Democratic Maine Senate candidate leads in new polling

Democrat Sara Gideon has a 12-point lead over Sen. Collins in Maine, new polling shows. The incumbent senator previously won her state with nearly 70% of the vote in 2014.

9/17/2020 6:14:00 PM

Democrat Sara Gideon has a 12-point lead over Sen. Collins in Maine, new polling shows. The incumbent senator previously won her state with nearly 70% of the vote in 2014.

New polling from key Senate races show Sen. Susan Collins' Democratic challenger leading her in Maine and Sen. Lindsey Graham's Democratic challenger tied with him in South Carolina. Sen. Mitch McConnell is still leading in Kentucky.

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GideonME2020 VoteBlue2020 🇺🇸🌊 scottrose29 Well you can’t force people to be smart Go, go, go!!! Goodness! I hope you Senate polls are more accurate than your presidential polls. Good luck! As my wife just said when I told her the poll numbers.....Nasty woman do not forget. congratulation 70%? Maybe...but it won’t be for Susan...

The same Quinnipiac that had Hillary winning in a 'Landslide' 51% to 41% in 2016? It might be Time for Collins to go. IF that is real..Reps are going to get rid of Doug Jones in Alabama so there's that. Collins should lose. She is a Democrat hiding behind the Republican title What’s the difference? One sounds less like the neighbor on Bewitched?

Anyone who supports Trump must be vote out of the Senate. Keep fighting peeps Yes the Democrats all the in November Good, then no need to go out and vote 😉 SARAH! SARAH! SARAH! If Collins would be a strong conservative instead of a mugwump she'd surge n win. Show your colors ! Doesn't bode well for Susan Collins

What is a Democrat going to do when sh gets into office probably nothing I donated to your campaign as soon as I learned about RBG. Why would anyone vote for Democrat at this point Don't believe the polls go vote and vote early. fake ass news. I thought that she had a certain level of decency but she proved me wrong time after time.

👏🏻👏🏻 Has anyone asked Susan Collins how she is feeling? Go Susan Go, give that wheel one good spin. votesusancollinsout IMMABOS52901152 Yes. I’m praying. We need every seats in the house to change our beloved country around and stop this virus from spreading more.bring back honer and respect back to our Nation..BidenHarrisToSaveAmerica VoteBlue VoteBlueDownBallot VoteBlueToSaveOurDemocracy

Who nose why? Surprised! Polls. Lol. Hange yr mind an vote for Supreme Court justice Sen Collins I’m disabled bug do this . Dont believe the polls Good. Senator Collins has proved herself not worthy. That's one sure thing! lol More Fake News MSNBC polls are lies Suppression poll anyone? SenatorCollins is a fraud & polling is showing that even her constituents realize she’s a liar & a fraud

Come on Gideon kick her rear end! LosersClub Go Sara, Go Sara 👍👍 Vote Sara Gideon 2020 🌊🇺🇲 symonelyfy You know, I don't even think it was the Kavanaugh vote itself that will end up sinking her. It will most likely be that despicable speech thats she gave to justify the vote will be noted as the final straw.

YES YES YES. Fake Ass News Kick her ass, Sara!! Good. Fuck you, SenatorCollins ! TheDemCoalition Let's go! Next Jamie for the win! We need Kentucky Blue Mitch needs to go 💪🏼 We need to thank the Citizens of Maine and all across America, that's voting for a better America, the work to rid American's of true ineffective US Senators, maybe arduous, but it must be done.

Dear America Leaders, please should establish 1 control election staff group for all state in election 2020 to avoid democratic party rigging the elections Take back the senate !! 🇺🇸 That's because too many new yorkers moved to State of Maine. She better be concerned. .SenSusanCollins did better when she was honest and voted as a moderate Republican. Going all in w/ Trump's brand and lying about her votes may well cost her a Senate seat. But once Susan decided to put politics ahead of Maine and the USA, she pretty much wrote her own farewell.

And Hillary was a shoo-in!!! Collins need to go.... this woman flip flops on every major issue. She cannot be trusted. Might as well be a dem You deserve all the bad in this world if you vote Democrat. Because she’s a rino... Wonder how she'll vote on SCOTUS. What will she have to lose? Smells like fake news

Collins already has a job lined up as a doormat. KarenBovaird wonder if susan has learned anything? Fake numbers Yessss!!! About to send a donation to Gideon! Doesn’t matter Collins is a RHINO. Collins is worthless. Her expiration date past due ETTD She really blew it with Kavanaugh and impeachment. She wasn’t there when her country needed her.

It’s time to flip Collins seat 💙. Vote Biden/Harris in 2020 Maine. Susan B Losin !!! Collins must her out DanPatriotic I hope she learns from this Yeah.....right..... . Troubling for SenatorCollins. Thoughts and prayers. Glad Maine is looking at a Senator of action not jibber jabber. Many more to go in Nov

Susan, this is what happens when you stab the USA in its back, twist the knife, and then say you're concerned. Enjoy retirement, hopefully you'll have a lot of other members of the Party of Trump to join you. Not supprising. Sen collins has shown herself to be corrupt and complacent over the last few years

Great, but why do you keep playing trump adds on tv!? Good riddance No offense to Sara Gideon, but I think an old armchair that smelled like cat pee could beat Susan Collins at this point. Collins is battling Martha McSally for which MAGA moron loses by the largest margin. Susan Collins is a traitor to Maine, she followed Trump down every dark path he went, holding his tailcoats the entire way. Maine is now suffering because she didn’t have the spine to lead so she’s going to get pummeled in the election. Maine doesn’t like weak spineless followers

you give Susan Collins a title you can show respect to Sara Gideon by giving us her official title too--she is Speaker Sara Gideon of the Maine state house Thoughts and prayers God SenatorCollins can starting get ready to pack her own stuff in Washington DC Susan Collins lied when she said she would limit herself to two terms as a senator, and she’s not running for her fifth term! America is tired of politicians addicted to lying.

Cannot wait to see the change after Collins is ousted!!! GoSarah!!! She lies so her political life dies. Send Sara some money!!! 💰 🙏🙏🙏 Bye, Susie. mrsyounggunn Of course because if it were the opposite msnbc wouldn’t tweet on it Blowing realDonaldTrump doesn’t get you very far. Either lose or in prison.

Is Susan concerned yet? As if any human in their right mind would believe a poll that MSNBC put out, give me a break. More democratic socialist American hater I LOVE THIS SONG Collins is a never trump better to know NO then plays games with her and that Alaska idiot The incumbent is a traitor to our Constitutional Democracy.

Tech billionaires buy all the votes for the Democrats. They have products to sell. China first Morning_Joe Ms I won’t vote for that then miraculously falls in line with all the other sheep and votes along party lines is going to lose?!?! Say it ain’t so! Breaks my heart that she’s going to lose her ass! Couldn’t happen to a bigger hypocrite!

. Is this where they vote? We are supposed to believe MSNBC? Hahahahahahaha! Just like you were right on Trump! You people are a disgrace and so is everyone that you support! LisaTalmadge Good!!!! Please please make it so. Collins is a stain on Maine. idea just occurred to me for a jingle. Collins is the Main Maine Stain. One dumb shake of her head Americans are Dead. The Truth Don’t Ring when she says Anything. I’ll keep working on it. Send Music Please.

What happened ? Let’s vote the right way... I’ll bet SenatorCollins is concerned about that! Must be extremely concerning for Collins. They’re both Democrats Collins might find that troubling. Sure she does.. This coming from MSNBC is laughable. Susan will win shes done great for Maine. Why would you vote for Socialists. Start watching Stations that tell Truth & not push Communism on America. Re-Elect Collins. Shes done great for maine. Dems let their cities burn. MSNBC & CNN just lie

bye I bet those impeachment and Kavanaugh votes must be looking real stupid in her rearview mirror right about now. Looks like Maine might have to wear masks after all!!!! Oh no!!!!!!!🤣😷 Collins needs to go. No honor , no decency just meat rotten meat and bones I would just like to add that 12 points is a massive, abysmal gulf between candidates in a 2 person race (although ME is unusual because of ranked choice elections.) in any event if this lead holds it will amount to an unmistakable rebuke of Republican politics.

God, please help Maine pull itself together. 🙏 Go Sara!! Go git em girl!🇺🇸 Oh thank god Collins' chickens are coming home to roost. Lie down with dogs or Trump and wake up with fleas and no Senate seat.... Susan is a Democrat, this is really no loss. Since none of you at MSNBC is known for truthfulness let's just wait and see.

nolimit1973 Time to retire, Susan. Oh Susan is going to be deeply concerned by this. Where did Susan Collins think kowtowing to Donald Trump was going to get her. Shows lack of good judgement. 2 months prior election. Who cares about misleading polls. Anyone voting in Democrat’s vote in the Destruction of America. Democrat Party is responsible for this:

Ppl are smart. They see corruption for what it is. Good for Maine Don’t Believe The Polls GetOutAndVote VoteBlue 🤞🤞🤞🤞 Collins will win. We don’t agree with her it she will be better than a democrat Excellent news 👏🏻👏🏻 VOTE!! It’s the only poll that counts Don't take the foot off the gas! Campaign as if she is 12 points behind!!!

colonelBOB2020 Now do Kentucky. From Maine’s new polling to God’s ears!! BeijingBiden - selling out America for 47 years with healsupHarris selling herself to get to the top for 20+ years! What a dream team! TheDemocrats realDonaldTrump americaFirst walkaway They’re both democrats You have now shifted the lies from the Presidential elections to Senate! dnc supporters will be devastated after the 3rd November 2020 Elections!

Morning_Joe I wonder if Collins is strongly concerned. hahaha good one... Morning_Joe That picture of SenSusanCollins was air brushed to make her look younger? SaraGideon ... Don’t jinx it - Collins needs to go You can’t fool me. Sending more $ to SaraGideon VoteBlue2020 From the Conservative base: GOOD! Bye Susan Collins! RINO!

Great to know graft, political favors, lying doesn't go over well in Maine! I live in AZ & donated to SaraGideon because the entire country, all the states need to stand up for honest people & vote against those that enrich themselves SenatorCollins jaredkushner SenateGOP Good riddance to Collins and her ilk.

Susan is going to be strongly disappointed. Americans are watching BOTH Parties Forget the polls! Vote! Mainer here. One thing we cannot take here is a hypocrite. She fed us that 'moderate' bullshit for decades and then when it really hit the fan and she had to actually SHOW us who she really is she put on the orange makeup. Didn't you SenatorCollins ?

Should have voted to impeach. Should have said no to Kavanaugh. Buh-bye Susan...... 👍🇺🇸 Collins next job Fox Entertainment contributor. Hopefully,HAHAHAHAHA. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare - Susan Collins must go, so VoteBlue in Maine for Sara Gideon. not important. all we care about is lisa savage

Poll: Sen. Susan Collins trailing challenger Sarah Gideon by 12 points in closely watched Maine raceA new Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters surveyed in Maine found the incumbent trailing her opponent Sara Gideon by a wide margin. Hope she learned her lesson This Trump sycophant is getting the boot. 🥾 Collins chose Trump so voters choose Gideon.

'I feel a little sad for' Sen. Lindsey Graham: Jaime Harrison on 'Powerhouse Politics' podcast'This is a different man, this is a totally different person. This Lindsey Graham is vulnerable,' Jamie Harrison said in an interview with ABC News' 'Powerhouse Politics.' Lindsey graham was against trump until the bigots started this racial mess. Now he’s for trump because trump pissed off the majority of minorities. 'I feel a little ... nauseous for Linds!' Ok

Poll: Sen. Susan Collins trailing challenger Sarah Gideon by 12 points in closely watched Maine raceA new Quinnipiac University poll of likely voters surveyed in Maine found the incumbent trailing her opponent Sara Gideon by a wide margin. Hope she learned her lesson This Trump sycophant is getting the boot. 🥾 Collins chose Trump so voters choose Gideon.

Polls: Gideon leads Collins in Maine, McConnell up big in KentuckyA new poll from Quinnipiac University shows Democrat Sara Gideon opening up a large lead in the Maine Senate race over GOP Sen. Susan Collins, a result that diverges from other data showing a close contest as Collins seeks a fifth term this fall Ssimms777 Kentucky's never going to climb out of poverty until Mitch McConnell's rich old friends/donors croak. Good on Maine for putting Susan out to pasture. It's time. SaraGideon2020 The closer dems get to a super majority, the safer this country gets. They've already got a solid hold on taking the Senate as it stands. This type of news is just icing. Susan needs to be replaced.

Undecided Florida voters starting to favor Trump, but Biden still leads in new pollUndecided Florida voters may wind up helping President Donald Trump get reelected, according to a new poll. Those voters are morons If you're undecided at this point, you're just trying to decide if you hate 200,000 dead Americans or black people more. What the hell is wrong with these people. How much death and unemployment and blazing fires do they need to turn away from this insanity?

Biden holds big lead over Trump with Asian American voters, survey saysA majority of Asian American voters prefer Democratic nominee Joe Biden over Republican President Trump, a new poll says. By Asian do you mean... Chinese? This is shocking? What did he do? Show them how to use chopsticks?