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Democrats’ Puzzle: What to Do With Trump’s Tax Cut?

Democrats have big issues with the 2017 tax overhaul. But it trimmed taxes for many middle-class households, and that makes a repeal very tricky


Democrats have big issues with the 2017 tax overhaul. But it trimmed taxes for many middle-class households, and that makes a repeal very tricky

President Trump’s biggest legislative achievement—the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—will be on the ballot with him next year, and Democratic contenders for his job are trying to figure out how to approach it.

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Rosewil37438487 Except with the salt deductions... You mean it wasn't just for the wealthy? That's it, I'm not watching CNN anymore. Liars. It increased taxes for more middle-class households, you Trunts. Paying down the national debt is tricky, there’ll be blood sweat and tears all around! Please Dems: Repeal an act with great benefit to middle class! PLEASE The 2017 Tax Overhaul is for those Middle Class peasants you secretly despise! Show us that your really for the Rich Royalty! BreitbartNews POTUS business BreitbartNews VP

Lies. It made rich people richer. It made the rest of us lose our tax returns. It doesn't need to be repealed. Just raise the top tax rate back to where it was and treat all income as income. If billionaires cannot hide their money at lower rates as interest and dividends, they will have to invest and take risks.

Sure, let's repeal the tax cuts and send companies and jobs overseas, cut GDP growth in half, double minority unemployment, eliminate wage growth...only an economic illiterate would support that...that would be the Dims. It only cost me and the wife $4,000 lol Democrats can't even fix the SALT cap because they don't want to be seen as cutting taxes for rich (mostly) white ppl. They are completely lost

wow, do you guys just lie for the sake of lying? I mean is it now an obsession with how much you can get away with?

Trump rules out for now cutting capital-gains taxesThe White House is expected to discuss indexing capital gains to inflation, a tax proposal that Trump appeared to back away from. Good news and be fair. 😊BREAKING: The Supreme Court is allowing nationwide enforcement of a new Trump administration rule that prevents most Central American immigrants from seeking asylum in the U.S - AP Damn. Coming from someone that falls right in the middle and doesn’t qualify for any breaks for kids college. Trading is the only way to make it happen.

Rebecca Traister Wants to Know the Bad News Right AwayOn this week’s Cut podcast, the politics writer tells us how she gets it done.

Trump Again Mulls Capital Gains Tax CutsPresident Trump is planning to meet with his economic advisers on Wednesday to discuss whether his administration should lower capital-gains taxes by indexing gains to inflation. Because the deficit isn’t high enough? Uh-oh. Banksters won't be happy.

Trump Won’t Order a Capital Gains Tax Cut, for NowPresident Trump told his top economic advisers that he had decided, for now, to forgo using executive authority to deliver a tax cut that would primarily benefit wealthy investors I think they've been given enough. He's basically giving himself a tax cut. Enriching himself and the top 2%. Surprise, surprise. Too little TOO LATE.

Social Security Expansion Under Consideration Would Boost Payroll TaxesHouse Democrats are debating whether to advance a significant expansion of Social Security that would extend the program’s solvency and increase benefits by raising taxes on top earners and middle-income workers. F this Sounds good. Sign me up. Enough Socialism!

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