Covid vaccines: How to get your jab if you have missed out

Covid vaccines: How to get your jab if you have missed out

4/7/2021 4:28:00 PM

Covid vaccines: How to get your jab if you have missed out

All over-50s in Wales should have a vaccine offer - but what do you do if you are still waiting?

The Welsh government's strategy has been to vaccinate people based on the risk Covid-19 poses due to their age and health conditions.As of 7 April, 47.7% of the Welsh population has had a first vaccine dose, with 15.1% having the full two-dose course.

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image copyrightimage captionHealth and social care staff should have been vaccinated in WalesIf you have not been called for your jab, either in a letter or phone call, each health board in Wales is handling the issue differently.The Welsh government has listed the advice for all seven boards:

If you are 80 or over and have not been contacted, you should contact your GP.The advice is the same if you have previously been shielding or have underlying health conditions that would put you in priority groups four or six.If you are 50 or over, you are advised to get in touch with the health board online

and fill out its patient vaccine form.Those in priority groups one to nine, aged 50 or over, or with underlying health issues making them vulnerable, are being asked to telephone the health board's vaccinations booking centre directly on Read more: BBC Health News »

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