Did You Notice When TikTok Banned Explicit Lyrics?

Did you notice when TikTok banned explicit lyrics?


Did you notice when TikTok banned explicit lyrics?

Thanks to a bizarre, weeks-long “internal error,” the popular app quietly removed — then reinstated — some songs containing cursing

Alarmed labels immediately signaled their concerns to TikTok and scrambled to minimize the disruption to their businesses by delivering clean versions of the rejected music. By the end of last week, all the explicit music that had been impacted was back on the platform.

“Due to an internal error, we inadvertently restricted explicit tracks from TikTok globally,” the spokesperson said. “We immediately noticed the error and began working to roll back the implementation, and while much of the fix was able to take effect right away, we were finally able to notify labels of the full restoration of affected tracks last week. We are proud to support the music community and appreciate the patience and support of our label and artist partners as we worked to resolve this error.”

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Like censoring Joe C***er? They should ban your stupid lists! Censorship! Banned explicit lyrics? but then has audios that legit have pu**y in them that are trending? When did TikTok become KidzBop? And you censored Joe Cocker. Jesus Christ. That’s because it’s Chinese. Who? Who? everything for $$$, no money no fun.


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https://ew.comEntertainment Weekly has all the latest news about TV shows, movies, and music, as well as exclusive behind the scenes content from the entertainment industry. Cool story. Lol All those musicians proven that they own their songs and it ain't no damn public property...... That dummies use them to still taxpayers money..........🎶

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