tea – everything from leaf to cup as well as 50 delicious recipes. Everything you need for the perfect cuppa."

We can just picture Her Majesty the Queen poring through the pages of this fabulous book while she takes high tea at Windsor Castle.LOOK: The Duchess of Cornwall's roast chicken sounds delicious – try her recipe A national obsession more than a mere drink, tea awakens, tea livens, tea restores, tea consoles, tea calms, tea soothes and today, tea talks to @tomparkerbowles about our brand-new book, Time For Tea.

Shop Fortnum's #TimeForTea Collection > https://t.co/yQk3At0knG #FrtnumsTea pic.twitter.com/xriDv3zjyr— Fortnum & Mason (@Fortnums) May 13, 2021 And there's good news for us too… we can pick up our own copy of the book at Amazon for £15.32.

Time for Tea by Tom Parker Bowles, £15.32, AmazonSHOP NOW The website says:"This fun and deeply authoritative guide whisks you through all the information you need to get the most out of your cuppa. It instructs on how to make the perfect brew or infusion and helps identify a wide range of teas to try that will suit different tastes whether for a single estate Darjeeling, a smoky or a delicate tea from China or a regular builder’s." headtopics.com

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