Dua Saleh on 'Sex Education' Season 3, Gender Euphoria, and Making Music for the Moment

Dua Saleh on 'Sex Education' Season 3, Gender Euphoria, and Making Music for the Moment

10/4/2021 11:58:00 PM

Dua Saleh on 'Sex Education' Season 3, Gender Euphoria, and Making Music for the Moment

The Sex Education star on playing the show's first nonbinary character, writing new music while filming, and Cal and Jackson's scenes together.

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Mimi Keene Is the Surprise Star of 'Sex Education' Season 3Mimi Keene has become a star as Ruby Matthews in the Netflix series Sex Education. Here, everything we know about the performer's burgeoning career. i m waiting she deserves it ❤️ Really disliked her in previous seasons but surprisingly loved her in ssn3 and even loved her more after what OT did to her.

Wyoming librarians under fire for books about sex, LGBTQ issuesBooks about sex, LGBTQ issues and how to have a baby have public library employees in a conservative Wyoming city facing possible prosecution. There's no linked related item, 'X people indicted over threats to transgender magician.' Strange that. Yes, lets pretend that if you don't educate your children about these things they will never know about them 🤦🏼‍♀️ Just wait until these people find out what teenagers have access to on the internet. 🤣

Alison Hammond 'not going to stop wearing sexy clothes or having sex with men'The This Morning star says she feels sorry for less confident plus size women who would rather hide themselves away from view than embrace their lives to the full

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For the Love of God: Let Fictional Characters Go To Church AND Have SexPeople of faith can get it. Stay in your lane! Don’t comment on anything related to church, what do you know?

Emily Ratajkowski says Robin Thicke groped her in sex assault on Blurred LinesEmily Ratajkowski made the revelations singer Robin Thicke assaulted her on the 2013 video shoot in new book My Body Interesting. Did she give the money back she got paid. Models only have jobs because of how the look...she does a video that clearly objectifies women and rape culture and then complains about being groped. Just shows a lack of brain power and common sense!