‘Disinformation is killing us’: ‘Former Texas nurse shares experiences of working on the front line

Ashley Bartholomew, a former nurse in El Paso, TX, tells Craig Melvin about her decision to resign as a nurse, and a recent interaction with a Covid-19 patient who believed the virus to be nothing more than the flu.

11/25/2020 10:26:00 PM

“Misinformation is killing us,” Ashley Bartholomew says about her conversation with a Covid-19 patient in the ICU who believed the virus to be nothing more than the flu. “If he’s thinking like this, there’s potentially thousands or millions more.”

Ashley Bartholomew, a former nurse in El Paso, TX, tells Craig Melvin about her decision to resign as a nurse, and a recent interaction with a Covid-19 patient who believed the virus to be nothing more than the flu.

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I have a Melania joke but you probably heard Michelle say it first. Follow me Michelleobama No, disinformation is brain washing the demented Liberal DemocRATS!! MSNBC IS FAKE NEWS!! NO ONE BELIEVES WHAT YOU ARE 'REPORTING' It was what the stupid president instilled in the base, a different result could not be obtained.

Glad to read she resigned, she saved more lives I can’t trust her looks like all she want is to get famous with the help of stupid media people who have severe illness rarely denies it especially if they think that it will kill them unless they have psychiatric problems . Didn’t they already debunk this? Didn’t she not only have extremely few covid deaths but no one she worked with had a similar experience with people in denial till death? Leave it to MSNBC to continue reporting on a fictional tale.

It is nothing more than the flu. Getting over it now. Yes, talk to the person currently occupying the White House about misinformation Jim Jordan fires back at DEMOCRATS Complaining about Trump's Flynn Pardon : There are few who are creepier than Jerry Nadler-- however Adam Schiff gives him a run for his money. Liars-- huge liars.

It is much, much worse than the flu for the aged and those with certain comorbidities. For those under 24 it is not as bad as the flu. Very unusual virus in that regard. Trump's America -Long lines for testing, at food banks -Murderous KKK (Rittenhouse) admired by GOP -260k Dead; 200k new cases, 2k dead daily -Troops brought in to handle bodies -Trump busy golfing everyday & skips out of G-20 Pandemic Response meeting

It seems as though conservatives are especially likely to get their news from disinformation sources. It possibly is millions that deny that COVID-19 is a killer virus. They disregard this and the long term effects that are well documented. COVID-19 is bad now, wait until the Thanksgiving Day super duper spreader kicks in the next 2 weeks. Thanks media for making this about Trump and not about safety.

Guess who’s at fault ? Let the COVIDIOTS perish. The dumbing down of America continues!! At whst point do people in this country realize this virus is not going anywhere until they come together and stop the idiotic political posturing about wearing a mask and staying home!! This is what happens when you have incompetent leader

Had a fight on Thanksgiving about the same thing with my 26 year old nephew had to throw him out of my house Another disgruntled non-voting Trump supporter and ignorant as well Right Yes. It’s called self winnowing. The good news is, now you know how it feels like to be a black, Latino, or Muslim. 🙏🏾 thereidout This is insane. Conservatives once again are not living in reality.

Lest we forget: George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, 3 October 1789 thereidout No, ma’am, the problem has more to do with persons not thinking for themselves, probably a Darwin thing. Which one is it? Misinformation or Disinformation? 'Misinformation is killing us,” 'Ashley Bartholomew, a former nurse in El Paso, TX, ' El Paso County has the highest rate of diabetes in the country. Instead of telling people to lay off the sugar and lose weight, it was wear a mask and stay at home. Misinformation, indeed.

Afraid it’s millions more that are thinking this way. And propaganda is how we got here. While applying modern medicine, we’ll have to fight the pandemic every day on this front too. I no longer feel sorry for such people Former nurse? What the fuck does she do now? Why are we listening to a *former * nurse? And why a nurse, who do like 2 years of medical training and don't know anything about epidemiology?

Disagree. It’s not “misinformation”. It’s people not wanting to believe in: Facts, Science and the truth. Their bad. Not ‘Informations’ Ashley, you’re a gd rockstar. Keep speaking truth. We’ve got your back. Wishing you and your fam a peaceful and healthy holiday season 🙏🙏 Coming from a State in Australia that is coming out of our 2nd wave,0 cases for 27 days I know the C19 experience. We had a curfew, masks, restrictions on hospitality and retail, these actions work,no miracles, low cost, major benefits.I get the issues, I implore you do similar.

Serious topic and the read is good. You look good too. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against those who initiated the misinformation in the first place. TrumpIsACriminal Thank you for the opportunity to talk with you this morning! ❤️