DeSantis asked the feds for hurricane relief. But he’s long used their cash.

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DeSantis has been a critic of Biden on nearly every policy front. But he sure does like the president's wallet. Over the past two years, DeSantis’ admin received billions in federal relief cash, which the governor has used to fund his top priorities.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks during a news conference at the Emergency Operations Center in Tallahassee, Fla. Sunday, Sept. 25, 2022. | Alicia Devine/Tallahassee DemocratTALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Gov. Ron DeSantis has been a persistent critic of President Joe Biden on nearly every policy front as he moves toward a likely potential 2024 presidential bid. But the Florida Republican likes one thing about the president: his wallet.

“Ironically, while DeSantis has attacked Biden, he’s benefited from his administration,” said Florida Democratic state Rep. Anna Eskamani, a frequent critic of the governor. “The constant demonization of President Joe Biden by Governor Ron DeSantis has always been politically motivated.” “I just spoke with the president this morning and he offered support,” DeSantis said during a Thursday briefing at the state’s emergency operations center. “I told him thanks for this, but because the storm has moved inland and caused a lot of potential damage in the central part of our state, we are going to be asking that those counties to be expanded and included.”

Over the past two years, DeSantis’ state budget has included nearly $10 billion from the Biden administration’s federal Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, money that the governor used to pay for a wide-range of non pandemic-related programs. Included in those are some of DeSantis’ biggest priorities — and programs that Biden and other Democrats have loudly criticized.

The Florida governor used interest from that money, totaling $12 million, to fund a migrant transportation program that would pay private contractors to fly migrants from Florida to Democratic strongholds. The governor has already used $615,000 to transport about 50 mostly Venezuelan migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard.

DeSantis also used federal dollars to give teachers and police $1,000 “bonuses” — checks the governor regularly promotes but doesn’t mention the connection to the president.


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Do you think that is Biden's personal bank account?

Why wouldn’t he?

Hey Mdixon55 it’s not Biden’s money. It’s the taxpayers. I question every dime spent and you should too but your goal here is to score political points against someone you disagree with.

Yup, they’re definitely just saying all the quiet parts out loud now.

'The President's Wallet'?

Attention, media company does not understand how federal taxes paid by Americans work.

President's wallet? What is he the King that decides who gets what? 🤦

JFC...who the hell is writing this drivel, a teenage intern? It's not the president's wallet you blithering fool, it's the collective wallet of ALL taxpayers. My god what an embarrassment you are are.

Biden doesn't own that money

The federal government doesn't have money. They're in debt.

Not the president's wallet, that is taxpayer money. Breaking news Governor uses federal money like all other governors to fund state priorities. _ Whew great job politico. Really doing great work as Democrat sychophants.

Tweet like you don’t know how to do your job

Since when does federal tax dollars become part of the President’s wallet? Notice you haven’t said that about the BILLIONS sent to Ukraine

Pretty certain that's the PEOPLE'S wallet, not Joe Bidens. He has misspent Trillions! Where's your reporting on that

YOU PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTINGLY PATHETIC. Taxpayers should get help from the government during a natural disaster… it is THEIR money after all. NOT THE PRESIDENTS.

As of October 3, 2022 4:28pm: 3,289 comments 1,085 retweets 711 likes Ouch.

You people are a joke. This is grade school level BS propaganda.

What is “the president’s wallet?”

*our cash. Federal money already belongs to the people, not some tin pot dictator

Bidens wallet ? This sites a joke.


We all know that 10% goes to the Big Guy, but I don’t think the Big Guy is giving Floridians his cut.

Bidens wallletttt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yea because all that money comes from BIDENS WALLET 🤣🤣🤣🤣

That money belongs to the taxpayers, not Joe. Get it right Politico. DeSantis is only fighting for the citizens of his state. Which a good governor does.

Whose wallet?

Oh you're right, let's send it all to Ukraine right! 🤡🤡

It's not the President's wallet... it's the People's wallet...

Politico = Propaganda for Leftists.

It’s not the “president’s wallet” you hacks. The POTUS doesn’t have a wallet - it’s taxpayers’ money.

Wow. Is that the President’s wallet? So when they say “10% for the big guy”, it really means the money is his?

That's a drop in the bucket compared to Ukraine.

Just here for the ratio

Your comrads in Russia are proud of your reporting

So, he DID get 10%…I knew it!

Um, that’s taxpayer’s money, doesn’t come out of Robinette’s wallet.

For Hurricane Relief? And what state hasn't been on the dole? Ya right..NONE!

It’s not the presidents wallet, it’s our money and we don’t owe some politician gratitude for anything.

Holy shit

Taxpayer funds were never meant to be 'the president's wallet,' and the fact that a MSM outlet thinks it IS is part of the problem. Enjoy that ratio; it is WELL deserved.

This is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in days!

You mean TAXPAYER money, right?

“The president’s wallet.”

In Ron we trust.

$49.1 billion in federal tax revenues from Florida in 2021. Think its their money. Or else, what are they paying for? truth

It’s not the president’s wallet Matt Dixon Mdixon55 you ignorant hack.

“the president’s wallet” what a great way to think of taxpayer dollars.

The president does not have any $$. It’s 100% tax payer $$

That’s taxpayer money, not the president’s. And so f&&king what?

Fingers crossed Mdixon55 knows he’s getting ratio’d


This is embarrassingly childish, even for politico.

Excuse me! Contrary to liberal belief, it is not Biden’s wallet. But in truth he does spend like a drunken sailor! Biden and his cronies have done more to cause inflation than any Administration in my lifetime.

Well, we do pay A LOT in federal taxes. The Ukraine shouldn’t be the only ones getting the funds. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Delete your account

Last I heard tax dollars don’t belong to Biden. I believe we all pay taxes so when a crisis happens there is money to help. Quit politicizing this, typical democrat tactic try to take advantage of any crisis. You are sick

The presidents wallet? Is Biden handing out the checks he got from his son in Ukraine? Or are you referring to AMERICAN tax dollars....last time I checked Florida citizens where American citizens .🤦‍♂️

The media is garbage

So nice of Joe to offer to fund hurricane cleanup with his own money.

'Presidents wallet'

That’s the AMERICAN TAXPAYERS MONEY YOU FU$KERS! Who the hell said it’s the Presidents wallet

' Journalism ' strikes again...

This is pretty shitty framing, even by your standards…

Sweet ratio, Politico

It's not the presidents money. It's ours. What a stupid tweet.

Biden hasn't opened his wallet in decades. It's our money, and I want it to go to American causes, not some foreign war I don't give a damn about.

It's OUR wallet!

The money is that of the American taxpayer for the very reason it's being requested, federal relief and NOT personal gain like you suggest. If a blue state needed it, no one would criticize the governor for asking for help. You liberals are such hateful people. BlackHeart.

Presidents wallet? The people's wallet you raving idiots.

Yes. Florida taxpayers have no right to “Presidents wallet”. 😂. BTW, there was money for Ukraine taken from Florida.

Its our money simpleton.

What on earth makes you think that money is Biden's?

Politico = Pravda Why even rebrand it? Just put out the admins talking points.

Politico is such an embarrassment.

The President's wallet is full of Chinese and Ukrainian bribes. DeSantis is asking for taxpayers funds some of which were taken from his state's taxpayers.

that’s our money, not Biden’s

The President’s wallet?

FL people pay taxes too…. They are getting raped by the President just as much as anyone else

Well his states people pay federal taxes so they are 100% entitled to there contributions.

The Presidents wallet is stuffed with billions of Floridians money.

It’s not Biden’s money !! Hello! It’s the United States of America’s money ! The Taxpayer !!!

It’s not his wallet. Where is the same tweet for Gavin and Jerry when they had their disasters.

I'm assuming you mean federal disaster relief funds which are dedicated to exactly this use? Or, is this some of Joe's China cash?

This is comical!!! And why so many people are beyond turned off by journalists these days! You do realize you will be out of a job if you don’t get readers, viewers, subscribers, right?!

This did not age well, . Perhaps a refresher on the Constitution is in order. That's our money.

This ain't working

You should’ve thought through this twat before posting. Or you could’ve deleted it. Instead you contend that the US Treasury belongs to president Potato Head? Idiots.

How many Ukrainian hryvnia are in his wallet? Millions and millions

The president's wallet? State media much?


Where do you think Biden gets that presidential wallet money?... Tax payers...

This is not President's wallet. This is public money

For 4 years we heard from you and your ilk that “congress held the purse strings” and now it’s the “president’s wallet” you all have no shame at all.

Can I keep my tax’s then? Or are you saying my taxes do not matter? Both ways. Why should I pay taxes if Biden has all this money?

The PRESIDENT’S wallet? Excuse me, what kind banana republic bullshit are you publishing? Please delete your garbage tweet ASAP.

journalismisdead ListComesForAll

And DeSantis priority is the American people so kudos to him!

You despicable bottom feeders. Gfy🖕

Politico looking partisan af…

The state of journalism epitomized in one article.

Who's wallet?

The president's wallet? you're kidding, right? it's called taxpayer money...or in Joe's case, freshly printed money leading to insane inflation.

1. Not the President's money. 2. Do better.

Pathetic FakeNews.

My money, my neighbors money, my friends money. Where do you think governments gets money from?


This is disgustingly dishonest. My God

politico lefties triggered DeSantis using money to help citizens instead of it's being send to Ukraine to buy more weapons from their funders this people are evil

“The President’s Wallet” Well, that explains a lot …

Now we know where all our money is going to the president wallet

In 2019 California received $53.61 billion in Donald Trump’s money. $17 billion dollars more than any other state.

Libs are terrified.

That is not Biden's wallet

JonLemire GovRonDeSantis and his crazy wife are frauds!

Typical politico Politico spreading lies

Politico does not have to be smart. Their audience just wants to lap up that sweet nonsensical troll game. This is one of the dumber approaches. One day California is going to have the big one and dwarf the Florida hurricanes. I bet Politico will be quiet as hell on that one!

President’s wallet You think taxpayer money is his wallet? And some wonder why we are in the trouble we are in. More like you believe in taking what you can from our country than what you can do for our country. greedyhypocritesareugly

Not the president's money. It is the taxpayer's money. Also the president cannot spend money, Congress is only entity that can.

The President doesn't have a wallet. He gets an allowance from Congress. If you can't get the fundamentals right, why should you be trusted to write about this?

Biden isn’t king. Our taxes are not the kings wallet.

The president doesn't have a wallet.

I couldn't find anything on the president's wallet in the constitution.

Federal funds come from Biden’s personal bank account?


President’s wallet? You mean taxpayer dollars.

Seriously do not understand the DeSantis hate at all.

Biden’s such a great guy he’s paying for Florida’s Ian disaster relief out of his own pocket. Republicans been beating him up on the 10% for the big guy but now have made a fool of themselves. Trump would never.

Brandon's wallet? That's the taxpayers wallet.

Whose wallet? Once again Politico beclowns itself. 🤡

Where was your outrage when Phildo Murphy of NJ was a huge critic of Trump but always happy to take money from him like for his dumb bridge to his stupid windmills. Please repost your outrage over that!!!

Politico further proving how much of a trash organization they are. What even is this?

Tell me you have no clue where disaster relief money comes from without, etc.

“Nobody knows politics and policy like POLITICO.” 😂😂😂😂

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