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Cristina Cuomo's website 'The Purist' posting coronavirus misinformation about bleach bath cures, vitamin C

Cristina Cuomo's website 'The Purist' posting coronavirus misinformation about bleach bath cures, vitamin C

5/23/2020 10:07:00 PM

Cristina Cuomo 's website 'The Purist' posting coronavirus misinformation about bleach bath cures, vitamin C

Cristina Cuomo 's online wellness magazine and lifestyle website has been found to spread coronavirus misinformation by sharing bleach bath remedies and high dosages of vitamin C.

article from May 2, there is no ruling that vitamin C is an effective treatment for the virus.At the end of the blog post, Cuomo did advise people to speak to their doctors about treatment."Remember, until there is a vaccine or other proven treatment, we're all in uncharted waters here, and most treatments are treating symptoms on a trial-and-error basis. Not all of the treatments I talk about here are for everyone, but we can all benefit from eating well and keeping our immunity up," she wrote.

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Early in the post she explains that people should consult a professional before trying the treatments themselves."Consistent with medical standards of care, none of these natural remedies below should be taken without consulting a doctor or naturopath," she wrote.

In an interview with, Cuomo further explained her reasons for trying the other treatments."There's a huge opposition against holistic medicine, I get that," she said."If there's a potential for something to work, why not investigate it?"

She further explained why she shared the blog post."Who knows if it worked or what it did, but I know that in nine days, I got most of that virus out of my system," Cuomo toldPeople."This being a virus with no vaccination and no cure, my resolution was to learn as much as I can, go to my same doctor Linda Lancaster and follow her protocol, her prescription. And no way am I saying please try this. It's just the path that I took and I'm sharing it because there isn't a lot of anecdotal evidence."

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I was curious so I checked it out. She blogs about holistic methods to detox the system and boost the immune system. She does not claim to cure the Corona. That’s it Newsweek. I’m unfollowing. That’s for nothin. Too much time on her hands. Too much money to throw around. 🙄 Chris Cuomo also faked his quarantine, safe to conclude he probably faked having the virus as well. Sleazy CNN

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