Cuomo to keynote event for Palm Beach Democrats

A rare campaign-style event for New York's governor.

10/1/2020 11:14:00 PM

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be the keynote speaker at a remote fundraiser for the Palm Beach County Democratic Party on Saturday. He’ll be joined by Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.), Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, and Tom Perez

A rare campaign-style event for New York's governor.

ALBANY — Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be making one of his highest-profile political appearances of the year this weekend, and it’ll happen — virtually, at least — in Florida.Cuomo will be the keynote speaker at a remote fundraiser for the Palm Beach County Democratic Party on Saturday. He’ll be joined at the digital dais by Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.), Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, and fellow New York native Tom Perez, chair of the Democratic National Committee. Tickets range from $50 to $10,000.

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AdvertisementFlorida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo asked Cuomo to participate.“As you know, Florida is most important swing state in the nation, and deep blue [Palm Beach County] is at the epicenter,” Rizzo wrote in a September letter to Cuomo asking him to speak. “We must run up a massive margin here to help carry Florida for Joe Biden

andelect Democrats to Congress and Tallahassee."Cuomo doesn't participate in many political events outside of his own campaigns. At times during his decade in office, he has consciously avoided out-of-state events and conversations about national politics to avoid stoking rumors of presidential aspirations. He’s often dodged political questions for months, saying they should only be discussed during the height of campaign season.

His national profile and poll numbers have risen significantly since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, and he’s become a more regular critic of President Donald Trump. But the crisis also made it more difficult and unseemly to focus too much on politics — his usually massive fundraising numbers essentially

in the first half of the year.Cuomo was givena relatively prominent role Read more: POLITICO »

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Floridians are not fooled by trump,we are to damn old MAKE SURE TO QUARANTINE WHEN YOU GET BACK FREDO Ask him about our nursing homes KingCuomo is looking to run for higher office in the future. Why else would he be traveling to Florida on the taxpayers dime to fund raise for democrats there? He's incompetent and corrupt as they come. 🤥🤮 AndrewCuomo

Hey useless please stay there! Wooh nelly! He can go back and forth to Florida but my son couldn’t attend his father’s funeral in Ny and still can’t come here for a memorial ? KillerCuomo is a POS My husband died because of his mismanagement of covid in New York Let’s see if he quarantined himself like he orders regular people or will he use his authority to bypass it AGAIN!

Why not make Cuomo the hero face of your event while trying to convince everyone else Trump is responsible for COVID response? Makes perfect sense to me.. 😂🤪🤣 Will he Quarantine for 14 days? Perhaps retired New Yorkers in Florida can greet him with demands that he answers questions about his actions with COVID and nursing home and his lies about it since. .JaniceDean

I'd rather go to a Tijuana Donkey Show and drink tap water.

Chris Cuomo Eviscerates Ted Cruz: Why Won’t You Stand Up for Your Wife?Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ostensibly came on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show Wednesday night to talk about the upcoming Supreme Court battle and his latest book.Unsurprisingly, that is not what occurred, as the interview quickly devolved into a 20-plus minute shoutfest where the CNN anchor and senator traded increasingly personal barbs, with Cuomo arguably coming out ahead in the end. (If there ever is a winner in these made-for-trainwreck-TV segments.)Early on in the interview, Cuomo asked Cruz about President Donald Trump refusing to condemn white supremacists and right-wing extremists during the Tuesday night presidential debate, prompting the Texas lawmaker to pivot to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.“The press is partisan in this regard,” Cruz declared. “Ten years ago, 2010, Joe Biden gave a eulogy for Robert Byrd who was a Klan cyclops of the KKK.”“You’re really going to go with that?” Cuomo fired back. “You’re going to go with this weak-ass argument here?! Byrd, who had a complete enlightenment about how hate was wrong, who changed his life, who spoke about it.”After Cruz sarcastically pointed out that he hadn’t “eulogized a klansman,” Cuomo jumped back in and pointed out that Trump has a history of refusing to disavow racism and white supremacy before taking a personal shot at the conservative senator.“He did it in Charlottesville, he did it with David Duke,” the CNN host exclaimed. “The old Ted Cruz, who he called Lyin’ Ted when he wasn’t insulting your wife and father. What happened to that, Ted? I don’t know if he changed or just you changed, for some reason.”The CNN host was, naturally, referencing the contentious 2016 Republican presidential primary between Trump and Cruz, which featured Trump tweeting out insults about Cruz’s wife and peddling baseless conspiracies about Cruz’s father being involved in JFK’s assassination, among other things. Cruz, despite the very personal insults made by Trump, eventually backed the current president during the 2016 elec Ted Cruz should simply declare himself a timeshare since he gets owned so much. Eviscerates? I guess, if eviscerating is open disrespect and childish hostility.

Anthony Scaramucci says Ted Cruz's backbone 'crippled' by Trump after heated exchange with Chris CuomoThe former White House communications director called out Cruz's reluctance to hold Trump accountable on Thursday morning. Stroking his beard like a wiseman lol So what is Scaramucci words supposed to mean. Who gives a shot about that sellout Hey, SenatorSellOut, HowsHeidi?

Chris Cuomo Wants to Know Why Ted Cruz Is Such a PunkSen. Ted Cruz joined Chris Cuomo’s CNN program Wednesday night in the hopes of discussing his new book and the battle over the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Supreme Court vacancy. What the Texas senator got, instead, was dragged by Cuomo, who helpfully reminded Cruz that he is a man who remains very dedicated to Trump, despite the fact that the president called Cruz’s wife a fuggo not so long ago.

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