Delta Passengers Asked to Help Detain Man Who Tried Opening Plane Door

Delta Passengers Asked to Help Detain Man Who Tried Opening Plane Door

6/12/2021 9:30:00 PM

Delta Passengers Asked to Help Detain Man Who Tried Opening Plane Door

Delta Airlines sure seems to have a lot of these run-ins happening lately.

Wrangle Man Who Tried Opening DoorBreaking NewsPlay video contentSKY-HIGH SCARENormies riding passenger aboard a Delta flight from L.A. to Atlanta received a Bat-signal of sorts from the crew while up in the air ... help us detain this idiot up front, please.

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This wild encounter went down Friday on a plane that left LAX and was on its way to ATL ... which had to reroute for an emergency landing in OKC because some guy -- reportedly an off-duty flight attendant, no less -- tried opening some of the emergency exit doors.

Unclear what set him off ... but suddenly, other attendants and crew members were scuffling with him up near the cockpit area -- and they needed backup to get him under control. Read more: TMZ »

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Why people on a plane wait good to get in the air and start tripping? Don't we have enough problems on the ground? Smh Wtf is wrong with people This is what happens when you only have women cabin crew. Need help from passengers. Ban these people for life from flights. Lowest life forms I’m on flights sweating my ass off trying not to shart every time there’s a bump and mfs are doin shit like this... let’s bring trains back y’all

Delta passengers and crew subdue unruly passenger on Atlanta-bound flightCrew members and passengers of a Delta flight subdued an unruly passenger after he assaulted two flight attendants and, according to police, said he was 'going to take the plane down.' A witness on the flight, Benjamin Curlee, discussed what he experienced Side effects of Delta variant Biden’s America Biden’s fault

What we know about the Covid-19 Delta variant first found in IndiaA coronavirus variant first detected in India in February has now gone global, popping up in dozens of countries and raising fears that the strain may spearhead a wave of infection that could overwhelm health care systems and reverse reopening plans Stop with the panic porn. Healthcare systems were never overwhelmed anywhere, except for when people shoved on ventilatiors unnecessary. India's healthcare system is corrupt and borderline 3rd world. Hey, look at their rates whole you're at it. Dropped off a cliff since April. Y’all doing this on purpose at this point....

Delta Variant and COVID-19 Vaccines: What to KnowAs the highly transmissible Delta coronavirus variant continues to devastate India and spread to other nations, health experts are reiterating the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine – both doses of the shot, that is. Science says that Natural immunity is effective against all strains, actually goes into bone marrow, possibly giving the person lifetime immunities. No need for an extra vaccine if you have immunities 🇺🇸👍🏻 What about Delta+ variant?

Delta And United Airlines Won't Hire Unvaccinated WorkersDelta And United Airlines Won't Hire Unvaccinated Workers “It’s nice to know which airlines actually care about the health of their guests and employees.” They Should also stop flying to Terrorist Zionists Apartheid states until the that oppressive crime stops.. FREE PALESTINE 🇵🇸

Why Dr. Fauci Says ‘We Cannot Let’ the Delta Coronavirus Variant Spread in the U.S.“Particularly if you’ve had your first dose, make sure you get that second dose,” Dr. Fauci said. “And for those who have been not vaccinated yet, please get vaccinated.” strain?

What You Need To Know About The Delta COVID-19 VariantWill the newest coronavirus strain affect the vaccines? What does it mean for immunity and the pandemic? Here are your answers. Funny how 'WEAR A MASK' & 'SOCIALLY DISTANCE' still works! Couple of months ago I came across a recommendation about Jonas_claw_ wealth how he helped investors to earn lots of money with their investments. and I decided to give a trial with the little I have. Now my little has turned into something great which was not my expectation 12 fully vaccinated people died from the Delta variant in the UK.