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Disney and Ron Moore Are Working on a Franchise Based on the Disney Theme Parks

Disney+'s next big franchise might be based on some of the company's classic theme park attractions.

2/24/2021 11:56:00 PM

Disney and Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore are developing a franchise based on Disney theme park attractions and the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.

Disney +'s next big franchise might be based on some of the company's classic theme park attractions.

Battlestar Galacticareboot, will be spearheading a Disney+ franchise based on the Disney theme parks. This Magic Kingdom Universe will bring together stories, characters and concepts from the theme parks in a new shared universe, so if you’ve ever wanted to see a Jungle Cruise skipper hang out with the hitchhiking ghosts from Haunted Mansion, you just might get your wish.

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You might be tempted to dismiss this kind of intellectual property mashup as an uninspired nostalgia cash-in, but Moore’s first project in the franchise should entice deeply embedded Disney parks fans.The Society of Explorers and Adventurestakes its name from a fictional group of adventurers that features in the backstory of various Disney attractions from around the globe. S.E.A., as its known, has mostly been background lore in those attractions, but its helped connect different rides from different Disney parks in a pulpy, film serial concept not too dissimilar from Indiana Jones. The idea was first introduced when DisneySEA opened in Tokyo in 2011, but the core concept can be traced back to the now-shuttered Adventurer’s Club nightclub at Disney World’s Pleasure Island. An evening at the Adventurer’s Club brought guests back to a 1937 meeting of a group that was retroactively changed to S.E.A., with animatronics and live actors performing an immersive little theater piece. Since then S.E.A. has been seeded throughout rides, restaurants, and other attractions at Disney parks and the Disney Cruise Line, including some rides that predate the concept. It’s usually done almost as an Easter egg, though—if you’re familiar with the concept of S.E.A., you’ll probably recognize the references, and if you aren’t, it’ll all just feel like period set dressing—a part of the show.

As a big fan of Disney parks who’s always a little leery of Disney squeezing characters from popular movies and TV shows into attractions where they maybe don’t fit, this focus on S.E.A. actually has me really interested in whatever Moore is cooking up. Disney has often tried to turn its theme park stories into larger media properties— headtopics.com

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