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Democratic senator unhappy with 'lock him up' chants, says president 'deserves respect,' even if Trump's actions don't

Democratic senator unhappy with 'lock him up' chants, says president 'deserves respect,' even if Trump's actions don't


Democratic senator unhappy with ' lock him up ' chants, says president 'deserves respect,' even if Trump's actions don't

Democratic Senator Chris Coons denounced World Series attendees who chanted ' lock him up ' at President Donald Trump Sunday night, saying he hopes Democrats won't do this at future conventions or 2020 rallies.

Coons expressed his hope that Democrats and other critics of the president won't be so vocal about their distaste for the president at 2020 election events, including the Democratic National Convention in July of next year. He condemned Trump's own rally behavior, which frequently features chants that denigrate his opponents or

He compared the Trump rally chants and the World Series'"lock him up" chant to those seen in third world dictatorships.

"I understand why crowds in Washington would feel a lot of animus towards our president given a lot of things he's done and frankly that's why I think those of us in the Senate need to approach the impeachment process seriously, in a measured, responsible way, because our very institutions, our constitution, is at risk by these sorts of, these passions that have been unleashed by the politics of our [leaders]."

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Why? Respect have to be earn.Not given. Trump does not respect the office of the President. But the first amendment doesn't deserve respect and is only for the people he deems worthy The title of president is an honor not a right and doesn't automatically make you respectable still'We the People' yeah right

Is he looking for the birth certificate too? Boo! Hoo! Hoo! Lest we forget! tRump is a stochastic terrorist! He encouraged people to “lock her up” Turn about is fair play! Can’t take the heat? Get out of the kitchen! President Obama deserves respect also given State of Union..... show respect u should receive respect......

Every American citzen deserves respect .... And that's why Democrats continue to lose to Republicans. Trying to stay polite when being pissed on doesn't make it any less piss. They are chanting that because they do respect the presidency and he does not. Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Follow us Overlooked_Inc

Dem senator shuns 'lock him up' chants aimed at Trump during World Series Democratic Sen. Chris Coons shuns chants of ' lock him up ' aimed at President Trump by the crowd at Game 5 of the World Series . 'I frankly think the office of the President deserves respect, even when the actions of our President at times don't.' So is this what the news cycle is about today? Americans exercising their 1st Amend. right? Shut up and focus on impeachment. So many crimes, but focus on this, ok. I think the fact that his appearance was met by boos shows that Americans do respect the position and believe someone far more deserving should occupy it.

Are you kidding? Did Trump show any respect to Hillary Clinton when he encouraged his minions to chant “Lock her up?! Meanwhile Bill Barr is actually trying to lock up the President's political opponents, and Mike Pompeo is retroactively classifying stuff to screw with State Department employees. Chris Coons needs to be primaried.

Once a Bar is lowered dont complain about those who casually step over it.... not 45....he shows disrespect every time he opens his mouth... The Dems becoming devilish by day. Yeah. But we deserve a better president. Trump has his power because he plays the respect me and our institutions card whenever it suits him and then goes right back to peeing on everything everyday so he can consolidate power and money for himself. So yeah whatever.

Trump does not deserve respect. BS BooTrump Respect is earned sparky!!! Lame

Opinion | How Trump Is Helping Russia Help Trump AgainIn Opinion 'For the Russian government, the current miasma of American politics represents the best of all possible worlds,' writes Zach Dorfman. How strange, it's almost like Trump and the GOP are Putin's puppets. Es cierto autor......TRUMP...... 'The New York Times' Why don't you start hiring journalists who do their jobs? You are bias and it's not even worth another minute of my time anymore. I sent you a sample of my work but I guess it's not good enough for you. Take care 'The New York Times'.

Whatever sport! 🉑 Omg. Can rational law-abiding Americans not have one freaking moment of release from our hell of the last three years!? It's a two street, respect begets respect. That horse left the barn a l o n g time ago! Nope. realDonaldTrump should venture into mixed crowds more often. It's called FEEDBACK and there's no right or wrong to it.

LETS GO astros LETS GO astros LETS GO KHOU BreitbartNews HoustonIndie And WHY is it that he 'deserves' it? Has he earned it or you think it should just be handed to him?

‘Lock him up’ chant greets Trump at World SeriesSo ignorant! If President Trump was getting cheered by the Washington DC elite then I would be really worried he was doing something wrong. Can't forget they are all part of the swamp that is currently being drained! This is what the media wants you to believe! But his rallies speak for him! lmao

but he was never legitimate Respect is earned. Although DJT tries to buy it often. DonaldTrump unfortunately is the president he has publicly launch numerous verbal abuse /assault on Americans who he disagree with or does not like here he walked into a space where civil Americans gather for an event and we are letting him know what we think about him.

Trump is reaping what he sowed There is only one thing Trump deserves. A title means shit. Respect is earned. I suggest ChrisCoons invest in earplugs and avoid reading articles addressing such chants. Trump deserves ADX for a very long time. LockHimUp Time to primary ChrisCoonsforDE What goes around, comes around.

Trump Booed at Washington Nationals Game, Fans Chant ‘Lock Him Up’Trump probably wasn't thrilled by the choice for the first pitch either: chef and frequent presidential critic José Andrés Too bad. Soo sad. He and his cronies showed up just after Andrés threw the opening pitch...of course. What would’ve been great was if they gave Andrés the Nobel Peace Prize right there on the mound as well. Jose andres is a true American hero, his organization has provided millions of meals and support to our most vulnerable. He deserves every award possible. Oh, and Fuck Trump!

President deserves respect yet his despicable actions don’t - just last night he brutally killed an austere religious scholar! THE PRESIDENT CREATED THIS. Sorry, not sorry 😠 Not this *president Took a sip from the wrong party's glass, methinks. Wrong. The Office of the President deserves respect but when the occupant of that office abuses the privilege over and over again, he's earned the boos, chants and jeers from the frustrated and disillusioned fans at a baseball game.

Democratic senator is wrong on this point. BooTrump TrumpIsNotAboveTheLaw Um, nope. Respect is earned not a right. The office deserve respect not this president lock him up.

Fmr. Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly says he warned Trump about impeachmentFormer White House Chief of Staff John Kelly says he told President Trump last year, 'Don't hire a Yes Man... because if you do, I believe you'll be impeached.' White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham responded by saying Kelly 'was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president.' Richard Lui, Jonathan Alter, Charlie Sykes and Glenn Kirschner discuss. Well... Gen John Kelly And Mattis Both Had There Chance To Make History By Following In Gen Smedley Butler’s Foot Steps And Failed Themselves And Our National Security By Not Informing The American People Of The Dangers We Face Having Trump In Our White House Wow. What a brave and honorable warrior. Such a patriot: this “man” who jailed children at the boarder, and then joined the board of the private ICE facility operators who profit from that sick racist obscenity. What was the term he used? Empty barrel. Yeah, thats it.

Respect is earned, whether you're the president or a common electrician. You want respect, then you treat people with respect. You reap what you sow. I totally disagree Senator! He gets what he deserves. He treats no one with respect. Respect has to be earned! The president deserves every boo he got. He, nor the office, is above we the people. He sits in his ivory tower only consuming the opinions of sycophants and propagandists. It's not only our right but our damned civic duty to let him know how we feel. BooTrump

Matthew 7:12 “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” I think he is saying you may hate the man but we should respect the office. That is what happens when you lower the standards. Trump insulted nation's highest office. People have lost respect for it ! Dont blame the kids . Blame the parent.

Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner enjoy 'beautiful dinner' at Camp David for 10th wedding anniversaryIvanka Trump and Jared Kushner had a 'beautiful dinner' at Camp David to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary.

Almost everyone respected him in the beginning. He disrepected almost everyone without cause.Ball is in his park now! Thank you for speaking some sanity. We literally spent 40m trying to find something to lock him up over. Can we all get back to doing stuff like helping the homeless and stopping the opiod crisis?

Where was your voice calling for censure for Trump numerous times he has needed it? Time for him to be replaced in the Primary. No more Blue Dog Democrats. Trump is an embarasment This is just showing you reap what you sew And Trump had been sowing some crap He should expect to get it back No one escapes God's word or karma

A civil politician!👋 A few years ago, I would have agreed. I was often saying things like this tomy left friends when W was president. This current president is a complete garbage human being who deserves no decency whatsoever. It’s so far beyond ideological differences. Lock trump up

Respect given is respect earned. You do not automatically respect someone just because of their title. Fuck off with this mentality. No one was chanting about the office of the president. They were expressing their feelings about the traitor and crook currently occupying it. Thank heavens for the 1st Amendment! ImpeachmentTaskForce ImpeachTrump

Lol ok BOOOOOO!!! 'Deserves respect' excuse me? respect hsha Respect is earned, he’ll get it when he earns it!! You can’t dish out garbage then expect respect. Um . . .. ya think maybe he brought this on himself? Just sayin'

It was a visceral reaction to the president. He is unfit to be the president of the nation. LockHimUp Don’t tell that to the American people. Tell it to the republicans in the Senate! The American people will respect the office of the presidency when the cancer that is there is removed from it! Protest is as American as apple pie. ChrisCoons knows this. We aren’t Russians yet, buddy. FuckTrump BooTrump ImpeachTheMFTraitor LockThemAllUp

Feeding racism, hate divisions and a dangerous political polarisation in the American society, The Democrats finally made evident to Americans, the deep FAULT LINES present in the US government, making it dysfunctional, Regardless of who is the President. It's a neglected issue. Respect the office not the person sitting in it who has disrespected the office and the people Senator

That’s not how responsible people show respect. Do unto others what you want others do unto you. Sometimes you reap what you sow. Nope. Criminal presidents deserve protest.

Doesn't he have to earn it since any respect he got with the Presidency, he threw away by acting like a Mafia thug & 3rd grade gangster & disrespecting others? If the North Koreans or Russians booed & chanted 'lock him up' to their dictators, you'd be cheering them on. Senator, Americans are worn out with this President and sadly the Congress which refuses to rein him in. He is the one who brings disrespect to the presidency not us. We exercise our right to protest. Do your job as our representatives and we wouldn’t have to protest!

Yeahhhh, no. mkay didn't you get the memo? Disagree. The presidency deserves respect, *not* the occupant. At least the occupant deserves no respect beyond that which they've earned through actions. The response to President Trump last night reflects the (lack of) respect he has earned. I'm proud Americans can boo POTUS

I agree that people should not be chanting this way he and his followers do. Let's not stoop to that level. Did Michelle Obama say 'when they go low, we go high'. Trump deserves the same disrespect he shows others. Show voters respect and it will be returned Stop. Irony? Monkey see monkey do

Deserve is a strong word. Freedom of speech works both ways, you don’t have to like it. US Citizens deserve to be able to protest any and all elected officials. This wasn't an official appearance, it was a baseball game. To get respect, one needs to be respectful. Turning the 'other cheek' doesn't work with this so called president. He needs to know that behavior unbecoming of 'our' president is not acceptable, anywhere.

Nope President or not. Trump needs to learn respect himself first! I agree but we should also not chant 'lock her up' toward a presidential candidate as Trump did to Hillary Clinton. Trump is reaping what he has sown. The chanting that was heard at the baseball game is also indicative of what Trump has done to our nation.

We’re way past respecting Donald trump as President. He’s shown absolutely none to the office he holds

Where was this outrage when he was chanting about Hillary?.. suck it up senator When you elect a CLOWN you get a circus! The problem is that Trump does not himself respect the office so it is hard to show the office that respect with him in it. Counterpoint: he actually doesn’t Nope. You get the respect that you give. We're so concerned with taking the high road all the time, that we've allowed Republicans and Trump to destroy our country. No more!

Nope. What he deserves is prison, not respect. Our mission at is to build the social news network that ends fake news. Follow us Overlooked_Inc Sorry Senator Coons he has to earn it. He sure as hell doesn't deserve it. I'm old enough to remember when this was true Respect isn’t a right. It’s earned. He’s earned zero respect. Trump is a pathetic empty shell, who earned every boo.

Senator, he has brought that upon himself. He never tried to stop Lock Her Up chants. Beneath dignity yes, enough said This is what makes Democrats more decent. He is right but this is what Trump has done to this country by egging in his cult at his rallies. That’s a class. I agree with him but realDonaldTrump has initiated and making it a norm. Let him taste of his own medicine

As a Delawarean, I apologize for this bullshit. What the hell ChrisCoons? Really. Was this dead beat saying this when thousands at Trump’s rallies were shouting the same against his opponents? No, then STFU! Ha! Give me a break. He deserves zero respect. The chants were hilarious. The office of President deserves respect. This particular incumbent...

I agree - I am not a Trump fan by any means, but have some class. Be the better person & take the high road! Just because he acts like a fool .... 🙄🙄👆🏼 You reap what you sow ! Yeah no

You reap what you sow No. Pretty pathetic take ChrisCoons You hold a stadium of fans to a higher standard than the president? He 'deserves' everything coming his way. This president, realDonaldTrump gets exactly what he gives and what he deserves. Respect is earned...he's not deserving of respect. I’m unhappy with a corrupt, cruel, and self-dealing president who incites violence and hatred in our country.

He commits treason on a weekly basis..... But it is ok for realDonaldTrump to disrespect half the American people - Democrats! No outrage at Trump’s disrespect! And we expect an impartial hearing with this Tainted SenateGOP 🤦‍♀️ He reaps what he sows realDonaldTrump This is the USA. Booing and chanting is just the beginning of him getting what he deserves. He deserves to be in prison.

You reap what you sow

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