Does Nature or Nurture Determine Your Personality?

Understanding the interplay between inherited temperament and environment.

6/15/2021 4:02:00 PM

'If we are the product of multiple genetic and environmental forces over which we have little control, is it possible we can change any personality component that we simply do not like—or maybe a spouse or significant other does not like?'

Understanding the interplay between inherited temperament and environment.

altered their expression within the visual cortex of the brain. The finding indicates a single sensory experience – or stimulus – essentially prompts a transcriptional cellular response that re-wires, or structurally remodels, brain function. “This in essence addresses the long-asked question about nature and nurture: Is it genes or environment? It’s both, and this is how they come together,” a co-senior author of the study is quoted as saying in an online Harvard University article.

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Does This End the Nature vs. Nurture Debate?Yet, the study does not fully answer the question about the development of personality, although the Harvard scientists offer definitive evidence that nature – inherited genes and other biological influences – and nurture – learning and exposure to influences of the surrounding environment – appear inextricably intertwined. Even the Harvard team suggests more investigation is needed. In the growing field of

epigenetics, for example, experts are increasingly finding that experiences occurring early in a child’s development impact the child’s DNA and determine how his or her inherited genes express themselves.To muddy the waters of personality theory even more, researchers literally took the question to the birds – zebra finches, that is – and reported in

Biology Lettersthat personality traits can be transmitted “non-genetically” to offspring from one generation to the next through practiced behavior.The Basics of Personalities Read more: Psychology Today »

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Hey I practice some of the dark phycology tricks and I think it is possible and can be done just by tricking our brain a bit Atleast provide proper research references. You are just putting some guy's perception. Whole article written for this 'maybe' by some random expert. Bugger that! You determine it. Best case scenario is you come to understand the forces acting upon you and then use psychological aikido to move in the direction you want to move.

Sounds a little fatalistic. Surely if they are traits we don't like in ourselves we can but try. This old argument/phraseology keeps educated idiots employed.

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