İnvesting, Dow Tumbles 800 Points After Bond Market Flashes A Recession Warning - Cnn

İnvesting, Dow Tumbles 800 Points After Bond Market Flashes A Recession Warning - Cnn

Dow tumbles 800 points after bond market flashes a recession warning

JUST IN: The Dow plunged 800 points after the bond market flashed a recession warning signal for the first time in over a decade


JUST IN: The Dow plunged 800 points after the bond market flashed a recession warning signal for the first time in over a decade

The Dow slid more than 500 points Wednesday after the bond market, for the first time in over a decade, flashed a warning signal that has an eerily accurate track record for predicting recessions.

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Billy Meier 25 year old prediction was accurate. Guess what? Market up +99 today. Told ya so! Bite me . Republican Economic Policy does not work, every Republican president crashes the economy worse than the last. Did we learn nothing from 2008? Somehow- Obama will be blamed by the right. Wait for it ⏰...

trumprecession Setting up a financial crisis right before the next election. We see your game. You’re not fooling the silent majority anymore. Just because you keep breathlessly repeating it, tinged withhope that it will happen, doesn’t mean it will. Trump victory 2020!!! KAG! Thanks Donald!! Your biggest financial failure yet.

Fucking great. 2008 all over again, except the difference was I was a kid at that time with no perception of what a recession was and now I'm an adult with a very good perception. markphilo I thought trump knows it all from his talks kumbe it just PR like our 2 digital boys! 😂😂😂 Maziwa mala. Bring it on. I look forward to it but I also don’t believe it’ll happen. Trump manages the economy? Huh?

Dow tanks 800 points in worst day of 2019 after bond market sends recession warningStocks plunged in the worst trading day of the year. The U.S. bond market flashed a troubling signal: a yield curve inversion, which is a reliable indicator of economic recession. The Dow fell 3.05% as the S&P slid 2.93% and Nasdaq, 3.02%. END THE FED. The central bank Printing money out of thin air for decades!! . AUDIT THE FED imo... Hey Donnie realDonaldTrump how this trade wars workingbout for ya? dowjones Remember diversification is most important in the market!

Perfect time to tap into the forex market ❗️ andremford13 may be a run on new registrations and locks tomorrow. Makes me weary for purchase in 2020 though 🤔 This is what half the country wanted when they voted.... Is he doing anything right. And changing his mind about the china tariffs now. What a joke this guy is

LHSummers Excellent! LHSummers OMG!!!! Run for your lives. LHSummers Reagan: - Tax cuts, military spending, raise deficit $100B, results in the 1990 recession Bush Jr: - Tax cuts, military spending, raise deficit $1.2T, create bubble that led to the 2008 crisis Trump: - Tax cuts, raise deficit $400B, plunge the DOW, trade war, TrumpRecession

LHSummers Now if no one wises up to stop the trade war, one has to ask themselves Would they rather have the crash so they can say “I told you so” or wish somehow against the laws of reality that the plan pulls through in the end? LIBTARDS hoping for a recession because they cant win at the ballot box , WTF America

LHSummers DianeRichards77 It's only money...

Dow drops 800 points as roller coaster in markets continues.ABC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: The Dow Jones plunged 800 points amid concerning economic indicators—the steepest drop yet this year. Just cancel Christmas Well at least we're winning big-time against China, so it hasn't been a completely bad day. 🤦🏽‍♀️ So much winning! Money pouring into the Country.

LHSummers Libs would just love a recession wouldn't they LOL To bad Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen said that the yield inversion may not be signaling that a recession is on the horizon but may be caused by ARTIFICIAL & REVERSIBLE ACTIONS StockMarketCrash recession LHSummers Unnecessary Panic.... Average Joe gets screwed again...

LHSummers He of Secular Stagnation BS and honeymoon on Epstein Island. Has credibility of Krugman. LHSummers Down almost 2000 points since mid-July LHSummers Well that's a convenient line of thinking. If it fails, it's because of him, if it turns around for the better, it's to spite him. 😐 kadamewood Isn't it time to audit the Federal reserve?

kadamewood My investments are doing very well. Which smoke and mirrors are you investing in? Did IIIIIII do that? kadamewood Stock market is Fear and Greed. Shame on you for investing in it. Fake news. Trump will fix this.

Dow ends around 800 points lower after bond market flashes recession signalStocks tumbled Wednesday after the main measure of the U.S. yield curve briefly inverted, heightening worries about a potential recession. The Dow Jones... USD finally going to zero huh, nice Lemmings panicked. Will see if bloodbath continues tomorrow. That’s how a Ponzi/lottery scheme sometimes goes. But keep trusting your retirement assets will go straight up to the moon! Oh. Don’t worry about WallStreet They banked all your trading fees when you sold.

So so much winning don the con 🤬🤬🤬🤬 Trump is the bomb Putin wanted to send to us long time a go...... No doubt WINNING! 😘 YOU want a recession so badly. You're SICK!!! If this tweet is all you’re getting on news of the economy, you likely don’t know shit about investing- go ahead and SJW and all the other beta shit you follow on CNN...

No surprise there.... economists had precisely said that 2019 we will have recession & here it is. They had said Trumps policies and trade war will bring our great economy down in later part of 2019. His agenda kicked in in Jan 2018 and we all saw the impact of trade war. The Dow is plunging .. the TrumpRecession is upon us TrumpResign VoteHimOut POTUS realDonaldTrump SecretaryRoss WhiteHouse GOP

Yea... 'Hilary is projected to win the white' house. 'Trump will never be president' Well, remind me again.... How did that turn out? The big negative that Trump will be remembered for! Just like his own bankruptcy's he can't manage the economy either. Pfft. Only you clowns would say that. It will bounce right back.

Dow tumbles 700 points after bond market flashes a recession warningThe Dow slid more than 500 points Wednesday after the bond market, for the first time in over a decade, flashed a warning signal that has an eerily accurate track record for predicting recessions. Stop messing with China and let the immigrants stay! Almost time to buy. America is still the worlds best place to place park your money. Winning!

So what is the GOP going to run on in 2020? TrumpRecession will be in full effect. White nationalist corrupting the party. Membership dying off fast. The DOW in free fall. rncchair Ronna you're so screwed Hey realDonaldTrump We're back where we were when you were so gung-ho about your fantastic effect on the stock market ... a year and a half ago. Care to comment beyond the standard babbling for the boobs?

Are your clients crying ? The Donald is going to blame it on the FED. He has super heated a good economy left by Obama and then topped it off with breaking trade agreements while giving tax breaks to Corporations and the rich and then throwing tariffs on consumer goods for the working class. God Save USA

Trump trying to find this guy Dow’s twitter handle to attack him. That's what happens when you vote for someone that has gone through numerous bankruptcies and failed businesses to run the world largest economy. It's always the same cycle Republicans will run it down and dems will fix it. When will people ever learn? Fool me once....

SoSofieFatale TrumpRecession TrumpsRecession The Church of God in Christ would say it like this.

Dow drops more than 700 points as roller coaster in markets continuesThe Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted more than 700 points on Wednesday as new concerns arose over data on global economic growth. The tumble followed a series of concerning economic indicators from Germany and China, signaling renewed recession fears in the global economy.

Hillary warned us... Trump is fulfilling his pledge to Putin! Trump is a plant into our government by Putin. It is Putins bomb on USA. Putins attack is working. The longer Trump is allowed to remain the more damage done. ImpeachPutins45 TrumpRussia PutinsAttackOnUSA RemoveCorrupt45 Wow, who would have thought this would happen......

Okay You have been pushing the recession narrative for 3 years now. The MSM will do anything to undermine the American people. :/ learn to code Cris cuoamo is a Fredo I for one, am sick of winning! TrumpRecession KashmirBleeds KashmirUnreported IndiaTerrorist

Dow sinks 730 points Wednesday afternoon as flashing recession signal rattles stock marketThe Dow Jones Industrial Average was trading at session lows on Wednesday morning as investor anxieties about a recession in the U.S. and elsewhere hurt... Well........NO SHIT!!! Thats what brokers get for trusting a moron in chief!!! People worry too much about short term moves, up 25% since inauguration, S&P 500 seems to be heading back to May numbers The treasury market (inverted or flat yield curve) is certainly signaling a coming recession. However, this is not a 100% certainty. The US large cap stocks have been plowing forward for several months. Earnings have been OK. Panic selling is rarely a good strategy. Stay tuned!

Can you imagine the performance of DOW when Trump is impeached, removed from office or just plain loses in 2020. Time to invest is now!! ChangeTheChannel Predicting what? Factors that cause a recession include high interest rates, reduced consumer confidence, and reduced real wages. Effects of a recession include a slump in the stock market, an increase in unemployment, and increases in the national debt. CNN is fake news

We’re all going to die! Get some bitcoin ..litcoin ..ripple cryptocurrency Thanks Obama! Oh wait. Wheres cheesy puff to tell us were ok And of course we all know Trump is a financial wizard. _ReaalAmerican_ Dow dropping like a stone? Gun violence and hate crimes on the rise? When the going gets tough, Trump says WTF and hits the links and has taxpayers pick up the tab. True leadership was never his forte.

Republicans always put us in recessions and then Democrats have to fix the Republicans shitty mess. Nothing about this Presidency is real. It’s all a charade. Beginning to end a complete circus. Our focus has got to be Election 2020 or we will be United States of Russia and that’s not a stretch. Seats we must win : Kentucky Mitch McConnell has to go as does Trump VoteBlue2020

But Trump keeps saying that we have the best economy ever.... _ReaalAmerican_ So I guess trump won’t be tweeting about the great stock market today Deficits and Recessions. Thats what Republicans do best...And of course giving tax cuts to the rich to protect the rich against deficits and Recessions. RepublicanDeficits TrumpDeficits PresidentDeficit TrumpRecession

If the market is in the crapper during the election, I believe Trump will struggle getting swing votes. Not even an inkling of a recession ? What a joke A recession? Under this MAGAtard President? The MAGAtard President who makes all the best deals, has created such a strong economy and has us sick of winning? Surely not. Who could have ever expected another recession coming on the back of another Republican presidency?

Trump has done the impossible before. He bankrupted a casino (aka money printing press). Maybe he can bankrupt the strongest economy in the world. O please

The bounce back is coming! It's because of all of the trading triggers. If it doesn't happen in the next week then my backup hypothesis is wescrewed for a while. But we'll figure it out. That flash just cost me 12k today. Who’s the Umpalumpa going to blame this on. I’m giving odds that it’s going to be Abraham Lincoln certainly not him.

Trump making America great again winning 😂😂😂 Bill Maher is getting his wish. Bring the economy down on trumps head. TrumpRecession Fake news. So much for the best bigly economy ever! Huge (mistake in electing Trump and his cohorts)! So much winning.

Trump heading toward his biggest bankruptcy of all, the USA’s. Only this time he’s taking us all down with him. Don’t panic idiots, Trump is on it 😁😁 Is this TDS too? Putin is like Yet when it has a big day, CNN is quiet. The hypocrisy is laughable! resplendentlyme TrumpRecession Wait for it.... I predict that realDonaldTrump will say 'fake news'

It was an engineered fall, or sheer stupidity. JUST IN... The Dow plunges 800 points after picture of Bill Clinton in a blue dress surfaces...

Factors that cause a recession include high interest rates, reduced consumer confidence, and reduced real wages. Effects of a recession include a slump in the stock market, an increase in unemployment, and increases in the national debt. Explain that flash warning CNN? Fake OMG everyone panic!!!! do you guys ever post when it was up big? asking for the nation..... Ill wait

Keep going, mama needs these home prices to PLUMMET!!!! Losing your retirement to own the libs... The TrumpRecession Funny thing how this ALWAYS happens during Republican administrations & then the Dems have to come in & clean it up. How many times do we need to go through this before we learn? This party is nothing but crooks.

It’s all bullshit. Money managers have been blowing smoke for months about a recession. So now the inversion happens and it’s the end of the world. Fake like you TrumpRecession TrumpEconomics

But...but...Trump’s economy is the best economy in the history of economies!!’s not? Oh right! And history starts to repeat itself again. How many times do republicans have to crash the economy with their trickle down bullshit before we catch on. Somehow, this is going to be blamed on BarackObama.

why don't they just put the points back up again? is truly the enemy of the people. smh FakeNewsCNN 15AugustBlackDay GayHind Bigotry isn't enough to get the GOP to wake up. Losing all their money is enough to wake them up. Every single one of them will eventually regret voting for the king of debt. hoping for a recession. Remember this tweet voters.

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