Dismembered bodies of 3 found in burning Texas dumpster

Firefighters discovered the remains Wednesday, police said.

9/25/2021 7:50:00 AM

The dismembered bodies of three people, including a child, were found in a burning Fort Worth, Texas, dumpster this week, police say, as they seek help in finding whoever killed them.

Firefighters discovered the remains Wednesday, police said.

ByPhil HelselThe dismembered bodies of three people, including a child, were found in a burning Fort Worth, Texas, dumpster this week, police said Friday as they sought help in finding whoever killed them.The discovery was made shortly after 6 a.m. Wednesday after firefighters responded to a dumpster fire on the western side of the city, the police department said in a statement.

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Scarred ground where three dismembered bodies, including a child, were found in a burning dumpster (not shown) on the city's west side on Wednesday.KXASThe bodies of a child, a man and either a teenage girl or woman were burned and"heavily dismembered" and some body parts are unaccounted for, police said.

The man was tentatively identified as David Lueras, 42.Policeaskedanyone with information to contact them, including about missing people who fit the description.The department said identifying the victims of the triple murder has been difficult because of the condition of the remains. headtopics.com

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Now this is terrible! Someone has a bad temper! R.I.P TO THE VICTIM.🙏 AMERICAN ARE BACK TO THE VIKING ERA...NICE!!! WTF is wrong with people... how a monster could kill & dismember a child & 2 adults, throw them into dumpster & set them on fire is FAR beyond me. I hope their killer(s) caught, tried & sentenced soon. TX does have the death sentence,sooo...

Was there a whip nearby by chance? Texas is a dumpster fire. Texas is a mess Sounds like some cartel shit

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