Donald Trump, Republicans, Election Fraud, 2024 Election

Donald Trump, Republicans

Donald Trump Has An Election Take That Democrats Would Probably Support

The former president suggested Republicans won't vote in 2022 or 2024 unless the so-called 'Presidential Election Fraud of 2020' is solved.

10/14/2021 1:45:00 AM

The former president suggested Republicans won't vote in 2022 or 2024 unless the so-called 'Presidential Election Fraud of 2020' is solved.

The former president suggested Republicans won't vote in 2022 or 2024 unless the so-called 'Presidential Election Fraud of 2020' is solved.

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The only 'fraud' perpetrated on the 2020 election was Trump's BIG LIE!!! He barely won with the help of the Electoral College in 2016--Clinton got nearly 3million more votes then. Catch a clue! Republicans, follow your great leader. Shhhhh! Let them follow their leader. And the problem with that is? ❤ Yeah

I’m confused… That makes no actual sense 🤔 Hilarious!!! Best president ive had in my lifetime😢😢 HAHAHA yes please... Don't Vote cause he said it 😁 Cool. I'd like it if they didn't vote. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He doesn’t even realize he’s digging his own grave! I would have KILLED to be a fly on the Republican wall when he announced this!

Won’t miss them at all.

Column: A third party to impose some pain on the Trumpified GOPA non-Trumpy third party candidate could play the role of spoiler by taking enough conservative votes to throw the general election to the Democrat. opinion There has always been more than two party’s. Just that republicans and Democratic’s colluded to exclude the rest from most elections opinion Nothing empowers extremism like the portrayal of the Democratic Party as “the only alternative” to it opinion Bitch,please

sounds great to me. keep them away from the voting booths. I'm still amazed at the sheer stupidity. Mind boggling. I believe we would be ok with that😃 Please make this happen Works for me... What a great idea. One I can finally get behind. Remember, he’s a stable genius. Good Brilliant strategy. That'll show everybody.

Great idea!

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We can only hope... So the anti trumpers and trump himself are advocating to not vote! Seems reasonable to me! Does he not realize this is a good thing for most of us? 😂 Good 🙄🤣😳😱🥶🥵 That’s the way to own those libs!! 😉 Donald “The Fraud” Trump So he thinks that will help him? How stupid is he? Republicans don’tvote Democrats will and he will loose again. Remember that’s what he does best.

We won’t let Trump drag us through the mud again!! No! Move on. Sounds like a great plan 👍👍👍

Trump wants Virginia governor's race to be 'launching pad' for 2024, Terry McAuliffe says'If I were not to win this, this would be, as I say, the comeback of Donald Trump ,' the Virginia Democrat said Tuesday.

Republicans, please listen to what he is saying! MAGA all the way! Sounds great!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 It's called freedom! He knows many of those that did vote voted for anybody but him! He lost the election by his own incompetence, he couldn't handle the pandemic! Good. Stay home. Easy win Let us pray that all the R’s stay home on Election Day!

Rumor has it that it will be RESOLVED between 2036 and 2040. MAYBE 🤔🏌️🏌️ ♂️ Trump is going to keep lying. I will never believe him. Works for me… It's high time you mellow down, fizzle out. Stop the noisemaking Mr. Former President. . . There is no election fraud. He lost plain and simple. Get over it. Build a bridge if you have to but get over it.

SpaceX, a Tesla for the skiesAs with Tesla, complacent incumbents have been trying to respond to SpaceX's challenge As an exuberant sports fan, I'm a big fan of Elon Musk. He's been an incredible innovator, but in my opinion, he's a lousy salesman. I think he's lost his mojo, and in some regards, he's a borderline alcoholic. I think it's time for him to retire. Wholeheartedly support Elon's mission to make this world cleaner. Kids need clean air to breath. Oh yeah...that's gonna be a 'no' from me. Elon Musk is part of the attempt to subvert democracy and can't be trusted.

GOP, your Dear Leader has spoken. You must obey. Nuts O Well wouldn't that solve everything for our country,democracy and dignity. Let's all pray that Republicans will sit back and allow Democrats to clean up the mess cause by this Ogre TFG ! Simple - if you don't want fraud in your elections then stay away from the republicans.

Don't be fooled by this. They will vote. Be there. Ok with me. You promise? This is going to get lost but Democrats shouldn't be complacent. You all still need to do your part and vote. Especially in Red and purple states Do NOT take the gop for granted. The trick is old and well known : he can sum up republicans and abstentions and cry a 'popular no-vote'.

Thats fine ! What a stupid threat

In 2022 midterms, a new 'Big Lie' battleground: secretary of state electionsRepublican candidates who espouse Donald Trump 's false claims are running to be the top election official in states that will be crucial in 2024.

Well that is some valuable advise for the D’s!! If no R voters show up, seat will be empty or an easy win for the D’s Why are you giving him airtime to push this lie? For once do as he says, don't vote 😂 This is great news for democracy and the entire world really. No more pictures please damnatio Memoriae

That's totally fine. By all means, please--tell everyone who has the power to re-elect you NOT to vote. I'm TOTALLY FINE with that. Me, and the other surplus 7 million voters that gave Biden a solid win. I don't even like Biden. But at least he isnt Trump. STAYHOMEGOP2024 great Good. Sounds good to me.

Democrats scrutinize Pennsylvania congressman's efforts to help Trump overturn 2020 electionPennsylvania Republican Rep. Scott Perry is under renewed scrutiny after a Senate report released last week provided fresh details about Perry's role in helping former President Donald Trump try to overturn the 2020 election. Wth🤣🤣still dummies for Trump wow I guess if he jump off the bridge they going to jump to so I suggest they get going🤣🤣🤣 And it begins. Now we will get to see who all is part of this mess. Of course they will deny it, but the sane people in this world, the 60 percenters as I like to call them, will see the truth. Big Lies create big f*ckups. They won't do crap to him.

Fine with me Your cult leader has spoken. Great. No Trump cult members voting when he said he would win. Also great for Congress too. The political elites will never let this delusional person hold power. They won’t make that mistake again! He still grieving the wrong way. Just don’t run and it will be solved. SIMPLE…

great idea! That solves our biggest problem since there is none to solve. Makes the way for Democracy to prevail unchallenged by incognito causes. His sheeple and elected officials will ALL COMPLY!! Awesome! Great example of stupid is as stupid does.

Ouch. Shot himself in the foot. Why does he matter? Because a huge part of our people weren't raised with any sense of right or wrong. He makes them feel like that's ok. no evidence, every state certified the election, every case was dismissed. rudy admitted he got his case from facebook, trump got his from postings on the internet, shouldn't the gop look for someone more balanced and accomplished?

Well nice. Good! 👍🏻 Totally agree. Why waste our votes in a rigged system! I mean - good? That covid19 shot affected him worse than we thought. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT HIM. STOP POSTING Good I hope all the Republicans stay home and don't vote What a good idea,suggesting Republicans not to vote.DUH!

Please, please, please, do this one. Best idea he’s ever had! Wonder if he thought it up all by himself 🤔🤔 Good. donald grt psychiatic help.the doctors a re doing great work these days He is such a stable genius yay that should make it a guaranteed win for dems 👏🏻😀👍🏻 I guess this is trumps way of saying he knows he is gonna lose bahahaha trumpisajoke

Perfect. Makes good sense , less your mind is reprobate ,hmm 🛐🇺🇸✝️🗡️⚡💜🕊️🐑🥰 Sound advice. Good

I say, ‘Go for it, Donald’! Keep your followers from voting. Fantastic idea! It’s solved the criminal looser lostby a lot of votes and the only outstanding fraud is that he’s not in federal prison Good news hope they won’t vote. Now your talking!!! This soap opera never ends! Ok, don’t vote, republicans . Here’s your win, Dems!

Will they not be voting because they died of covid? That’s a great strategy Who needs new voter suppression laws, with one statement TFG just suppressed voter turn out for 22 & 24. (Public Service Announcement) Be Sure to Vote despite these new bad laws. BTW someone remind the loser the so-called election fraud of 2020 has been solved. There wasn’t any.

Twisted as a den of snakes Good

That’s a great idea. Republicans should stay home and never vote again. A very good suggestion. All Republicans should heed Trump’s advice. That’ll show those Democrats! Solved it, you lost. Great! Maybe we can move the country forward with more people in office who want to HELP THE COUNTRY instead of fear mongering and gaslighting! VOTEBLUE

Good…Republicans not voting is a good thing… By all means lmao

Trump is… All for that Don’t vote From his mouth to God’s ears Let’s hope he is right. Republicans, please do not vote in 2022 and 2024. Listen to your leader if you are dedicated to your dear cult leader. Why does the GOP bow down to this con man? Great news. Fewer people voting for the former president means democratic values can be upheld.

Fine by me! He's absolutely right! As soon as you answer some questions got it?

Wrong We are all more concerned about Biden and his terrible policies They can't shut us all down We pay the tab I mean if they don’t want to vote cause of his “suggestion” the rest of us will be more than happy to get/keep people that actually know what the hell their doing in office instead of those that pander to corporate or religious factions

So the 'founder of the beast' wants us to think there is a cogent explanation for the fraudulent but so-called 'audits' he is, one way or another, footing the bill for. Perhaps his advanced age and unhealthy lifestyle will resolve problems before 2024. Stopquoting the orange thing! We donot want to hear it!

Good! I think this is the first GREAT idea Trump has ever had. his acolytes will do it if he says it. Please tell them not to vote. You're right. It's rigged, so why bother? Good, let’s all hope they follow through on that threat. There is good news after all

He’s not wrong Hear that, sheeple? Follow the orders of your dear leader! Good. The less amount of idiots voting the better Sane voters would get a sense of relief, if such an exaggeration were to evolve into reality. But when one reaches a degenerative age, what a person might say or mean, when it's said, has to be taken with a grain of skeptical.

Narrator: It had already been solved.