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Director Spike Lee to head 2020 Cannes Film Festival jury

U.S. director Spike Lee has been named president of the jury for the 2020 Cannes...


Spike Lee is named president of the jury for the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, following backlash of other recent film awards over lack of diversity in nominations

U.S. director Spike Lee has been named president of the jury for the 2020 Cannes ...

The 62-year-old filmmaker, who succeeds Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, will head the panel that will award the 73rd Palme d’Or prize.

His latest movie “BlacKkKlansman” won the Cannes Grand Prix in 2018.

The other members of the jury and the films on the program will be announced mid-April.

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Spiken menestys jatkuu, siellä se Jasperikin mukana vilahtelee, hienoa! But that's just Cannes. Need the same thing to happen at The Academy... Honestly, Spike would throw a 'diversity' fit if a movie about George Washington didn't have a black man playing Washington... At least he's staying humble. In other news nobody cares.

How is Spike Lee still a thing? Dude has sucked for 30 years. I know you will be trusted by Spike Lee Lol People truly need to cancel every single award show until they get their shit together and stop the nonsense of not acknowledging people of colour. This sends the a discouraging message that if you're not a particular 'race' then your talent will not be acknowledged.

Great so Spike Lee the Racist knows how to Sniff others? Makes sense ...

US director Spike Lee to lead Cannes film festival jurySpike Lee said he was “honored to be the first person of the African diaspora' chosen for the prestigious position. At last!!! All about race man smdh That brother keeps on doing the right things, keep up the good work Spike Lee, the collective is proud of you.

We LOVE YOU spikelee The little angry man cried racism and got what he wanted again. Cannes: 'Don't Do the White Thing'

Spike Lee to Head Cannes Film Festival JurySpike Lee will lead this year’s Cannes Film Festival jury. The acclaimed director will be the first black person to do so in the festival’s 73-year history. Race baiting incoming. Ugh. Not 'ugh' on him heading the jury: he's a marvellous director, and that's great news. But ugh on your dragging his race into it. But seriously, he should've been there a long time ago. His works are simply marvelous.

Spike Lee To Head Cannes Film Festival JuryTwo years after BlacKkKlansman debuted on the Croisette, Spike Lee is heading back to Cannes to serve as jury president. The 62 year-old U.S. filmmaker will award the Palme dO’r at the close … This outta be interesting. F*ck it up, Spike! Spike filmed Summer of Sam in my neighborhood. When I drove by the shoot (not intentional, street was open) his security surrounded my car & threatened to call the cops bc they smelled weed. I said “my bad, I’ll drive out”, they said “too late bitch”. I still love Spike

Spike Lee to Lead Cannes Film Festival JuryDirector and activist Spike Lee will serve as jury president of the 73rd edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Lee succeeds Alejandro G. Iñárritu, whose 2019 jury awarded the Palme d’Or to Korean di… Period AAAAaAaaa sofialvs28

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