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Dexter Revival Gets a Telling New Teaser: He's Back to Murdering

4/23/2021 9:52:00 AM

Dexter Revival Gets a Telling New Teaser: He's Back to Murdering

'Nature is calling' everyone's favorite serial killer in a new teaser for the Dexter revival, coming soon to Showtime.

The revival will not erase Dexter's turn as a lumberjack."We're 10 years later," Phillips said. "We're not undoing anything. We're not doing movie magic, we're not going to betray the audience to say 'That was all a dream,' or whatever it is. I mean, what happened in the first eight years happened in the first eight years. This is now however many years later. So we're not undoing anything."

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Randy Tepper/ShowtimeDexter's adoptive sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) will still be dead, but Dexter's a show known for its ghosts."There is some flexibility for movie magic, and that's all I can say about it," Phillips said, refusing to answer the question directly.

Randy Tepper/ShowtimeWill Phillips' Finale Idea Happen?When the original finale aired, Phillips was interviewed by E! News'Kristin Dos Santosrevealedwhat his pitch for the series finale would have been. It involved Dexter being executed for his crimes while all of his victims (even the indirect ones) could be seen watching from the gallery. Understandably, Phillips couldn't say whether this ending would see the light of day in the revival.

"Everybody knows that quote," he said. "And then if I say none of it is in play, then they know something else is going to happen if they say all of it in play. Then, then they know that that's something's going to happen so I can't answer that. I can't talk about the finale of the show."

Randy Tepper/ShowtimeWhere Will the Show Be Set?Dexterwas sort of iconically set in Miami the first time around, and in the finale the character had relocated to Oregon. Philips couldn't say where exactly the new season will be set, but he could tease that "it won't be Miami."

ShowtimeWill Dexter Still Be in Law Enforcement?Phillips couldn't say for sure if Dexter's former job of blood splatter analyst for the Miami Police Department would come back into play, but he could say this: "We discuss it and we we do mess with it, we do change it up. I can't tell you in which ways."

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CanesGirl4U Whaaaatttttt!!!!! This time he only kills for food! jocelynmoo official_tj16 👀 ajrosado3 jomcot poppabryan About fucking time !!!!! 🤗😱🤩 christian_p007 SarahBlair81 ❤️❤️❤️ I like it when shows glamorize serial killers.

Kirstenp23_ !!!! Overemphasize the A... not the K. what makes more sense when you say it out loud. 'Baaaaack' or 'Backkkk'? Looooveeee it love you Dexter 10 second teaser 🙄 That was the most useless teaser😂 ThePirateDr That last episode better have been a dream. Deb better not be dead Recover📡 your hacked, disabled or locked accounts and also get them secured ↔️ WhatsApp📌 ↔️ Facebook📌 ↔️ Instagram📌 ↔️ Twitter 📌 ↔️ Snapchat 📌 ↔️ Tiktok 📌 ↔️ Emails 📌 ↔️ onlyfans 📌 ↔️ phone Tracking 📌 kindly send a Direct Message for quick and reliable assistance.!!.

That was the worst series ending I have ever seen- shameful really Best news ever.. 💃

Again? After 9 seasons? 😱 But I love him 😂 Can I show you my list?