Disney+’s ‘Hawkeye’: TV Review

REVIEW: #Hawkeye stands as a rare treat — a Marvel story worth saving not in spite of its humbleness, but because of it. Read more:

Hawkeye, Hailee Steinfeld

11/25/2021 4:45:00 AM

REVIEW: Hawkeye stands as a rare treat — a Marvel story worth saving not in spite of its humbleness, but because of it. Read more:

The Marvel miniseries sees Jeremy Renner reprising his role as Clint Barton, who must team with a young New Yorker named Kate Bishop ( Hailee Steinfeld ) for a Christmastime mission.

. “Your whole thing is that you’re low-key. It’s a very hard brand to sell.” She has a point with regard to Clint’s big-screen appearances, where he tends to be overshadowed by the super-soldiers and billionaires who are his Avengers teammates. But she’s wrong when it comes to

Hawkeye, his first small-screen outing. Its low-key vibe is precisely what makes it feel special.The series begins in a penthouse, where a 13-year-old Kate witnesses the Battle of New York (i.e., the climax to 2012’sThe Avengers) — explosions, interdimensional aliens, giant green Hulk and all. But that’s about as much superhero extravagance as we get in the first two episodes of

Hawkeye. After that brief prologue, the series skips to the present day, where both Kate and Clint are occupied by more ground-level concerns. Like Clint’s determination to make it back home to his family for Christmas, coming up in less than a week. Or Kate’s suspicions about the wealthy charmer (Tony Dalton) wooing her widowed mom (Vera Farmiga). headtopics.com

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