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Does Your Home Need a Wine Fridge?

We explain how a wine fridge is better for storing wine than your refrigerator. Also how a wine cooler is different to a wine fridge.

10/20/2020 7:30:00 PM

Not just for oenophiles, these handy appliances protect the flavors and aromas of wine far longer than your kitchen refrigerator will.

We explain how a wine fridge is better for storing wine than your refrigerator. Also how a wine cooler is different to a wine fridge.

andsparkling wine. And while the price tag is serious, anyone who entertains or savors wine might enjoy owning it. "It's not specifically for wine people who consider themselves connoisseurs—it's for people who have a growing interest in wine, who are expanding their repertoire and their palate more, trying different varieties and vintages," explains the LG Signature Team. 

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In addition to its multi-temperature control, it also addresses other factors that can affect wine's longevity. Its optimal humidity control locks the air inside the bottle so it can age (note: high humidity can cause mold on a bottle's packaging) while vibration control (plus beechwood shelves) minimize vibration, which can disturb the sediment and reduce aromatics. And the UV-resistant black-mirror-coated glass door blocks out light exposure. It's said to be similar to the qualities of a traditional wine cave. If you store wine on the kitchen counter, the LG experts say, it's the complete opposite: The time you can keep it is short. Of course, if you're going to drink it this weekend that's not a problem.

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