Dr. Dre, Nick Cannon Host Feed Your City Event in Compton

Dr. Dre, Nick Cannon Host Feed Your City in Compton

11/22/2020 7:31:00 PM

Dr. Dre, Nick Cannon Host Feed Your City in Compton

Folks struggling with the pandemic and all of its fallout got a big break Saturday, with celebs and others pitching in to help feed those in need.

TMZ.comThe event is timed around Thanksgiving, where people could get free groceries including, of course, turkeys. This year the giveaway includes PP supplies.TMZ.comThe event was COVID-safe, with a one-lane drive-thru and another line for walk-ups.  Everyone socially distanced and masks were plentiful.

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TMZ.comAlso involved in organizing the event ... Compton MayorAja Brown, Power 106 and 93.5 KDAY. Read more: TMZ »

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Compton is an armpit that Maxine Waters represents. She is just another self enriching politician taking advantage of her own people and they like it like that 💯💯 Thank you TMZ, Dr.Dre Nick Cannon,for the support in giving back to feeds and care for other's. God bless your all. In god we trust amen. Hope they finish before it gets dark...........COMPTONCRAZY

NickCannon, thank you for you services. Make sure to wear your mask at ALL times brother, you are HIGH RISK due to your lupus... Friendly reminder that Nick Cannon sucked Orlando Brown's dick, for real Nick Cannon the racist? Good on Nick and Dre. Well nick are white people allowed? I get so jealous seeing that weather being up north! I haven’t seen the sun in days. 😡

Wear masks people!! 🤞🏽💯🙏🏽✨👑 Of all folks, Nick Cannon, afflicted with SLE, should know to wear a mask and distance. Must be the melanin in their skin Thank you for kind gesture 🙏 Wow not one but two has beens! Boy is tv powerful these days. One beats is wife and the other gets brow beaten by his wife talk about irony