Cuccinelli torches famous Statue of Liberty immigrant quote

'Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge,' the acting CIS chief said.


Acting US Citizenship & Immigration Services Dir. Cuccinelli offers a Trump admin. policy change to famous poem attached to Statue of Liberty: 'Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge.”

'Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge,' the acting CIS chief said.

In an effort to defend a new Trump administration rule aimed at making it more difficult for poorer legal immigrants from staying in the U.S., acting Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli offered a new take on the famous poem attached to the Statue of Liberty.

"We invite people to come here and join us as a privilege," Cuccinelli said."Not everyone has the right to be an American."

Though existing immigration law prevents immigrants who are likely"to become a public charge" from changing or renewing their immigration status, a"public charge" was not defined. This rule will define that as any immigrant who benefits personally from at least one public benefit for one year during a three-year period.

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Come here legally. That’s what they had to do in the past. Why don’t they want to do that Cuccinelli: Devoid of even the smallest amount of common sense. He fits right in with all of the other Trump appointments that lack common sense and a rational thought process. Which is what that poem ALWAYS meant. There was NO welfare back then. All were welcome, but expected to make their own way.

Zero Sounds good to me. Why should every swinging dick who come to the country by hook or crook get all the bennies? Free med, free housing, free education, food stamp card..etc...etc... The Cucc agains proves that the entire R party is full on racist. The poem isn’t federal law, wasn’t part of the Statue originally, and even during the Ellis Island days there were many reasons why people trying to emigrate here were denied entry. But why let facts get in the way of a misleading clickbait tweet.

The Cucc is a straight up monster. It’s common sense. And if you disagree there are plenty of charities you can stroke a big check to to help out the takers. The plaque was not originally on the statue and should not be there. That is absolutely hard-line creepy So ashamed of being an American under their watch. The ugly american did its damage to our 'image' overseas. Now ugly american is in our own back yard. Their must be more people than myself that sees it as cringeworthy.

Cuccinelli rewrites Statue of Liberty poem to make case for limiting immigrationThe acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services in a new interview revised the iconic poem on the Statue of Liberty's pedestal to suggest that only immigrants who can 'stand on their own two feet' are welcome in the United States. Since when haven’t immigrants stood on their own 2 feet? They work hard, taking jobs that others won’t, to build a better lives for themselves and their kids. And it has always been thus. This is what Oprah thinks of the tRump Administration and the Republican Party: Good! America does not need more WELFARE QUEENS & Babies 👶.

“Acting” employees no longer get to make important decisions And we still refuse to pick up our guns and stop this.. lol The hate that I have for the Republican Party is larger than the expanding universe that surrounds us.. I will never stop fighting for every person of color and for every immigrant..

TrumpAdministration America value is changing as struggling facts. America is still America and America is no longer America. Shame on you NBC. Since WWII more refugees have found homes in the U.S. than any other nation. Cuccinelli. Sounds like he stepped off the Mayflower? BudGothmog44 Here's my heartfelt reply to Cuccinelli (that's not an aboriginal north american name btw) ....... 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

Trump immigration official offers rewrite for Statue of Liberty poemTrump's top immigration official offered a revised version of the poem featured at the base of the Statue of Liberty that aligns more closely with the administration's latest immigration rule Don't these legal immigrants pay taxes? I thought so. Because the law was made in 1996,he is merely enforcing it.Come you guys get with the program,acting like dumb sheep, and not researching Revising the statue liberty is pretty un-American if you ask me

What a creep. This is a joke, right? Every other country operates this why. One needs a sponsor and financial responsibility. Costs Rica for example requires $85,000 on the bank and a sponsor. Wake up people this is far from new Pander much Fake news This is some bullcrap! That’s sounds great! Written with 2019 in mind.

Like billionaires that haven’t paid taxes in decades, lives in and on government property, has a taxpayer paid security detail that runs in the millions per year? That kind of charge? Are people aware that trump's father took millions from FDR's social program for real estate development? I mean really, the gall of these republican parasites.

Legally yes don’t forget this country has laws always has.

Trump immigration official offers rewrite for Statue of Liberty poemTrump immigration official offers rewrite for Statue of Liberty poem: 'Give me your tired and your poor — who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge' What an idiotic adminstration They all haven't missed too many lunches The poem is just a poem. It has no legal bearing, it is simply pabulum. It’s as meaningless as the Doomsday Clock, used only to pray on people’s emotions.

Months before emigrating from Russia, Sergei Brin’s parents had no choice but to work at low paid temporary jobs. If Cuccinelli’s new wording for the Statue of Liberty had been in place, Brin would never have founded Google - and over 70,000 jobs would not have been created. OK this is too much. The last straw. These trump admin assholes have spit in the face of every poor, hard working human being on the planet. I feel gravely insulted for my (& all) ancestors & families who work(ed) their bones down to build this country. A lot harder than the rich

Cuccinelli is not an ethical leader. He’s kind of gross. And terrible. The American Dream is dead. Poor immigrants don't necessarily become public charge. Republicans want to spread the lie that the moment an immigrant gets legal status, they start mooching off. That's not true. The true moochers are people and corporations who pay no taxes for decades.

Hides your heads in shame. What has become of some citizens that they do not recognize the American values that made our country so special. Rentre à la maison maintenant. Ta place n’est plus ici. Ils finiront par faire fondre ta carcasse 😩 So, those people they arrested AT WORK. They were standing on their own two feet and bc we put them in jail, they are now on the public dole. WTG, morons. Bigots who can’t see the forest for trees.

Uhh, those immigrants had to pass through Ellis Island in those days NationalDisgrace

How ‘The Man In The High Castle’ VFX Supervisor Brought Down The Statue Of Liberty In Season 3 — Production Value Video SeriesReceiving his second Emmy nomination last month for his work on The Man in the High Castle, VFX supervisor Lawson Deming has often encountered misunderstandings, when it comes to his craft. “I thin…

Time to riot FreakShowPresident This administration is trying to remake immigration policy in contradiction to the very fabric of what makes us unique in the history of nations......... “e pluribus unum...out of many, one”. This administration needs to be voted out in 2020. Cuccinelli has been on the public dole since 2002.

AND AGAIN....immigrants came to the EXACT location to be processed and given citizenship. What's your point? I see you showing a pic of LEGAL entry! SenMikeLee SenatorRomney this is APPALING. Cuccinelli's hatred runs just as deep as Trumps and Millers! These clowns are acting all tough. They really are assholes! That White nationalist mentality. Privilege. Poor little boys are scared.

The poem on Statue of Liberty is NOT THE LAW!!! Are you 'newsppl' really this stupid? Start reporting news or STOP calling yourself a news outfit! KattyKay_ Do you think this administration would be brave enough to remove the poem from the statue of liberty? Maybe under the guise of restoring it back to its original state. I would believe it would be dark times if anyone ever did.

No way those changes is worth it. These people have no shame. The cruelty is the point.

Look at these three good dogs doing their best impression of a statueIt's an impressive level of group discipline.

Morning_Joe Amen! But the immigrants who came a century ago (before entitlements, before even health insurance companies) had no option but to work hard to get started. So why would the poem need to mention the redundant? My first thought was, my ancestors would not have wanted Cuccinelli's ancestors to move to immigrate here; he is a hypocrite. Second thought, Cuccinelli attended a high school named after, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, who took a vow of poverty & died tending to victims of the plague..

We’ve gotten more of our share of tired & poor. When are we going to admit ppl who are professionals, no matter where they are from, to build our country. We are depleting it financially & dumbing down our schools by putting kids in classes acc to age w/ no formal education. Libs want to change the constitution by changing gun laws. They want to change history by removing statues paintings or anything THEY find offensive. So why do you have a problem with changing this to reflect the times we live in? Just because YOU dont like it? Not good enough.

The 'tired & poor' didn't come dreaming of welfare checks. They came for the American Dream of freedom & self sufficiency. Immigrants were checked for medical issues, criminal records, & faced quotas. Dems are fine with hordes of people coming for freebies that WE pay for. Sickening how RacistGOP supports RacistTrump This is disgusting & if this 'Temp' ACTING Director of US Citizenship & Immigration Svcs thinks this is a funny joke, he has a sick sense of humor. Cuccinelli is a sick, twisted person to say it. Karma will come back 10x.

Don't come here if you're looking for free stuff. Is that so bad? You just see this as an assault on Illegal Democrat Voters. Perfect! Let's do it! Can we add, 'take the bums back'? He needs to resign. Now

Cuccinelli rewrites Statue of Liberty poem to make case for limiting immigrationThe acting director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services in a new interview revised the iconic poem on the Statue of Liberty's pedestal to suggest that only immigrants who can 'stand on their own two feet' are welcome in the United States. Since when haven’t immigrants stood on their own 2 feet? They work hard, taking jobs that others won’t, to build a better lives for themselves and their kids. And it has always been thus. This is what Oprah thinks of the tRump Administration and the Republican Party: Good! America does not need more WELFARE QUEENS & Babies 👶.

Big difference between the 1800s and 2019. No comparison. This rule is simpley re-implimenting LAWS passed by Congress in the 1880s. Nothing more. Nothing new! America is NOT a welafer state to ALL comers. Beyond comprehension Those teaming masses didnt expect or receive a Government handout You don’t revise Emma Lazarus.

It's disgusting how this Administration is changing our country. We can no longer say, 'This is not who we are,' because now it is who we are. Horrifying. Please come to our country illegally . We will give you everything you seek. Free healthcare, a place to stay, free education & countless benefits including a license to disobey our laws. “Things our own citizens don’t have”. All for FREE! At expense of us the TaxPayers.

I am ashamed of what has happened to our country A boat full of Italian Americans entering New York harbor early last century. Cucinnelli’s grandparents probably arrived on one of these boats teeming with the poor & unfortunate looking for a new chance & a future for their children & grandchildren. shameful hypocrites

This is embarrassing -you can do what you want ,even change the law however ,why change the perception of beautiful America ? These are true ignorant morons of the highest order . So disgusting! Send him to France! Sick, disgusting, alarming. Don't think he can do that though. Let’s triple the quota of “huddled masses” and silence the MAGA men who mainly horses asses.

😡🤬 BoutDamnTime MeritBasedImmigration Trump2020 A meme has existed for two years now showing TrumpIsARacist standing at the statue trying to rip the sign off her. I don’t have a copy but if someone has please tweet it. This is disgusting ...this coming from a man with the last name CUCCINELLI! Are you serious? He needs to sit his Italian immigrant behind down and be quiet for life. When Trump is gone he'll be running from the press saying he's sorry for what he said.

This is gross. My grandparents fled anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe in the early 1900s. They were children on their own. The horrifying realDonaldTrump administration is a dark stain on our history. May they all rot in hell. ImpeachTrump

These people r a disgrace What a silly man Ok so we welcome immigrants! No one never said we don’t want immigrants! The Left continues to acknowledge the most important word..”LEGAL” immigrants! We welcome legal immigrants we deport illegal aliens!! That’s the law of the land! The people coming into the Harbor went through the proper immigration procedures, Unlike the people climbing over the border structures

Fine “Send Her Back” no problem What has America become And yet another horrible person in the Trump administration making us all aware that he too is an Ass News flash, when that poem was written America had no social service programs and the tired and poor were forced to be self reliant. So if anything the Trump administration is simply providing the same opportunities America provide back then. Nothing more, nothing less.

PillLlc All the immigrants in the mid 20th century came legally and got zero welfare. Only the best people. I say another POS.

I’m definitely tired of paying for illegals to eat and have health care when I can’t get the services I need for my special needs son. Pay for your own shit I have too. I always know when the food stamps come in, they throw parties and eat like kings on my money. Ridiculous These people just have to throw gas on the fire!!!

My family and myself came to America as immigrants. We paid our own expenses and have been working to support ourselves. I don’t mind supporting the needy, homeless, the older folks with no means BUT I won’t to support abled bodies who refused to work Remember the French made for us About time Wow. Foreigners stand on their own two feet would not want to come to live in America. America is full of guns, kkk and a the president is a racist.

This sounds like a job for CleverTitleTK Wow. USCISCuccinelli is out of touch with American values. The rule he is pushing - at Trump’s behest - would have kept a lot of our ancestors from immigrating to this country. Did the Cuccinellis come here wealthy with private insurance? Terrible.

447 DAYS TIL WE THROW THESE JACKALS OUT. They are disgusting. But why what do they get out of it. Is it all based on their fear of the other. That's actually how our laws read If they change 1 word on the statue of liberty there should be wave opon wave of protesters marching to 1600 Pennsylvania ave to let this TURD know it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!.

Since we're in the mood for rewriting shit, can we give the 2nd amendment another go too? Selfish and disgusting! You truly are the enemy of the people. He's every bit a racist just like Trump!

Let’s go with this. Now please explain why this administration is removing hard working people who are supporting families with no government help. Mississippi And there you are... fueling not reporting. Well, expectations met. Why shouldn't we help others. Our politicians live off us for decades. I'd rather help the needy than support welfare for the rich.

Send him back to Italy, now. Half the people in MoscowMitch 's district should be deported, by this logic. come here legally and you won't have a problem The real and right words that reflect our American values are, “give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these the tempest-tossed to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

So Christian like not There are no words. It’s funny that MAGA’s fear what they interpret to be socialism but fascism doesn’t seem to be a problem.

DumpTrumpHisCorruptionAndHisCorruptAdministration2020 Morning_Joe WHY WON'T media DRILL 24/7 Trump's illegal employees. Pressure ICE 2 RAID Trump business'. Pressure administration 2 LOCK UP the EMPLOYERS who ILLEGALLY hire illegal immigrants! DRILL the FACT that WHITE PEOPLE r MAJORITY WELFARE RECIPIENTS! WHY WON'T U GUYS DO THAT?

😂😂😂😂😂 I love it! Emma Lazarus wrote 'The New Colossus' in 1883. Do you know what requirements on immigration there were at that time? Look ~ Somewhere, there is a tear in the eye of Emma Lazarus. I’ve been waiting for the trump pence fox camp to tear the Statue of Liberty down - since they’ve declared the the country is full.

Exactly the way it should be !! 🇺🇸 What an embarrasment of a government... day after day That was a poem that was added later to the SOL Not an amendment to the constitution so take your silly sap BS and ........................... This would be coming from Stephan Miller. Anyone else remember when he argued about the plaque on one of the Sunday morning shows?

disgusting man! I'm good with that! HELL YES! MAGA BUILDTHEDAMNWALL FINISHTHEWALL Wow! Who does this? Takes a beautiful sentiment and makes it ugly. Oh, of course, it's another tone deaf Trump appointee. Yikes He will not change it, fuck him and the people who birthed him. This is just another show of disrespect shown by the Trump administration. Their lack of respect & decorum when it comes to the USA is nauseating.

NO THEY WILL NOT! U GONNA SIT BY & TALK ABT IT, OR DO SOMETHING? This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. vile Sounds good to me

progress I think 'yearning to breathe free' covers it quite nicely. One thing that makes America strong, envy of world, is it’s being a refuge for anyone seeking freedom. USCISCuccinelli & realDonaldTrump just making America weaker. Trump reign of hate/racism does NOT represent most Americans. Voting them OUT BlueWave2020

Evenstar888 This has always been the case, in the past, taking in immigrants, they had to be sponsored, by churches, relatives, businesses, etc. Not to be a burden on society. The sponsor takes full financial responsibility, if the person cannot support themself. Anyone else think this is way more un-American than kneeling for the national anthem?

Purveyors of Fake News. My eye roll emoji is tired 🙄 The poem written by a far left activist is not, and has never been, our immigration policy. Being self sufficient and not a public charge has been our immigration policy for more than 100 years. But you know, muh narrative. Better than living off the taxpayers.

Discussing. There people, Trump and his administration are the absolute lowest of the low.

KattyKay_ Time to send the Statute of Liberty back to France. The Trump admin just can't honour it's promises. At this point just take it down. She once met something to those with hope who saw America as the better option. This country was built by immigrants now they aren’t even welcomed(at least not the white passing ones)

Next thing on his agenda will to send out his supporters to KILL immigrants he isnt to far off from that.. he is playing the racism card and inciting racist all over the U.S to create chaos TrumpIsAWhiteSupremacist It's the 1 per cent that hoard all the wealth in America. They rely on the people to get rich and they sit on their money while the country's debt grows by the moment.

Buddhist68 This is a different America being imagined and it sounds awful. Breaking News Good, but Jerry re-wrote it first. Someone check this fredo cuccinelli's immigrant history... Just 'how American' is he? It's not going to end well for the alt-right...... Obviously something bigger is brewing behind the scenes and this is an attempt to divert attention.

Uhh.... there is no call to change the plaque and I will guess that 90% of responders here didnt read the story. You are all sheep. KenCuccinelli is a vile vomitous mass of hypocrisy. This baboon faced warthog is Irish & Italian American. His obscene response to immigration, if applied to his Italian & Irish ancestors, would've meant them being shipped back to their countries to live in dire poverty. [1/2]

I don’t believe this. Even if the guy does offer a change, no one will go for it. Sorry but NBC is no longer a credible source for info. Seems like you are just trying to stoke anger. Does this mean we can send several red states packing? Several don’t even come close to standing on their own two feet.

If you dont vote these fukrs out I don't know what's wrong with you. I know I am. How Christian of him. What do you expect from the RacistInChief? Well, it was written by a frog Evil Trump & Evil Republicans It’s a poem

Gimme a break You know who's a 'public charge' ? TRUMP And his criminal cabinet. So SICK of this bunch of AWFUL HUMANS Well that’s a statue that was gifted to us by the French we don’t make policies based of a statue. Nice try though. We have to see what benefits Americans FAKE NEWS GARBAGE. realDonaldTrump

I can't understand the issue here. Why do we want immigrants that do not contribute to the country, rather the Libs want immigrants to be wards of the state. The Libs want to control these individuals to ensure they vote Dem. There can be no other possible reason Nooooooop perfect, thanks for making sure it's going to be this way.

Morning_Joe Cuccinellini's Ancestry is ........? How does he think that he has any room to demand * MERIT * for citizenship. Neither he nor 45 can rightfully go there considering their Ancestors hadn't any so called Merit of Entitlement when they arrived to America seeking a better life . CarlaChamorros People actually believe you.

Yes, well in the days when that was carved on the Statue of Liberty, LBJ hadn’t foisted the “Great Society” on us, and sponsored immigration was the norm. Immigrants did not become a burden on the taxpayer. They will change the statue and add swastikas and text Heil Trump and America The biggest “public charge” is the orange white supremacist in the White House. How much are his stays at Mar a Lago and his golf costing the taxpayers?!

I love people who quote that saying as if it is intended to mean that America is a giant charity. Plenty of people immigrated here “tired and poor” who did not take public assistance. America’s gift is opportunity, not free stuff. Welcome 2 the 4th Reich. All who did nothing in Germany or defended Hitler would fit right in for Trumps Regime!

People don’t seem to realize this isn’t unheard of. Many immigrants were turned away at Ellis island because they were thought to be a burden he should be fired! Absolutely Disgusting! Only in the trump administration would something so disgusting be tolerated A very sad reality is that we are all, EVERYONE OF US, one incident away from NOT being able to stand on our own two feet. It could happen in the blink of an eye. Count your blessings, and help others when you are so privileged.

NBC News lies and leftist propaganda. How does he explain the reality that the red states are the largest draw on social welfare funds? This isn’t real, right? Cuccinelli is unAmerican trash. He should resign in shame. I honestly don’t see why this is controversial Destruction is 45s wheelhouse. He destroyed the luxurious Bonwit Teller building in the '70s. The Teller building featured art deco treasures he ripped to the ground. ETTD

This idiot wanted to change the Virginia seal because of the naked breast on it. There is no excuse for him. Right, because Americans are stupid and WANT to pay for other nations to move in so we can support them JUST to show how Good we are. Idiots. Morning_Joe Unbelievable. Who do they think they are?

Give me your tired and your poor and send me a diaper 'cause I pooped in my pants - cuccinelli

Morning_Joe I'm not a Republican but that stupid poem should be on the entrance to the Vatican. This has never been what America is about. The US has survived and gotten stronger because the strongest and healthiest people fought to get to our shores except for Jews who bought their way in. And they wonder why they are called deplorable? Wonder no more... StopTheTrumpTeamCon

Vile. Anti-American. Morning_Joe Finally, this morning Joe Scarborough admitted he and other Republicans allowed our country to be overwhelmed by southern border immigrants to keep their labor cost down. In other words to lower American workers wages, weaken our labor unions and lower our standard of living.

He probably would not be here if not for his immigrant ancestors. Give me your tired and your bankrupt poor farmers who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge. Morning_Joe Wow, that is so unacceptable! To change what The United States of America stands for, to trump's hateful, racist, corrupt version is and should be OUT OF THE QUESTION!!

You mean, people like the Trump grifter and his immigrant Russian asset wife and her parents? and his lazy elephant murdering sons and those grifter icons Ivanka and Jared? Morning_Joe Wow! Changing the poem Emma Lazarus wrote about the Statue of Liberty! I memorized this poem for school once. How vile and vulgar can someone be! Seeing The Statue of Liberty was my biggest thrill the first trip I made to New York and sering it when I have flown in, still is!

One nation under God? We may not be godless but we are Christless. We abandoned mercy and replaced it with hate. We've intentionally ruined children's lives and subjected God own children to horrendous conditions in the name of Trump Under God.

Morning_Joe How is he in office even one more day Morning_Joe a really F up statement, because his own freaking ancestor couldn't have done same. With the campaign to whiten up America after the Civil War, most immigrates from Europe had nothing to offer other than their Whiteness. None could have stood up on their own.. some criminals

...speaking of parasites who have made a career out of being a 'public charge' Disgusting 😡 🤬 🇺🇸🏛⚖️ ✨”We The People”✨ “WILL” PREVAIL!! 🇺🇸 🔥🗽💞 🙏🏻 JusticeForALL 🇺🇸🏛⚖️ ForThePeople 🇺🇸👫💞 🇺🇸✨👫 🌎 💞 “We Are ALL Immigrants” 💞 🌎 👫✨🇺🇸 Oh dear, he will forever be known for this unamerican quote. Nice legacy for your decendants

Come legally and don’t be a leech on our society. Learn English. Embrace the Constitution and customs. Otherwise go be a leech elsewhere we have no need for you Morning_Joe ✨“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teaming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”✨ ~ 👏🏻💞 EmmaLazarus🇺🇸✨LadyLiberty✨🔥🗽🇺🇸

Times have changed fools the illegals are taking advantage of us and everyone knows it He is an unconfirmed, acting director, how can any policy changes ge makes be legal? Any moron can be placed as an acting by this administration, they are not elected and representative of the American people! *he makes

That’s not a federal statue it’s NY state they would not be allowed to change it The level of inhumanity is apalling these people are devoid of any soul . Touch it and people will swallow you whole This is where it all starts, first it's immigrants that need help then it's our own people because they need help. This reminds me of the show on netflix the 3%. It all starts with one domino. If the people don't want to help another eventually they won't want to help their own.

Morning_Joe So realDonaldTrump hires another jerk. The Republican Party is the Party of Jerks. Morning_Joe Might as well add, ' whites only' too Torched? More like blew it to smithereens. After he flipped it the bird.

This is the guy cnn CNNPolitics ChrisCuomo donlemon routinely had spewing his garbage on their network because of bothsides journalism that’s pervasive today. Times have changed. Once, there was an unchecked demand for unskilled labor in the US, and there was little to no concept of welfare or someone being a 'public charge.'

Cuccinelli should resign. He is a Trump clone. ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW Oh for God Sakes, Just send the statue back to France already why don't you. It doesn’t say we have support the whole world! Ken Cuccinelli: 'Anyway, it is worse than our immigration policy — you can’t break up rat families. Or raccoons or all the rest and you can’t even kill them. It’s unbelievable' 2013 Listen: via YouTube

He's as racist as Trump is! Ken Cuccinelli once compared pest control in Washington DC with immigration policy - What type of person? ¿Qué tipo de persona? (Spanish/English) Watch: via YouTube He’s a disgusting creature Lady Liberty holds a tiki torch of hate under Trump’s charge. She is not a beacon of hope, she is now a warning sign. You can come, but fair warning, you better have means or else scram. I know the base loves this. Another piece of America has chipped away.

This is what Oprah thinks about the tRump Administration: The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France. She’s maintained with public funds. Is she being deported? This administration is filled with and supported by such shitty people. They go out of their way insult anyone less fortunate than themselves.

Morning_Joe They’re all deplorable. All of them. Only the worst people in this administration. The worst. Morning_Joe Yes, but not your illegals who break our laws. Morning_Joe I believe Cuccinelli is an Italian name. Did his ancestors come to America ready to stand on their two feet. It was many years ago, but this is the same America they got to call home.

Morning_Joe Not sure if this was to be taken as funny or stern, either is a disgrace to his ACTING. Morning_Joe Even The Statue Of Liberty 🗽 is 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Cuccinelli! Please tell us what our immigrant First Lady has done to support herself and her family that is now here... to support themselves in USA? Ohhhh.... trump supports them! How is that different for ANY immigrant? Why stop there. Just take down the statue. This is why NBC News has been switched off by millions of Americans. We have enormous debt, deficits, and trade imbalances..............and NBC News thinks we should take on the dirt poor and uneducated of the world.

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