Donald Trump mixes up his friends' birthdays

Vladimir Putin turned 67 this week - without any acknowledgment from Donald Trump.

10/10/2019 6:16:00 AM

Russia's Vladimir Putin did not get a birthday greeting from President Trump this week, but ChrislHayes points out, he 'gets everything he wants from Trump already.'

Vladimir Putin turned 67 this week - without any acknowledgment from Donald Trump.

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chrislhayes Vlad didn't give the order to send one, so Trump let it slide. chrislhayes So funny. Idiots. chrislhayes Thank you Chris Hayes.. Wait who is Chris Hayes again ? chrislhayes Pr Trump will not be aloud to become a Dictator Your followers will open their eyes. Wake up Gestapo, you ALL will be held accountable by this country, history. ALL will be held accountable by this country & history.

chrislhayes Not as much Clinton’s get from UKraine.and what Biden’s get from China. chrislhayes Yes 😂 chrislhayes Who believe that. Trump purposely said that. It’s code for green lighting the invasion of Syria. Trump is a master at crime. He proves it every day. chrislhayes chrislhayes WATCH: In 2008 Newsweek reported that both the Obama and McCain campaigns were hacked by a 'foreign entity', Speculation was it was Russia or China. Why was this info/context kept out of the Russia Hoax narrative for the last few years

chrislhayes It was true unadulterated Bigbrain code he invented to say happyBirthdayVladpuppeteer to you know who 🤣🤣 chrislhayes What are you talking about? He threw our allies under the bus! What better birthday greeting could he give? Putin's trolling us with that stupid tweet. Just like he did with his 2020 interference 'joke'. Jesus. Where am I?

chrislhayes Trump Gave Putin control of Syria for his birthday and rights for new Trump tower in Turkey. chrislhayes What better gift than pulling out of Syria? chrislhayes chrislhayes He wanted Nato moving hundreds of miles up to Russia's borders, and the abolition of the ABM treaty and INF treaty? That sounds ridiculous and a bit paranoid America.

chrislhayes The only thing he is hoping for is for america to believe FakeNewsMedia and the Corrupt Democrats so Trump is out of the way for him to doggy style weak American IDIOTS!!!! chrislhayes What ever. chrislhayes Russia pays S bills. Collusion forever. chrislhayes True chrislhayes He wanted punitive sanctions on his own country? That sounds pretty desperate America.

chrislhayes Any that we know of. chrislhayes And the king of fake news MSNBC actually reports this stuff. MSNBC is a major vehicle for weak minded folks to catch TDS. NoDemocrats chrislhayes Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news

Putin seems to be enjoying the Trump impeachment showRussia has been a geopolitical pariah since it annexed Crimea in 2014. Now the spotlight is now on Russia’s nemesis Ukraine, whose newly elected president appeared to kowtow to Trump in a phone call at the heart of the impeachment inquiry. Our president is a coward ПТН ПНХ

Impeachment: Donald Trump say no evidence to Nancy Pelosi until things improveJourno_Christal Narrator: this legal argument was, in fact, wrong. Trump was impeached. maggieNYT yawn GOPistheProblem GOPdead2me maggieNYT Aw, wah!

Syria pullout: As Donald Trump defends move, who are the Kurds?Without US protection the Kurd's will be slaughtered. The POTUS has not Honor So you would have Americans killed by Turks, once that happens we would have to start yet another endless war with Turkey, who we really need to stay neutral with ? That’s just stupid. What a disgrace on Trump and the likes.

Facebook confirms Donald Trump can lie in ads, but he can't curseFacebook's policies have come under scrutiny as the Trump campaign spends millions on misleading or false ads. Here's where Facebook draws the line. These are dumb times we live in Show his nipples? This is nuts! Del facebook!

Can Donald Trump possibly win 45 states in 2020?'The last time a president won more than 45 states was in 1984, when Ronald Reagan drubbed Walter Mondale in every state except Fritz's home of Minnesota. But 1984 is an eon ago in political terms. And Trump is not Reagan,' writes CillizzaCNN CillizzaCNN He's bigger than Reagan CillizzaCNN TrumpLandslide2020 CillizzaCNN Cillizza doesn't know how to do a real analysis. Black_C_Patriot does. Trump will win at least 45 states. Keep pushing the impeachment fantasy.