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Legislatures, Filibuster İn The United States Senate

Democrats Sick Of Being Blamed For Cowardice On Issues They Actually Just Don’t Care About

Democrats Sick Of Being Blamed For Cowardice On Issues They Actually Just Don’t Care About

3 hours ago

Democrats Sick Of Being Blamed For Cowardice On Issues They Actually Just Don’t Care About

WASHINGTON—Having thus far caved on eliminating the filibuster, advancing an adequate climate change agenda, and protecting voting rights, congressional Democrats told reporters Wednesday they were sick and tired of being blamed for cowardice on issues that, in reality, they just didn’t care about. “I’ve had it with…

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98 % of Democratic senators sick of being blamed for the actions of 2 of their colleagues. Nailed it haha At what point does this stop being satire and start just being news?

Brands Bank on Live Music's Return: 'They're Sick of Being on the Sidelines'Oh no... Those poor brands 🙄 I'm tired of a freaking pandemic and worrying about getting it and killing my husband by giving it to him... I'm not ready to be a widowed mother... But here I am... Trying to prep for that future just in case. I think the brands will be okay 😑

America's 'unworkable' child care system is failing families, Treasury Department saysTreasury is making the case for increased government support for child care as Democrats work to write a social-spending bill that could total $3.5 trillion. shes in the treasury dept right?......put a sock in it janet Universal child care and pre K must be a part of the education budget in order to help families maintain fulfilling employment. So many changes are needed due to Covid, though. None of this is going to work right if people are still getting sick and dying from the pandemic. But let's deny women reproductive choices so there will be MORE children in the system...

‘The Supply Chain is Completely Broken:’ NOLA Restaurants Aim to Shift Attention Down the Bayou After Hurricane IdaFacing supply chain issues, NOLA restaurants ask for attention on the hardest-hit parts of Louisiana, saying they can’t recover if their suppliers don’t recover

The Rose Frontman Woosung Is Ready to Tell You Everything“I think life always gives you all these problems, but it doesn’t give you problems that you can’t solve.” 💘 I'm so proud of woosung 🖤🖤🖤 theroseuy I'M SO PROUD OF YOU I'M SO PROUD OF YOU woosungofficial Thank you for this! We really love you Sammy!!

An Appreciation of the Women of Shang-ChiDon’t forget about the other heroines in this superhero movie.

Kim Petras’s Collina Strada Met Gala Look Is One for the Horse GirlsKim Petras’s Collina Strada MetGala look is one for the horse girls no CHILE NOT THIS She's wearing her lobola... 💪🏾✊🏾 The horse girls