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DeSantis says requiring students quarantine after COVID exposure 'draconian'

DeSantis' new rule also allows students with COVID-19 and are experiencing symptoms to return to school, as long as they have a note from a doctor or nurse practitioner.

9/23/2021 7:30:00 AM

DeSantis' new rule also allows students with COVID-19 and are experiencing symptoms to return to school, as long as they have a note from a doctor or nurse practitioner.

DeSantis' new rule also allows students with COVID-19 and are experiencing symptoms to return to school, as long as they have a note from a doctor or nurse practitioner.

announced a new policy to allow parents of children who have been exposed to COVID-19 to opt their children out of mandatory quarantine on Wednesday.The Republican governor touted the new Florida Department of Health policy, Emergency Rule 64DER21-15, as a victory for parental rights that would prevent"the unnecessary exclusion of healthy students" who have been exposed to the highly contagious disease from in-person classrooms.

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"Parents have the right to have their healthy kids in school," DeSantis said during a news briefing."Quarantining healthy students is incredibly damaging for their educational advancement. It's also incredibly disruptive for families all throughout the state of Florida."

"You haven't seen a lot of data or studies to justify those types of draconian actions," he added."And the places that have done a symptoms-based approach have had very similar outcomes to places that have done more draconian quarantines."

Under the new rule, parents can choose which protocol to implement after their student comes into direct contact with an infected person: either allow their asymptomatic child to return to school"without restrictions or disparate treatment," or put the student into voluntary quarantine for a period"not to exceed seven days" from the point of exposure.

Therule, which goes into effect immediately, also allows students that have COVID-19 and are experiencing symptoms to go back to classrooms even before their symptoms clear or they test negative, as long as they have received"written permission to return to school" from a licensed doctor or registered nurse practitioner.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced a new policy that allows parents to opt out their children from following quarantine after a known exposure to COVID-19. DeSantis is pictured gesturing during a roundtable discussion on Cuba in Miami, Florida on July 13, 2021.

Joe Raedle/GettyDr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida's new surgeon general, said in a statement that he and DeSantis"share a similar vision of weighing the costs and benefits of public health policies" and argued there was not"a single high-quality study that shows that any child has ever benefited from forced quarantining policies, but we have seen demonstrable and considerable harm to children."

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He just wants to harm our kids doesn’t he? Pro forced birth is not pro-life. What’s worse is people are not standing up to him What the actual fuck. In response, schools have created a new field trip course for students with covid to come personally thank DeSantis and his family. What…what the fuck Alright, I absolutely HATE Ron, but I'm at school right now and this is inaccurate. If you have COVID, you staying home. If you're contact traced but showing no symptoms, your parents make the choice to let you stay or bring you home. If you're traced and showing symptoms, home.

This man must live near some swamp gas that is affecting his judgment. I bet his children are masked up with hand sanitizer everywhere. Makes sense.🙄😒 Oh now come the fuck on

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POTUS This is murder. Of children. Are you going to dorect the federalist society ag to do something about this? No? Didnt think so GovRonDeSantis is a Murderer DeathSantis is putting his political career ahead of the lives of Florida's children. When is child services going get involved? If a parent was intentionally putting their children in danger. Child protective services would all over them.

What's happening in people's houses in Florida where staying in them is worse than getting covid I thought DeSantis has done everything possible to kill Floridians but he keeps coming up with new ways to kill us Unbelievable no one with common sense will stand up to this murderer People with COVID symptoms are contagious and a danger to the rest of the students and faculty. GovRonDeSantis is endangering the lives at everyone in a school building with this. VoteBlue2022 to bring common sense and science back to office.

Madness, just madness. DeSantis has simply decinded into being evil in his role as pied piper in Trumps covid death cult. GenocideByGovernor is not an option!

DeSantis names doctor skeptical of Covid-19 measures as Florida's new state surgeon generalDr. Joseph Ladapo has been critical of many public health measures, including mask-wearing, lockdowns and vaccines, and his appointment comes as public health experts urge Florida to take a more serious approach to the pandemic. The GQP can NOT govern! DeathSantis strikes again!!! 💔🙏💉😷 Naija no dey carry last. Congrats Oladipo. Well why would DeSantis have anyone who wanted to do anything and everything to get control of virus. Just let it go is the prolife moto now? Of course these men are not really prolife, just for votes

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CDC’s own guidelines say if it’s been 10 days since a positive test and you have been fever free for 24 hours you are free to move about the country…..whether you still have symptoms or not. Ron Q. He wants to spread the virus? 'Hey ya'll. Just came back from the doctor's and they said I have Covi---Wait, why are you all running out of the room?'

Follow the experts. Doctors are experts. They know best. Florida loves Dictator Death.

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United States is a classless shit show now This man is dangerous ! Threats within US soil have no shortage, from govt or private sector. Do US have laws? RECALL DESANTIS FLORIDA WTF what the f is wrong with this man and what is the significance of a doctors note. is this guy for real? parents, my suggestion is move, move you and your kids far far away

WTAF. Why are we purposely spreading this virus and killing Americans? Anyone? A note that says what? “This child has covid. Cheers!” What the actual DesantisDestroysFlorida How is what RonDeSantisFL not child endangerment? He's literally allowing kids in Florida to get sick. I think it's so he can continue to push Regeneron's treatments n them instead of the COVID19 vaccine so he can line his pockets. GovRonDeSantis is killing Floridians.

Students who come in contact with Gov. DeathSantis should be quarantined for a week.

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Clearly, he is part of the cabal that wants to destroy public education in this country. Great idea Governor Great idea. Wake up before it’s too late. Learn the truth about the vaccines. It’s all on my Twitter page. ⚡️ This is just ridiculous. Wtf.

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