Cristiano Ronaldo Reportedly Moves Mansions Due To Baaing Sheep Waking Him Up

Cristiano Ronaldo and his fam had to move mansions ... and it's reportedly all due to noisy sheep.

9/16/2021 7:31:00 PM

Cristiano Ronaldo and his fam had to move mansions ... and it's reportedly all due to noisy sheep.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his fam had to move mansions ... and it's reportedly all due to noisy sheep.

reportedly had to move mansions this month -- after baaing animals on his property kept waking him up!!!Shortly after departing Juventus for Manchester United ... Ronaldo and his fam moved into a 7-bedroom pad in the UK -- but packed up and bolted to another palatial estate just days later.

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As for why,The Sunsays it's because sheep on the first property could not stop making racket!!The report claims the soccer star was losing sleep over the creatures' sounds ... so"it was decided it was best if he and his family moved."

Don't worry ... Ronaldo's new place is apparently just as badass as the first -- minus the noisy sheep -- with The Sun reporting it's got a cinema room, a pool and a big garage.Clearly, the moves haven't affected the 37-year-old's play on the pitch -- because he's been stellar in his return to Man U, scoring three goals in his first two games.

Of course, he did have an incident where a wayward warmup shot this week knocked a security guard... but, hey, with more sleep on the way -- we're expecting far less of that and far more goal-scoring. Read more: TMZ »

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