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Dad Whose 2 Kids Were Fatally Hit by Cars Listens to Son's Heartbeat After It's Donated to Woman

The emotional moment between Jordan Spahn and donor receiver Kristi Russ was captured on video

2/19/2020 3:42:00 AM

Dad Whose 2 Kids Were Fatally Hit by Cars Listens to Son's Heartbeat After It's Donated to Woman

The emotional moment between Jordan Spahn and donor receiver Kristi Russ was captured on video

, saying she and Jordan had the opportunity to meet with Kristi Russ, a “very special lady” who received Matthew’s heart.Russ, of League City, was suffering from chronic heart failure until she received the life-saving organ, according to KHOU.“I’m not sure how many know that Matthew Spahn was an organ donor and he was able to save 5 lives with 7 organs and countless others with skin and tissue,” Summer wrote in the post. “Kristi Richard Russ was the recipient of Matthew’s heart and she is such a sweet, grateful woman that is truly so thankful for the gift of life Matthew gave.”

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Alongside the post, Mossbarger shared an emotional video that captured the moment Jordan was able to listen to his late son’s heartbeat for the very first time since his tragic passing.“It’s so strong,” he told Russ in the clip, which was also posted on

YouTube, as he held up a stethoscope to her chest.Mossbarger shared a number of snaps from the tearjerking encounter, including one of Russ and Jordan smiling as he held up a photo of what appears to be his two sons. Mom Bravely Shares Video of Her Daughter’s Final Moments Before 1-Year-Old Donates Her Organs

Speaking to KHOU about their meeting, Jordan said getting to hear his son’s heartbeat was more than he could ever imagine.“It’s almost like getting to see Matthew again,” he told the outlet through tears. “I know his heart continues to beat.”He also explained that being able to listen to the heartbeat provided some much-needed solace in what has been an incredibly difficult time for him and his family.

“You’ve got your ups and downs. You’ve got your questions. You wonder about the timing,” Jordan told the outlet. “When it was all said and done with, we figured out exactly why things happen the way they do.”RELATED VIDEO: Mom Who Died Just Days After Giving Birth Becomes 1 in a Million Organ Donor, Fulfilling Dying Wish

As for Russ, the moment was equally as moving, despite not knowing Matthew personally.“You’re very thankful because you know without it, I would have never survived. I was on borrowed time,” Russ explained to KHOU. “He still lives on. It’s his heart that’s just in my body. Anytime they want to hear him, I’m a text away.”

Both families are now urging others to consider signing up to be an organ donor so that more people have a second chance at life.“Not only was [Matthew] a gift to loved ones, he was a gift to strangers… A hero to all,” Mossbarger wrote in a description of her YouTube video, adding on Facebook, “If you aren’t an organ donor I ask that you consider the gift of life.”

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OMG that had to be so hard but also good because threw death a life was saved I have to hand it to him. I could not do this.

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