D.C. Protesters Hail The Hero Of Swann St., Who Sheltered Them From Arrest

'They unleashed sheer hell on peaceful protestors right outside my stoop,' says Washington, D.C., resident Rahul Dubey.

6/3/2020 3:23:00 AM

When D.C. resident Rahul Dubey saw protesters cornered by police, facing pepper spray and arrest for violating curfew, he did what he says anyone else would do: He invited about 70 strangers to take shelter in his home overnight.

'They unleashed sheer hell on peaceful protestors right outside my stoop,' says Washington, D.C., resident Rahul Dubey.

Credit:Cynthia Brumfield via StoryfulWhen Washington, D.C., resident Rahul Dubey realized dozens of protesters were facing pepper spray and arrest for violating curfew Monday night, he did what he says anyone else would do: He invited about 70 people into his home, to spend the night.

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The protesters had been herded into Swann Street near Dupont Circle, as police forces around the city used helicopters and flash-bang munitions in a crackdown on anyone violating a 7 p.m. curfew.By the time they reached Dubey's home, the protesters, many of them young, were desperate to get away. But they were hemmed in by police.

"They unleashed sheer hell on peaceful protestors right outside my stoop," Dubey tells."I don't know, I just flung the door open. And I just kept yelling, 'Come in. Get in the house, get in the house.'""Literally I can hear skulls being cracked," he said, describing a scene that he recalls as pandemonium.

For around 10 minutes, he said, people flowed inside. As they did, Dubey shouted directions, hoping to find room for them all in his rowhouse."It was a full escalator, is what it felt like — just pouring into the house. I was screaming, 'Downstairs! Outside! There's a backyard! Upstairs! There's bedrooms!'"he says."There was this bottleneck, and I didn't want anyone to get crushed, including myself."

D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department made more than 300 arrests Monday night — most of them for violations of the curfew. Of that total, Police Chief Peter Newsham said, 194 people were arrested in the area of Swann Street.Speaking at a news conference Tuesday, Newsham added that police were in regular communication with Dubey throughout the night.

Dubey says the unique layout of the area – Swann Street is a narrow, one-way street – made it a perfect place for police to box in a crowd of people on foot.Once the group was inside, he says, people began trying to soothe their eyes, pouring milk and water over their faces.

"Everyone was coughing, we were all coughing for 45 minutes to an hour," Dubey says, adding that police officers also came up to his door and sprayed pepper spray into the house. Read more: NPR »

I absolutely loved this story. Thank you for reporting it. Great story sonnif68 Great social distancing story. Condeming people just a week ago, and now this. U need to get better at fact checking. I don't understand why the police would corner peaceful protesters, even after curfew. I understand using non-lethal tactics against them. The curfew must be enforced. The goal should be to get them to go home. Arrest only violent ones.

*Rioters Those 70 strangers should have been apprehended and charged in the morning They need to do a short story/movie on this. Such a brave, compassionate response! Kudos Meanwhile, no correction from NPR on the false claim that teargas was used on “peaceful protesters” in DC. Don't be the silence. Speak up!

👏Congressional👏Medal👏Of👏Honor 👏 I'm proud of him for taking people in. I'm proud of the protesters for protesting. I'm proud of the police for arresting curfew violators. I'm proud of the mayor for letting the police do their job. Everything is working the American way. Lots to be proud of. The MAGA types will now attack him for.being a sanctuary soul.

🤦‍♂️ isn’t this aiding & abetting? This man is a hero and an exemplary American. We should all strive to be the shelter in the storm for our fellow human beings whenever possible. ScoutSwims 🦋🤍💙 CHayling Wow, I've never seen a Swann street house that could hold 70 people. People sacrificing for the greater good.

This is aiding and abetting people that break the law. SaveManning I like Rahul. and in the midst of a pandemic🦠🌎 MayorBowser You have some explaining... and then firing to do. Wtf! So he took in terrorists. He broke the law? What is written on the statue of liberty? If you don't know, look it up. This is America and American values in action.

Thank you, sir. NPR news !! We are smarter now then when you where talking consistent propaganda to favor the MuslimImvasion into our country and of the world !! It worked then not now so much !! Your Muslim controlled !! Hero. He is truly his brothers keeper. He clearly has read the Bible, as apposed to just posing with it.

Awesomeness, pure love NPR is supporting looters and thugs looking for places to loot and burn. Wicked people. Love this. So cool. Lyin' Dennis Prager makes this claim. 👍✌️💖 if that landlordt asshole comment here.... Aiding and abetting criminals . Got it A true brother to his neighbors. Love and Blessings,

What did they take on their way out? undergroundrailroad These police are setting the next stage, they will have undercover fake protesters that will stat to loot residential homes, you’ll see, I saw the script. Then the prez will have a brand new law against blacks, you’ll see He must have a huge house

Too bad his landlord is more concerned about his money than he is about people’s lives. His compassion is an example to us all. Blessed be, Mr. Dubey! Where did everyone sleep? So much for social distancing. Hopefully they’re all staying there for a couple weeks. Amazing!!! 🖤🖤 'Look for the helpers.' - Fred

Wonder how much stuff was taken? Hero D.C residents BlackLivesMatter ICantBreathe TrumpDictatorship

D.C. Protesters Shelter Overnight In Bystander’s Home To Escape Arrest“It feels like a hostage situation.” They violated curfew and social distancing at a minimum. These are not naive innnocents. They may be on duty Wait, why would he be able to or try to leave his house? This is the type of story that leads to people taking shelter without being invited first.

D.C. Protesters Shelter Overnight In Bystander’s Home To Escape Arrest'WE MADE IT OUT,' one protester tweeted at 6:17 a.m. on Tuesday. The group entered the house around 10:00 p.m. on Monday night. theothersarahh The Underground Railroad 2020. blackouttuesday theothersarahh Rioters theothersarahh 偽のニュース!!!FAKE NEWS!!!假新闻!!!

Man Who Sheltered 70 DC Protesters Says Police Tried to Pepper Spray Through His WindowsA man sheltered 70 protesters in his D.C. home Monday night after police allegedly descended upon a peaceful crowd with pepper spray and batons. The protesters left the home when the district’s new curfew ended at 6 a.m., but not before a night filled with threats and wild accusations by police officers. Jfc

DC Man Rahul Dubey Shelters 70 Protesters In His Home from Cops“He deserves everything he wants in this life and more” said one of the men who took shelter in Dubey’s home (via toofab) TooFab Sounds an awful lot like when the forward thinking Germans sheltered the Jews from persecution. TooFab Sound like a slavery story. TooFab Peaceful protestors

Virginia county pulls officers from D.C. after tear gas used on protestersA protest outside the White House that was peaceful turned chaotic when police deployed tear gas and flash bangs to clear the area. We want them charge with attempted murder! Fuck that! Good for them... protecting their officers

Low-flying military helicopters used to disperse George Floyd protesters in Washington, D.C.The intense winds created by the helicopters reportedly caused part of a tree to nearly hit pedestrians. has anyone interviewed the shop owners and employees affected by the looting and how they will recover, or if they are getting funding and help from their local WH representative? and if local people are helping them clean up etc? protests Trump Will Trump bring on the tanks and with that his next photo-op?