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Dismembered woman's body parts found in duffel bag left on street

Dismembered woman's body parts found in duffel bag left on street

4/12/2021 5:16:00 PM

Dismembered woman's body parts found in duffel bag left on street

A woman's dismembered limbs were found in a street in Lebanon 's capitol Beirut, prompting speculation over whether another migrant domestic worker had been murdered in the country.

Lebanon's"kafala" systemexcludes foreign workers from the country's labor laws, instead tying their residency in the country to their employers. This leaves domestic workers particularly vulnerable to entrapment, exploitation and abuse.

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Rights groups have documented Lebanese employers, doubling as sponsors, confiscating migrant domestic workers' passports and cell phones, imprisoning them in the home, overworking them, starving them, withholding salaries, as well as subjecting them to physical abuse.

ARM found at least 14 murders of domestic workers to have taken place in Lebanon since April 2020, with 11 of the victims being Ethiopian women. Advocacy and Communications Officer Farah Baba said the organization's data was limited due to scarce news reports.

"Given the huge number of migrant workers in Lebanon and the total impunity of employers, we expect the number of murders is much higher," she toldNewsweek.Human Rights Watch estimates 250,000 migrant domestic workers are employed in Lebanon, with the majority being from African and Asian countries.

"[Employers] usually throw them out of balconies, they hang them, they shoot them or beat them to death," said Baba."What happened on Saturday is an entirely new level of violence." Read more: Newsweek »

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